What Does the Mama Say

My five year old son enjoys being goofy, like all of the time. I always say he is my little comedian. It’s hard work to capture K-man’s comedian side with a sense of getting an education and actually staying focused. While K-man is doing well in school this year, his first year in school all day, he does tend to exhibit the side of a “class comedian”. Thankfully we all are working together to get his attention focused on school work and being silly at recess or at home instead.

As of late, the What did the Fox Say song is my five year old son’s favorite tune to mock. Shown in the above video, my five year old son is singing “What does the Mama Say” to the tune of What Does the Fox Say.

Yes. I live with this daily. Always that amount of energy and excitement with this child. Always.

So what is your kids favorite tune to sing these days?

Nevermind Peace & Quiet

Took the kids out to Chinese buffet for dinner last night and we always think our four year old is going to be the worse, but nope the two year old is the one who always seems to prove that he quite simply is the loudest of all.

My two year old, Baby K, was singing away and talking as loud as possible. I think he gets it from his Grampa and me. I have a voice that starts off at a normal level but slowly increases to a louder notch as I get further into my conversation. Baby K does this but he starts off loud and gets louder, one cute part of dinner last night was when Baby K decided to start singing I Need You Now by Lady A.

The only thing with Baby K singing that song is that he sings it wrong, they say “I need you now” through out the song and he always says “I don’t need you now” he sang his little heart out. I could see an older couple at the other table looking not too impressed about this loud two year old but what I say to that is … At least he wasn’t jumping around and hopping up on their table bugging them.

I am sure he entertained his great uncle and a couple of his friends who happened to sit at the table behind us, and that’s all that matters… right?!

He’s a kid…. it could have been way worse.

Ki Singing Christmas Song To You All Plus Savings at Family Dollar

My daughter has always loved singing and my YouTube channel gets full of singing coverage about this time of year because we just love to dance around and sing, now usually it is me recording the kids so lucky you don’t get to see my total coolness, but you can see theirs and today I share with you Miss Ki singing her favorite tunes to you {and me}:

There’s more to this post … I just got word that if you can sign up and save on great Family Dollar products, I know I love my local Family Dollar store so I am certainly going to go Sign up and Save, are you?

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