Giveaway – Candy Containers is Giving Away $100 Visa Gift Card

I am writing today to share a giveaway that is going on and providing the form to enter the $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway, this is in no way a giveaway that I am in charge of hosting, getting winner for, etc.

Having a daughter who loves to bake and create new things such as desserts and candies, means that in the future she may decide to venture down the path of having her own bakery or candy store. All Candy Containers is a website I found that really would benefit someone setting up shop with a bakery of their own. Such an elegant and simple variety of containers for you to display your baked goods in so that customers will just flock to purchase their own choice of dessert. I, for one, personally love the candy dispensers that are listed on the website. If we ever become a brick and mortar type family business in the future, a dream in which I sometimes share with my father, I can say having candy dispensers would be a must!

Also, to think outside of the box, beyond a family run business or a bakery; our local sports groups have a snack bar set up for use at each game event. I think local sports groups and schools could benefit from the wide range of candy containers on All Candy Containers website. To give you a boost in the right direction, for whatever dreams you may have in life, I am sharing this chance for someone to be chosen to win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Enter for Chance to win $100 Visa Gift Card

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Remember, Happily Blended Blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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Personal Injuries Means Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many mishaps in this world and the one that leaves you with a personal injury requiring you to hire a personal injury lawyer such as Boone And Davis may make it difficult. The reason I say difficult is because choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case may prove to be more challenging than anything else in your whole life. Except of course dealing with the personal injury in itself.

When looking for lawyers, here are some great tips on how to find the perfect for you lawyer -

Offer Free Consultation

Most lawyers these days will offer someone a free consultation and during which time they can better talk about your case and whether or not they feel you have a winning battle. Consultations can give you time to feel the lawyer’s attitude and personality out as well to ensure you are choosing a lawyer with a similar attitude to you, which only makes working with them in the court room easier.

Location and Hours of Operation

Depending upon how badly you have been injured you may wish to find a lawyer who can come to you rather than making you travel distances to have your client/lawyer meetings. Also, if you prefer to go with a more local lawyer or one that is advertised heavily on television this would be something to think about. I think location and hours of operation, meaning whether the lawyer can work around your schedule or not will be vitally important to ensure you both have enough meetings together to cover your personal injury claim.

Price of Service

If you have just suffered from a personal injury event in your life then I am sure you do not want to go broke trying to fight for whatever it is you feel you are entitled to from the injury. If a lawyer takes fees based on final judgement or hourly rate during each meeting, that may be something that will sway you to one lawyer over the other. I have seen that most lawyers for big cases like this take a chunk of the settlement after case is won rather than charging their client every time they meet or have a court case.

What are some tips you have for people looking for a personal injury lawyer?

Canceling an Account: Reminds me of this One Time Years Ago

Remember when we all had dial up and very few had anything above that because it either was available in the area or it was too damn expensive for someone, like myself, to afford? Well the other day I was trying to cancel an account and yet the company blocked me every possible way you could think of but via emails. It was so annoying to have to go back in email CANCEL MY ACCOUNT just to have them email me back a few days later with WHY DO YOU WANT TO CANCEL? I mean I explained in my first reply that this is simply me working on some budget cuts in preparation of 2012. When I first had chosen to cancel, it wasn’t due to their service but honestly after these emails I have to say it’s due to their ignorance of listening to my words CANCEL MY ACCOUNT.

You see this situation created a memory that came to life in my head, it involved an old Dial Up Internet service provider company and myself trying to cancel their service before their “paid” period began. I was good at taking part of these 30 day trials for Dial Up then canceling, see I was a single mom back then and needed to cut costs wherever I could, this was one cost I was able to keep extremely low or free for a long period of time.

The problem was when I had to get on the phone with this company, they would do everything in their power to talk in circles and try to get you to, unwittingly, agree to a paid plan yet think you are getting something for free. If they were not able to talk you into an extremely low rate they would offer to extend your trial period, which of course I almost always agreed to until finally they just wouldn’t take CANCEL MY ACCOUNT as an answer when I switched to a completely different company that I loved so much more.

I seriously spent many hours and many days calling this company and my bank to remove all charges they put on my account. I had to do this through phone not email so it was faster but still time consuming. I spent so many endless hours on hold and talking to various reps that I really learned my lesson of trying something for free. There really is no such thing as FREE service because in the end you pay for it one way or another; whether through time or aggravation.

Social Media News and More

I am so excited to announce that I have been accepted to as the Manchester, NH Social Media Expert writer so I just had to let you all know that if you are looking to get the latest in news, tips and everything about social media please be sure to head on over to my Social Media Expert page on and click the subscribe button so you can get the latest, feel free to leave me comments I love comments!

So all social media content for the most part will now be on that site. If you are thinking about joining remember if you don’t already have a referral to use me, Brandy Tanner. I would happily be your referral.

Have a great week!

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Jumpstart Giveaway Winner Announced @2kidsblogger


I recently held a giveaway for Jumpstart which is a fantastic place for your children to learn, interact and have fun – not to mention safe. If you missed the review – please click here to read more about Jumpstart.

In the meantime, I am here to announce the Winner:

Congrats to AB Smith!! Known as @2kidsblogger

An email will be sent to you shortly! I hope you enjoy Jumpstart as much as my children do!!

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