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Meet Charles J Orlando: The Problem With Women … Is Men

I am so excited to be offering not only my personal opinion on the book, “The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness”, but a giveaway for one lucky person to win this book! @charlesjorlando has provided me with some wonderful information to share with you about his book, himself and his views.

About Charles J Orlando

charles4bw Charles Orlando is a life coach and the author of “The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness“. When he’s not cooking breakfast-in-bed for his wife or playing Guitar Hero with his kids, he can be found blogging at

In Charles J Orlando’s Own Words

“If men could break out of their caveman mentality and see the perception women have of them—it would be blindingly obvious to them why divorce rates are up, why kids’ grades are down, and why the women they claim to love are taking enough anti-depressants to put even Keith Richards into a drunken stupor.” – Direct quote from Charles J Orlando

About The Problem With Women … Is Men: The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness

Relationships. Marriage. How do they work, and why don’t they last? Flip on the TV or peruse the self-help section at any local bookstore and you see the same theme over and over again: Women need to alter their behavior, and should work harder at understanding men. But nothing could be further from the truth. Women in committed relationships are not to blame for men’s bad behavior, or 100% responsible for failed relationships. Based on author Charles Orlando’s past experience as a “morally challenged” young man, and hundreds of interviews with men and women, The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness takes readers on a humorous, blunt, tell-all romp through the world of men and their issues. Women can regain their sanity, men can evolve beyond their primal instincts, and perhaps society will start to raise the bar on what the term “man” means.


Why I Love The Problem With Women … Is Men

As I read this book I found myself relating to the stories shared by many  women. Not only could I relate to having been in similar past situations, I could relate in the present day. Now I am not saying this book made me think my husband is a horrible man and I am ready for a divorce, because after all that is NOT what this book is about. “The Problem With Women … Is Men” really opened my eyes to a whole new view on relationships and marriage. Family life is no piece of cake and a relationship is even harder, it truly takes work to keep your relationship fresh and new! I can only hope my husband will read this book soon, although I don’t feel he is a caveman type of guy I occasionally feel his views of a relationship differ a bit from mine, so much so that at times I have to shake my head at him in disbelief of what comes out of his mouth.

I had many conversations with Charles via Twitter DM’s about his book, not to mention the many times I had to tell him sorry for taking forever to read this book, as you know I am a Mom of three with two in diapers so to actually sit down and read a book takes time. I was willing to take the extra time each weekend to work on finishing this book and must admit I am not “completely” done reading it but am far enough along to tell you that “The Problem With Women … Is Men” is a fantastic, well written, open minded view on men and how they think (or can think). This book is not a male bashing book, it’s quite simply an open approach to discussing the challenges that men and women face in our society and how we can work together towards creating a better relationship.

Women are viewed and treated  in ways that shock me daily. I recall reading over at MomDot when she shared a CNN report about Mommy Bloggers. The comments left on that blog post amazed me, because they were so negative towards women in general. It is sad to see in the year 2009 some men still think women are meant to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, really?

“The Problem With Women … Is Men” combines humor, sarcasm, true stories and opinions which makes this book one of my favorite books of all time to recommend to you!

Get Your Hands On This Book

You can purchase The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness on Amazon for only $14.95 OR you can take your chance at winning a FREE copy of The Problem with Women is Men- The Evolution of a man’s man to a man of higher consciousness!

Giveaway starts today and ends on September 7, 2009

Here is how to enter:

  • 1 Entry: Become a Fan of The Problem With Women … Is Men on Facebook. Leave a comment telling me your Facebook profile name, already a fan – that counts.
  • 5 Extra Entries: Blog about this giveaway linking to both The Problem With Women .. Is Men ( and Happily Blended ( Share why you want to win this book or a personal story of your own on how a partner/spouse may have treated you. Come back here and leave a comment with link to the post.
  • 2 Entries: Subscribe to Happily Blended via email or RSS reader. Leave a comment stating you did so.
  • 1 Entry: Follow @charlesjorlando and @brandyellen on twitter. Leave a comment with your twitter username – already follow us? that counts.
  • 1 Entry Each: Tweet @charlesjorlando & @brandyellen about this giveaway once a day. Leave a comment for each tweet and try to use hashtags #contest #giveaway
  • 5 Entries: Head on over to The Problem With Women … Is Men’s website, read a blog post and leave a comment on your favorite post. Come back here and include the blog post link that you left a comment on to include your name you listed within the comment so I can double check this.

Good luck – have fun and remember … KEEP SMILING!

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