Why I Think it’s Bad News to Share your Blog Rates

I am a part of many communities that bloggers unite together in support of each other. In some of these communities, bloggers share opportunities for each other to make more money or to review fantastic products as well as host giveaways. While I am all for the blending of bloggers together in a supportive community, I think of blogging communities as that of a normal work environment. If I were working in an office outside of the home then my rate I get would not be something open for discussion and in most cases I could get fired for sharing my pay grade. Employers frown upon employees sharing their wage, why? Because it opens the doors to this “life isn’t fair” and “I deserve more because so and so got more” type of immature, hard feelings scenario. The same goes for blogging.

work from home momI have never had a blogger get all jealous and angry with me to my face about any time I have shared the rate I received on a specific job that didn’t hold me under a contracted non-disclosure. I am lucky that I take my contracts, whether verbally, written or just plain common sense, seriously. I know that one company who paid me may not have the same budget to pay everyone. That is the joys of this world of blogging, if you are within the first few to work with someone before the rest of the community has worked with them, then you get a larger rate {more often than not}, however, if you are further down on the list to contact, have less of a page rank, or may not be as suitable for the work, then your rate is going to be less.

I have been on both sides of the scenario where I got paid my full going rate because the client had a budget to work with still, while other times I have been close to last on the list and been offered way less than my normal going rate. While I won’t work for pennies on the dollar, I am willing to bend if that means building a relationship with a great company/brand. With that being said, I am not going to share my rates with anyone I do not 100% trust or know that they do not blog so won’t really cause an issue. The reason is: I do not want to be that person shown as an example in an angry email sent to some client about how they paid me more and are offering them crap for the same work.

I do not want to have my blogging reputation ruined and income to support my three kids ruined because someone felt citing my pay grade as an example to tell a firm that they feel as if they have been spat in the face or what not. I refuse to be someone’s excuse as to why they should be paid more. I do not think it is good work ethic to 1) share rates with others that you do not 100% fully trust and 2) reference another bloggers income they received for said work as a way to try to tell off a firm.

What do you think? Should bloggers really share their rates with other bloggers or do you agree, that the normal work ethic etiquette should be followed as if they were employees at a firm?

Wordless Wednesday: My Instagram Favorite Shares by Me

I am brandyellen1981 on Instagram and am constantly sharing photos. Below you will find my favorites from last week that I shared —

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How Would I Use $750 to Grow My Blog?

The question has been asked by the National Association for the Self Employed (NASE), they want to know “How will you use $750 to grow your blog?” and my answer is this;

When I started this blog it was a venture into the unknown, a friend from my direct sales days became more like a sister to me and encouraged me to get into this Mom blogging world as a means to make some extra income and meet amazing people.  Since December 2008 I have changed the name of this blog once and grew it to nearly 2,000 subscribed readers with a following of over 16,000 on Twitter with my main account @brandyellen.

For little old me, living in New Hampshire all of my life, I honestly never thought that what I had to say would capture so many but it has. Many look to my blog as a way to see that life can suck sometimes but life can get better if only you learn how to focus on your positive energy found within. My mission is clear cut & relatively simple; I want to spread happiness one blog post at a time. I know I can make the life of others better simply by sharing my experiences in life, whether it is parenting troubles or other challenges tossed at me, writing about them and sharing how I overcame them really helps others to see that there is a light at the end of whatever they may going through.

With a grant to get my blog moving onto the next stage in it’s life I would start by making a change to my theme, at the moment a WordPress update broke my theme which is causing some errors, fixing this and updating my theme to a more user friendly and SEO version would be on my top priority list.  The next thing I would like to do with part of the grant money won is to make my blog more user friendly, create ways for people to share with me anonymously or not, what they are going through; sort of like a “what would positive Brandy Ellen do” series so that my readers can be more in touch with me on a personal level.

Last but certainly not least I would invest some time into cleaning up my design such as creating a new header by purchasing better picture editing software. Once all of the theme, design and interaction elements were done, I would work to create a web show whether via webcam or audio using one of the online websites that host such services. I would need to purchase a more reliable webcam and upgrade my current computer with some needs it has such as memory and processor speed to complete that step.

With the $750 grant from NASE I could easily complete all I have listed here and be able to better serve my readers in a more interactive way and take my blog to the next level of income.

How do you Get Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes?

Social media is a big deal, many companies are coming on board or already on board with social media because they have realized the impact their engagement with customers has on their business advancement. Customers and prospects enjoy seeing their favorite brands interacting on Facebook and Twitter because it puts a more personal “you care about me” attitude out there. When customers feel cared for, businesses grow tremendously!

What happens when you are more of a blogger or a business that doesn’t really sell anything but rather shares knowledge on a specific niche? How is it that you engage people in a unique way to get more Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes? After all being in social media means you have a want and a need to reach your potential readers or service users.  One great way to engage in social media to increase numbers is to create one day a week when you ask a question and each month you could have different topic ideas based on what the National Holiday is for that month.

Asking questions and getting into the minds of your following really helps you to reach those people’s friends and friends of those friends, etc etc, until maybe you get some more likes and follows. There are other ways to get more likes on Facebook and Follows on Twitter, but I have not yet tried them. You can do a facebook like exchange  where you like other pages & these pages reciprocate your like.

One rule I try to live by in social media networking is to return the favor of a like or an @ reply on Twitter. You see, when you are networking it is vitally important to ensure your following and loyal online connections feel important. A person online is not going to feel real important to you if they like your status daily and @ reply you daily but you never talk back to them or head to their profile/page to like something in return. It’s sort of a rule of etiquette in social media to return favors to those who interact with you.

What methods have you used to increase your likes on Facebook and following on Twitter? Have you ever done a facebook like exchange before? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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