Attractions in Isle of Palms You Don’t Want to Miss

The city of Isle of Palms is a short 20-minute drive from Charleston in South Carolina, and visitors who go there often wish they want to stay for good. The barrier island is surrounded by the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean, and a salt marsh, and offers residents plenty of things to do. An Isle of Palms real estate property is a good and rewarding investment for those looking to have a vacation home and those who want to move to a peaceful and picturesque city away from the skyscrapers and pollution in more urbanized locations.

A Short History
The first inhabitants of the island were the Seewee Indians before the English settlers came. Revolutionary and Civil War battles were fought on the island, adding to its historical value. By the late 19th century, the island—which was named Hunting Island and then Long Island—became popular as a vacation spot for residents from nearby towns. In 1899 the island was bought by J.S. Lawrence, who named it Isle of Palms due to its pleasant, semi-tropical climate and charming surroundings. Seven years later, a hotel with 50 rooms was built, attracting more tourists to the area.

Early Development
In 1912, a beach pavilion and an amusement park were built on the island. To accommodate more visitors and provide ease of transportation, a trolley line was built from the mainland’s Mount Pleasant area to the Isle of Palms through Sullivan’s Island. The Grace Memorial Bridge was built in 1929 between Mount Pleasant and Charleston to enable automobiles access to the island.

A developer named J.C. Long purchased most of the island in the mid-1940s, and soon roads and low-cost housing for World War II veterans were built. The famous Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club was established in 1975.

Historic Discoveries
E. Lee Spence, an underwater archaeologist, discovered many shipwrecks along the island’s shores in the 1960s. With the help of residents George Campsen and Wally Shaffer, he discovered the wrecks of blockade ships used during the Civil War, such as the Mary Bowers, Rattlesnake, Norseman, Georgiana, and Constance. The discoveries resulted in the passage of the state’s Underwater Antiquities Act, which allowed the archaeological salvaging of shipwrecks for study and preservation.

Recreational Activities
With seven miles of sandy beach, Isle of Palms is a beach lover’s paradise. Vacationers and residents can enjoy bodysurfing, volleyball, crabbing, and shrimping. Those who love sailing can schedule for boat rentals at the marina, or go fishing for tarpon and redfish. The beach has been noted by the Clean Beaches Council and awarded a Blue Wave Season Certification, in recognition of its well-managed conditions and care for the environment.

Runners from all over the world can also participate in the annual 5k Beach Run, held in July. The island also has its own 4th of July fireworks celebration. For those who would rather walk (and occasionally run), there is a connector run/walk event every October. Sand sculpture artists are invited to join the Piccolo Spoleto Sand Sculpting Contest, held every June.

In December, the island celebrates the holiday season with its annual Tree Lighting ceremony, Santa Claus visits, face painting, and Christmas parties. Music aficionados will love the month of February, when the Lowcountry Blues Bash comes to town and other areas in nearby Charleston. Nature lovers will find peace at the Isle of Palms County Park, among other areas maintained by the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission.

Whether you’re looking for a place to have your family’s vacation, or perhaps considering moving to South Carolina for good, Isle of Palms is definitely a place to consider.

Enjoying Spring Like Weather

The first Spring like day happened over the weekend and what do you do when Spring like weather occurs? Well in this family we head outside…

NH Spring Like Day

Do not let the sight of snow fool you, this day was super warm and enjoyable. The kids and I set outside on what was meant to be just another outdoor day.

3 NH Children

But once those tracks were found, it was game on! The kids had fun following the tracks of whatever animal they were from while playing the guessing game of whether the tracks were that of a badger, a dog or a coyote. There were different animal tracks in the snow that were fun to follow.

Following Animal Tracks in NH woods

Without even realizing it, the kids had followed the animal tracks down the trail out back which eventually leads to an old railroad which has been a trail for many to enjoy with ATVs, Bicycles and more…

Walking NH Trail

We witness tracks of an animal appearing to have been dragged around, poop was scattered and it certainly seemed as if a fought had occurred in one location on the trail.

Wild Animal Scat

Further on in the trail walk we noticed what appeared to have been rabbit tracks along with another animal, be it dog or coyote, that had been chasing it. We witnessed the river, the old train bridge and pretty much walked in a circle back up to the house. A good 2-3 mile walk on our first Spring like day was much enjoyed.

NH Kids Enjoying Spring Weather

I had such a great day with the kiddos on this walk through the trail, even though the boys legs grew tired sooner than mine and Kiara’s, they were troopers and kept on until we got home just in time to enjoy a yummy lunch together.

What did you all do this weekend?

End of Summer Traveling?

Okay so really it’s almost Fall season but are you doing any last minute traveling? How about maybe taking a trip to resorts in Myrtle Beach? Maybe you and the loved one are ready to take a trip before the school year gets way too busy?

I know as a parent of three children and only one being in school I hope to someday plan a great trip every year right after school starts so I can recoup my energy before driving three kids to every activity and school event I will end up having to drive them to. It seems the older the kids get, the more this Mama has to do, but no complaints that’s the job of a parent.

Today I was searching around the website to see what they have for ratings and site seeing opportunities in Myrtle Beach. I don’t know if I can stay at a Myrtle Beach hotel until I get over my fear of flying but I am sure many of you may be planning a trip … right? Who out there is planning one last vacation or mini-trip before summer is completely gone?

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Speaking of a Vacation Idea

Not that long ago I had been discussing that I am ready for a vacation, and with Summer just around the corner here in NH I know I long for a few days away. I was checking out the site that has Ocean Front rentals, and wow can you imagine staying in a Myrtle Beach Hotel for even just one night?

Oh I can, for sure and if I wasn’t afraid of flying and had the extra finances to spend on a vacation I would certainly look into one of the resorts in Myrtle Beach. Amazing, beautiful scenery or so it appears that way based on the pictures from the website.  Sometimes a family or a parent needs to just get away to a new place for a change of scenery and relax the mind so that they can come home to a refreshed mind and feel ready to move forward in their life. Now that is what I am ready for …. a relaxing the mind good time! Are you ready?

I wonder what the perfect vacation would be for you all? Do you like going out to a camp ground and staying a weekend or week with your children there? Are you more into the “family vacations” or a bit of both; meaning that you enjoy time with your loved one or alone on vacation as well as taking a family trip over the Summer? Has this Summer changed your family plans due to finances or are you still doing what your family normally does during Summer time?

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