Tips for Getting Active on Your Family Road Trip

It’s finally time to dust off the flip flops and get preparations for your summer holiday underway. As the end of the school year approaches, families will be trying to decide on where to go and getting ready for their annual break with the kids. PassSmart’s guide is designed to help you plan an active family holiday, helping you make the most of your time away and keeping fit the fun way!

Getting Kids Active During Family Vacation

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Road trip

A road trip can be the perfect way to spend your summer vacation. Not only does taking your own car give you the freedom of being able to go wherever you want to, but it’s also a lot cheaper than flying.

What’s also great about a road trip is that you can take more stuff to make your holiday an active one. If you take your bikes, for example, you’ll be able to stop off at certain places to explore on two wheels instead of four. The only downside to driving is that you’ll be the one trying to fit everything in the trunk!

Try something new

Many of us get stuck into the same routines when we go on holiday, sticking to the beach and avoiding any kind of physical activity whatsoever. Wherever you’re going, there’s bound to be a new activity to try or something you can do as a whole family, so why not go for it?

Do a bit of research before you leave into what activities are on offer, and try and decide on doing at least one of them, as a family. If you don’t fancy scaling the side of a mountain, why not try something like off-roading in a 4×4? Anything which you wouldn’t normally have the chance to do at home is a great way to spend a day, and the kids will love it!


Since you’ve got the luxury of your own car, it makes sense to visit multiple places on your trip. Why not plan your vacation around staying a few nights in different places to make the most out of your time off.

This may sound like an expensive option, but if you plan ahead you should be able to get good prices on accommodation. As you’re only treating your hotel/accommodation as your base, you can save money by choosing a basic option.

If you’ll be visiting cities, try to find out about parking options before you set off. The last thing you want to be doing is spending the day trying to find a parking space or having to walk for miles into the city. It might be a good idea to ditch the car if you’re traveling inner-city because public transport is often a much cheaper option.


If you’re planning on a more rural vacation, camping for a couple of nights is something which the kids will love, even if the idea doesn’t fill you with joy.

If the thought of a couple of days in a tent doesn’t fill you with fear, though, it can be one of the funnest, and – not to mention cheapest – ways to spend a few days of your holiday.

Finally, don’t forget to relax!

Just because you’re on an active holiday doesn’t mean you can’t take a few days out to relax. Set aside a few days at the end of the holiday to do whatever you want to do. Visit the beach or spend a couple of days poolside.

Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don’t forget the camera!

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VZ Navigator Helps you Travel Easier

VZ NavigatorTraveling is not something my family does too often, but when we do I know I would like to be able to travel at ease. You know, without the hassle of running into heavy traffic, reaching road blocks and similar just to hear the kids screaming “are we there yet” or “what time is it” or “I want out of this car”. As I often say, there’s an app for that, and yes people there is an app that can help make traveling easier on you and your family.

VZ Navigator is a navigation app with features like lane guidance, natural language voice guidance, and reliable real-time traffic. Have you ever used a GPS that sounds like a robot? As simple as this sounds, having a natural language voice sells me on any app such as this one. Being able to have lane guidance and knowing traffic stats in real time is also a wonderful tool with VZ Navigator.

VZ Navigator App for VerizonWith VZ Navigator you can also update your location on Facebook or email as well as locate the lowest reported gas prices. This app was created with the traveling family in mind, by the sounds of it. For me, traveling with three kids is always a project but knowing that I have a natural language voice guidance app to lead me the way makes me feel safer and more comfortable getting along on a family road trip. I am often easily distracted by the grumblings of my three kids or the bickering between siblings in the back seat so badly that I have missed my road that I was suppose to turn on in order to get to our destination faster.

You see, VZ Navigator isn’t an app to keep my kids from being kids or having sibling rivalry in my back seat but it can help keep me focused on my next family road trip and it can help you keep focused to arrive safely and on time to your next family vacation destination. Right now Verizon is offering a free 30 day trial to VZ Navigator for smartphones and after the trial this app is only $2 per month, this means you won’t pay a lot to have ease of traveling this upcoming school break season.

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Keeping the Kids Entertained while Traveling @kia #kiaholidays

There are few things in this world I dread and one of them is traveling with my kids, the daughter usually is self sufficient with her books and MP3 player, however, my two sons require some adult interaction.
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Piling into the car is myself and three children, since I no longer have a van, the kids end up sitting in one row all together. Such a difficult position to be in for a long trip. There are some things I have done to make traveling with kids during the holidays a bit easier on the driver:

  • Bring electronics and chargers – Kindle Fire, Leapster and any old cell phones that still have games on them are taken into the vehicle.
  • Play I-spy - This is a fun family favorite, as you are driving along shout out “I spy something green” or “I spy something black” and the kids can have fun guessing whether you are “spying” on something in the car or outside of the car.
  • Bring Books – The oldest loves reading, so if you have kids who love to read, stock up on those books and pack them in the car, if you have one adult driving and one as a passenger you can even read to the kids during the long drive.
  • Encourage Nap Time – now this is usually fail in my car if I try to encourage a nap, however, I found if I ignore the six year old grumpies long enough, he will eventually fall asleep. Grumping himself into a state of nap for the length of the trip.
  • Play music & sing Along - My kids personally love music and all sorts of types of music so we often are found singing aloud in the car on holiday traveling trips.

Now that I have shared my tips on what I do to keep these three munchkins entertained, what is it that your family does on long road trips to keep the kids occupied?


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