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Bicycling with Family is Fun Exercise

Biking is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors, both for you and your family; going around on two wheels instead of two legs lets you go places faster and have more fun doing it! For children especially, learning to ride a bike is an important part of growing up and a great chance for some bonding within your family; so long as its done safely, its an activity that you and your kids can’t help but enjoy, and it’s good exercise too!

Just in case though, here is a brief summary of the essentials (and a few optional extras) that can help you enjoy a day biking with the family! First of all there are some things you definitely can’t do without; helmets are a must for you and your children, especially if you are cycling on, or near, roads. The importance of helmets cannot be overemphasized, being a legal requirement in many cases; if you are planning on doing something a little bit more aggressive, such as off-road, downhill or mountain biking, then it would probably be a good idea to consider knee and elbow pads on top of this, just to avoid preventable injury! However if you prefer the relaxed style of cycling be sure to get the ladies cube bikes at tweeks cycles. Another essential is for at least one person to have a puncture repair kit, along with a basic knowledge of how to maintain a bike. Should you get a puncture or the chain slips then, if you are properly prepared, you should be able to sort things out and not have a little problem ruin your day.

On top of these things, going cycling with your family often allows for a great time in the great outdoors, and you should take along things that complement that! For example a picnic can easily be packed in a pannier or basket attached to the bike frame, meaning that you can travel farther or to a specific scenic spot and enjoy a delicious lunch! You should also be mindful of bad weather; cycling in the rain is no fun at all and a waterproof coat is essential for everyone who is going out for more than a few hours. If you are planning on going out on a wet day then mud-guards are also useful; fitting these onto the frame over the wheels helps to stop you getting covered in mud thrown up by the wheels.

Biking with your family is basically just a fantastic way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you are in a city, just going to the park can still offer plenty of enjoyment; the fresh air and exercise makes a nice change to television and computer games to children, and by introducing them to activities like this when they are younger, you can foster an adventurous and active lifestyle that could undoubtedly benefit them for years to come.

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

These two boys of mine will have fun in the easiest of places. For example, they are pictured here in the middle of the woods checking out a little path way under the ground. They danced and had a blast, can’t you just feel the fun they are having?


I really enjoyed the darker photos of them, it’s as if we are viewing their shadows. Enjoy your day everyone, make it a great one!

Juice in the City Deal for Washington, DC The District

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We Took A Walk the Other Day

One weekend the kids and I decided we would walk down town, well okay I decided the kids and I would take a nice walk and bribed them with a slushy once they realized just how far we were walking. Total time was around 1 hour 40 minutes round trip I believe. This is normally a 40 minute round trip walk for me alone.

It’s not the walk that made me smile most, even though getting exercise always seems to boost my spirits it was what happened during the walk that made me smile the most…

My two oldest children were actually holding hands walking down the road in front of me. Side by side, happy as can be. These two children of mine tend to either get along amazing or fight tooth and nail with each other. It’s funny to watch how close they can be at times and it certainly was a picture moment.

My daughter even offered some of her slushy to her brother, who had his own. It was so cute to walk behind them and watch as they got along so well. Chatting about their summer, the day plans and everything you can think of. These two were extremely happy to just be out with Mama on a nice, long walk.

Moments like this I will cherish in my heart forever.

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