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Today I get to share with you a whole new way to listen to music and share your music with friends, it’s called Flips™. These new headphones have impressed the tech, music geeks in my home; a teen boy and his father. The quality is really great and they enjoyed the fact that you cannot hear any external noises while using these Flips™ as headphones. The other fun factor about Flips™ is that you can drop the headphones around your neck, turn the ear pieces around and share your music with friends, making Flips™ a more social listening experience among friends.


Flips™ have a retail price point of $120 and are an impressive headset rivaling any on the market with their sleek, high-tech, no-expense-spared-design and sound quality. Flips™ are available in Black/Electric Lime or White/Racing Red color combinations and come with a protective carrying case. I know that my family was super impressed with the quality, the design and the carrying case for these Flips™. I am sure they will come along with my family during any Summer day trips or vacations as a way to share music with each other. Thankfully the Flips™ can be used as speakers in a way to avoid the sibling rivalry among using these headphones.


Today I am excited to not only share with you these awesome Flips™ but to also provide you with a discount code* where you can go to www.flipsaudio.com and enter this discount code FA0010INT that will allow you to save $10 off your purchase of Flips™ and allow you FREE upgraded rush shipping. This discount code only applies to purchase on www.flipsaudio.com and is valid from June 12, 2013 through July 16, 2013. *Each unit purchased will receive $10.00 Off the online retail price plus we’ll “upgrade” your shipping from ground to Rush 3-Day at no additional cost to you. This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Free Product

Avoid recipes for disaster using discount codes

Whether you are cooking a quiet, romantic meal for two or making the whole family an extravagant dinner, there is always the issue of how expensive food prices are becoming. One day you could go into a shop and get potatoes for £1, the next week they would most definitely have increased to £1.60. Although price increases of such little amounts may not seem too expensive, it is not as if they are going to break the bank, but if you look at this happening with every item within your shop every week then you realise that the price does actually add up. With the big Christmas food shop creeping closer and closer, the fear of how large your bill will be is begin to show.

Many people think that due to the problem of food prices rising it is best to go to cheaper shops, or get the economy foods which are sold at a much cheaper price, but do you really want to be eating economy meat on Christmas? This is not the only solution. There are many ways in which you are able to buy your regular shop at no fear of the bill being higher than what you can afford. So, instead of panicking and maybe even causing recipe disasters just because you had to resort to buying an alternative product compared to the more expensive food, stop, and think of ways around having to pay such ridiculous prices. Many shops have regular deals on such as buy one gets one free offers or money off their products, take advantage of these offers, even if it does mean having to find extra storage space to keep the food!

Offers are not the only way in which you are able to save money on your food shop, so there is no need to worry and stock up your whole house with the same food just because there is an offer on at that moment in time. There are many are ways, including discount codes. Discount and voucher codes can be found in many different places, on the television, through the post and even on the internet. A company which is very well-known for its excellent quality of food is Marks and Spencer’s, who of which offer their customers M & S voucher codes to regularly enable that shoppers are able to afford their desired shop throughout hard times such as recession and during the festive sessions.

People need to realize that despite the fact that it is clear to all that food prices are rising and that the quality of food which most people desire are the products which are increasing the highest does not mean that they are not able to afford. With many different ways which enable you to get money off your products or to gain free items, you should not have to go without the food or drink that you or your family love. It is just a course of searching for these offers, deals and food or drink that you or your family love codes which once you get started is not hard at all.

Rent Your College Textbooks and Support Operation Smile

I recently started reading on various blogs about the website Campus Book Rentals and I must admit this is a really cool concept. Instead of paying ridiculously high prices for those books you need while working on a college degree, you can pay low prices and rent your textbooks.   One of the cool factors behind Campus Book Rentals is that they have a partnership with Operation Smile.

How Renting Textbooks Works

Simply choose the book you wish to rent, one I may have looked into while I was in my business management courses would have been Accounting Made Simple. Choose your book, pick the length of time in which you need to rent it, you will see a list of costs to the right for whatever length of time you need to rent your textbook. Add it to the cart, free shipping both ways is another fabulous plus. Save 40-90% off of book store prices by using this service. Once done selecting all of the books you are to rent, simply checkout and they will arrive. You can even highlight in the textbooks!

