Living Life to the Fullest

It isn’t easy living life to the fullest, each day a new issue, challenge, thought comes about that can make you question everything you have in your life. I have been reading a lot of articles, late at night, while the kids are asleep. I have found inspiration and strength in prayer as well. I thrive to live life to the fullest, it’s my mission. To me, if I live life to the fullest and take reasonable risks, learn from mistakes and move on, my kids learn how to do this too. While I don’t like making too many drastic mistakes, it is up to me to define what drastic really is. I am the only one who knows myself, knows my children and knows what’s best for us all.

One way to learn to live life to the fullest of our ability is to ensure that you are not allowing others to make you feel negatively. As long as you are honest with your own self and others, then you need to stand firm in that. Life isn’t always easy, people do get hurt, you will get hurt, but you can’t dwell on those emotions for too long or else it will absorb you and in turn you wake up unable to look in the mirror at your own face. Do not let life ever get you to that point of inability to recognize yourself. That’s a bad place to be. It’s no good for you, it’s no good for anyone else around you.

One thing I have learned about life, is that you just have to do what’s best for you. Stop explaining and don’t fear what others may say or not understand. The best people in your life will support you, even if they disagree with you. Those are the type of people to keep yourself around, not people who just support you blindly, but those who are willing to cite their view on things while still supporting you.

Living life to the fullest involves; surrounding yourself with supportive people, never living in a way that makes you feel cowardly, and pushing forward once you realize what direction to go!


Must Make Mistakes To Learn

I am all about teaching my children that it is okay to make mistakes because that is how we learn. When it comes to my daughter who has her father’s perfectionist side within her, I always tell her that it is fine if she gets something wrong at school. If she truly doesn’t understand it, then we take time to learn it. Not knowing the correct answer all of the time makes me more proud of her than if she got everything right at school. I know that may sound odd to some parents, but seriously think about it, if your child always got every, single thing perfect and right in their life at school, would they really have anything to learn?

I want my children to learn and I want them to fall down so that they can learn how to pick themselves back up. I believe in tough love, I believe in learning from our mistakes and I believe in teaching children do as I do, not do as I say. I am far from perfect, I swear and expect my children not to, luckily “knock on wood” the worse word the boys have picked up is the word “dammit” and some days I say way worse so that is a positive that they only picked up that one word. I explain it’s a bad word and have done so in the right way that now if I say any bad word my four year old is very quick to tell me I said a bad word.

Each day is a learning experience for every human being so why would a parent expect their child to make no mistakes and to simply be 100% perfect. I think a perfect human being is non-existent but if there really is that perfect person out there or perfect child, can you imagine how boring their life would be?

I say let’s make mistakes, let’s learn from them and let’s challenge our children to live to their full potential while they are falling down and getting back up.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Is It Simply Old Age?

Smiley Face
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As each new day rises and the sun places it’s smiley face in the sky behind the clouds I find myself smiling for I have become someone different, a person who no longer puts up with crap, a person who is rather outspoken in ways she never has been before. I am a new woman, free spirited, outspoken and carefree … or am I just getting too old to put up with the BS in life?

I know I know … stay positive Brandy, life is awesome! I agree, life totally rocks and I love all people but lately I feel like I am just fed up with the bologna people want to throw at me and others. I don’t know why I am more outspoken and I probably will end up getting beat up because I am not a fighter. Do not get me wrong, I can stick up for myself, I just don’t believe in the physical harm of others no matter what. I am more the type of person who will charm you with smiles and kindness should you do me wrong.

I feel like maybe I am just getting older and realizing life is too short to not speak up for what you feel, believe in and want in life. I am determined to follow my dreams, reach my goals and finally be placed in a position in my life where I say “wow I finally got it” before more issues arise to take me off that high horse of accomplishment. As we all know life is full of angry, mean people but we can’t let them get to us because then in the long haul of things you are letting them win.

So today I invite you to no longer put up with the crap, let out the negative and consume yourself with the positive because positive energy will free you whereas negative energy shall consume you. Hugs all around!

This Too Shall Pass

My father is famous for saying “this too shall pass” when a tough situation presents itself. Life is so full of many challenges and as a parent I constantly struggle with whether or not I am making the right decisions for my children and myself. When I turn to people for advice I am often judged, questioned and told I am not doing the right thing. My problem is that in my heart and soul I know what it is I want in life and what it is I want for my children so why is it that I seem to make bad decisions at times?

Maybe those decisions we deem “bad” are not really bad at all, maybe they are simply another path in life we had to travel on in order to find our way to our destination. I am a firm believer that “what goes around comes around” and “everything happens for a reason” with that being said I live by the rule of thumb “follow your heart” and “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. You can not go wrong when you follow your gut feeling, I have this sixth sense about myself, my life and some of my close friends I can almost even feel what they are feeling, think what they are thinking before they even realize what it is they are feeling or thinking themselves. This has proven to me that there is a connection between two people that no other person can fully understand.

How can one understand something that I can feel with my whole heart yet can not understand myself? Do you ever get those feelings in life that you know what you want to do, what is right to do but you second guess that initial gut feeling? Why do we do this as humans? Is it to test our morals? Is it simply a way for us to learn life in our own way?

So full of questions and curiosity about myself and life right now but at the same time, I know in my heart and soul that I must live my life a certain way in order to be 100% happy, positive and energized for myself and my children.

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