Just in Time For Valentine’s Day – An App Called Twyxt

Many of you are not aware, but I have found the man of my dreams, well so far he appears to be that man ;-) We have been working on blending our family together, the great news is that our combined five children have personalities that get along 100% .  Blending the kids together during the visitation schedule my boyfriend has is easy, it is the adult part of things and kids activities, schedules and so forth that gets us adults overwhelmed! As we near Valentine’s Day it seems that there has been a free app called Twyxt created to help keeps couples in sync better.

Currently my boyfriend and I use text messages to keep track of our kids and work schedules. I work from home so I am easily found head into the office most of the day, he works outside of the home about twenty minutes away. I have three kids, he has two kids. Mine are in extra curricular activities and one of his is in cheer leading. You see? We need to communicate daily through text message and do not know what each one is up to after work because our kids have such hectic, involved lives.

With an app like Twyxt being used, I would no longer have to wonder if he has his kids that evening or has to run to finish up some of his storage packing runs, or pick up his daughter from cheer. I would not have to wonder if I have to meet him or his kids somewhere to assist. With an app like Twyxt, the boyfriend and I could easily plan our days by simply looking at this app. Also when we want to send silly pics of our day to each other so as to keep each other motivated, we can do that in our own private app messaging center. Sometimes we just text each other our moods such as “blah” or “yippy” because we both are complete dorks! Having Twyxt to show emoticons in a more creative away would make us smile during our hectic work and parenting lives, which in turns continues to build on our amazing relationship.




What is Twyxt all about you ask?

twyxt iPhone app screen shotTwyxt is a free iPhone app that allows a couple to stay connected much deeper than text messaging can do. Put together a calendar shared by you and your loved one so that each of you can easily monitor and note when kids have their special events, you have that webinar or he has that company conference. All in one app, in one place from your iPhone. It’s easy to communicate, stay on partner status with each other and simply have fun, loving conversations through out the day using Twyxt.

Twyxt is a private way for you and your loved one to share pictures, moods, lists, notes and messages all in one easy to access place. No more losing your private husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend pictures with all of those pictures your kids took on your iPhone. Consider Twyxt your app to keep you connected in a loving way and continue to build on the perfect relationship you and your loved one have.

Twyxt was born by Co-Founder Roman Weishaupl who realized that his {now ex} girlfriend was keeping an ongoing journal of their text messages. There was a need for a dedicated space for a journal like communication combined with the ease of sharing schedules and pictures with your loved one in an app base. That is when Twyxt was created with four other founders.

I keep telling all of my friends that there is “an app for that” and each working day I have as a blogger, I find new fun apps that totally make me realize that there may just really be an app for everything!

Do you want to try Twyxt with your honey?


Learn more about Twyxt here.

Download Twyxt for free here at the iTunes store.

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Looking for an App to be created? Hire an App Developer

These days there is seriously an app for everything it seems, all you have to have is some smartphone device and voila so many apps at your fingertips. If you are a business owner and wish to reach a wider audience then you may be interested to know that you can hire Blue Whale iPhone App Development Company to handle your app development needs.

Whether you want to engage your prospects or readers with a fun app that brings word of mouth to your site through gaming and challenges or if you want to have an app so people can purchase goods from your online store without having to visit your website, there are so many ways an app developer can assist you in reaching your goals to having an app created.

There are apps that you can have an app developer create that will ensure your employees can work more efficiently. There are apps that you may want to create to have better access to run your business when on the road. As I am often saying, this world we live in is extremely technologically driven so you want to be sure you are on top of your game to be the first to get the customers because if not, your competitor may find the budget to hire an app developer and then you are running to catch up with their latest technological advance within their company.

I think personally that having an app that engages your customers is a good idea. Maybe you sell personalized products as well as products that already have cute sayings on them; if you created an app that allowed the every day consumer create their own ideas for your next big product customization, it brings attention to your business without “selling” your product on them.

There are so many creative ways apps can help build your business larger and stronger, in turn making you have more financial success. It’s just a matter of hiring the right app developer for your firm.

Ocean Coloring Book for iPad and iPhone

Summer is here and families everywhere are hitting the road to have vacations, why not find ways to entertain the kids while on those long drives? There are many apps for the iPad and iPhone, if you own one, then check out Ocean Coloring Book from Peep Software. This cute coloring book is equally impressive on both the iPad and iPhone so whether you have the iPad or iPhone you are sure to find this app entertaining for your kids.

Summer friendly images that get your kids thinking about the sunny weather while riding along in the car to hit that favorite vacation spot! Coloring is a universal pass time for boys and girls of all ages, even I love to color being a 30 year old adult. The kids will love to use this app whether in the car or inside on a rainy Summer day.

Many features to make coloring on the Ocean Coloring Book app look more professional and easy usage to allow you to start coloring over:

  • Zoom in and out to color those small spaces
  • Over 60 colors to choose from
  • Save your pages to the gallery, the photo album or email them
  • Use their paint bucket tool to easily color beautiful pictures
  • Work with iPhone, iPod, iPad and retina displays

Rated for ages 4+ and with so many colors and pictures to choose from this is pure entertainment for hours. Also helps get your kid to practice their coloring skills, I know my five year old son started a year ago with coloring and within this past year he has started to color within the lines near perfectly with just a little practice each day. Check out Ocean Coloring Book today in the iTunes store!

Social Media is Addicting?

I truly think Twitter can be addicting but others may see Facebook as addicting. I mean I can get on both social media sites from my home PC, my laptop, and my Blackberry Curve. All three products allow me to stay connected to the social media world virtually anywhere I go. I could be in the grocery store shopping with my children and tweeting on Twitter from my smartphone!

When is enough enough? Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig social media and all it has done to open the doors to my blog and my business as well as my work at home income, but overall social media can be a disease that takes over a person, allowing them to further ignore their family and in turn creating a monster!

Think about it, if a person gets addicted to pills or alcohol or illegal drugs we step in and say something. Do you step in and say something to a friend or family member you feel is addicted to social media? Would you tell them that they need to seek help from their physician or counselor?

I honestly love my smartphone, I think it’s a useful business tool, but that is exactly what my Blackberry Curve is … a business tool. This is not a toy, this is not something that has to be in front of my eyes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gosh I swear the work at home person tends to put in more overtime than that work-acholic parent who works outside of the home in a job! It is time we sit back and truly think about the endless hours we spend on social media and ask yourself if that time could be better spent with your family?

I know when I am in the grocery store shopping with my three kids there is no way I could have my smartphone in my face typing away on Twitter or FB while actually still keeping an eye on my children. Could you imagine how bad a parent would feel if their head was so far into their smartphone & social media tweets or status updates that they lost a child? I know I would be devastated and I would never want to touch a smartphone again.

I think we are all diving into social media because it connects us not only on a business level but on a personal,  community type level with our peers, but remember who your real life friends are, remember who your family is and remember if you know someone who is addicted to social media to speak up and let them hear your side about the subject, sometimes all an addict needs to hear is that there is a concern and they will be able to work on changing their habit in a way that is more healthy for themselves & their loved ones!

What do you think; do you think Social Media is addicting? Do you feel too many of us are on it for more hours than we should be? Would you tell a friend if you thought they were addicted to Twitter or Facebook?

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