Operation Smile

There is one thing in this life that can get you far and that is a beautiful smile. I know this all too well, because my smile is what most compliment me on. Just imagine if you were unable to have a beautiful smile due to a cleft lip or cleft palate? Now not only imagine that but imagine you are starting your life out this way, with something that makes it difficult to have a beautiful smile and face? Operation Smile works to provide free surgeries to repair various facial deformities for children around the globe.

Ready to Rent Textbooks?

Here is a recap of why renting from Campus Book Rentals makes perfect sense; you save money, you help give back to Operation Smile and you are supporting an organization that has set aside $90,000 in book scholarships to give back to students all over. This organization is a win/win for everyone and certainly something to check out.

Follow Campus Book Rentals on Twitter and Like Campus Book Rentals on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news, giveaways, scholarships and much more!

How Do I Export Saved Passwords in Firefox?

My computer hardware decided to die on me over the weekend, RIP my sweet computer.  Although it was able to be rebuilt in no time due to the computer dude residing with me who is also known as my sons’ father.  The computer didn’t actually “die” per say, I was still able to get online and do things from my computer but after a little while the networking card was not being seen by the computer, which meant, no Internet nor network access.

Thankfully I was prepping my computer for a reformat when all of the parts inside of my beautiful computer case decided to go on vacation. The only thing I was uncertain of while working to get my files, pictures and such transferred to our server was how do I export saved passwords in FireFox? This is one thing I always lose during a reformat, saved passwords.  I refused to go through losing my passwords yet again and knew there had to be a solution.

As with most everything in FireFox, I knew there must be an add-on I could use to save my passwords from being lost in thin air during the rebuild and reformat of my computer. I searched online to find the Password Exporter add-on for Firefox and let me tell you what, this is an easy add-on to use if you are looking to save your passwords or transfer passwords from one computer to the next using your home or office network.

Simply install the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox, you probably will be prompted to restart FireFox so that the add-on is available. From there go to Tools –> Options –> Security. You will now see under the saved passwords area in this tab an option to import/export passwords. Click the button to export passwords, but remember to save the file as .csv file so that you may open it in Excel or notepad documents. Then click to export passwords. A file will be saved on your computer, my advice is to save this file somewhere on your secure home network prior to reformatting a computer or trying to transfer it to another computer.

Once you are ready to access the saved passwords again, simply use the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox and use the import option. It’s a couple of clicks and you never have to worry about losing a password again. I would recommend keeping a back up of your passwords every so often on a secure server just in case the unthinkable happens and your computer crashes before you can export the passwords safely.


JCP Fair and Square Pricing Shopping Experience #jcpfinds

I was invited to check out JCP’s new Fair and Square pricing at a Concord, NH store in February.  Armed with two nine year old girls and a gift card to spend at JCP’s we were ready to experience the new prices as seen in various commercials all over the television and internet.

Much like MommaDjane who found$15 boots, we found some awesome deals on boots at our local NH JCP store as well. I did not pick up any boots as I soon found out when you shop with two 9 year old girls, one being your daughter, the trip ends up being more about your daughter and her friend than yourself.

I did, however, pick up a nice shirt for just $25. My daughter’s friend scored a bathrobe for just $1 and my daughter scored Barbie earbuds for just $1. I was also able to get a $6 sequin love shirt that my daughter wore for her recent chorus concert as well as a pair of jeans, two more shirts and a fancy skirt to add to her school attire.

Top name brands were so much lower than previous JCP pricing that I was in heaven and can’t wait to go back to JCP’s again in the near future to find more deals. The only downfall to the new pricing structure at JCP’s is that their signs all say “x price” and up, instead of “x price and under”, as a consumer, I can certainly see how “and up” terminology really doesn’t sell us as much as a sign that says “and under” would. This topic was also discussed by Lee over at My Sentiment ExactLee who felt the signs “and up” were also a bit deterring from a consumer prospective.

I can honestly say that I am pleased with the new pricing and although the signs may look a bit deterring to me, it won’t keep me from shopping the new fair and square pricing at JCP’s, as I have always been an avid fan of JCP’s clothing lines.

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to go spend money at JCP’s and evaluate the new Fair and Square pricing to share with my readers any thoughts I have and deals I found while there.

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