Funny and Cute Friendship eCards

I know most of these are shared way too much on Facebook, but I have to be honest; they don’t get old for me. Most make me smile when I need a mid day laugh. So today I share with you Friendship ecards….

I think of my sister when I see this one, she will blow up my phones to talk to me & I love her…

Now I can so picture me saying this to my friends …

I know a few people like this …

And I know many friends that I enjoy comfortable silence with …


Top 10 Tuesday: Friendship Is …

Top 10 TuesdaysJoin in by grabbing the image above (right click and save to your computer) and link up your blog post below if you want to do this weeks Top 10 Tuesday with Happily Blended! This week is all about what Friendship Is.

  1. Friendship is caring about another person so deeply that you would do anything to boost their spirits.
  2. Friendship is trusting without question.
  3. Friendship is being there for a person for the great, the bad and the in between.
  4. Friendship is opening your arms for a great big hug.
  5. Friendship is allowing someone to call you at midnight no matter the reason.
  6. Friendship is non-judgemental.
  7. Friendship is accepting another persons faults and loving them for being unique.
  8. Friendship is all about being there for that special person.
  9. Friendship is all about sharing laughter and tears.
  10. Friendship is loving someone and being there for someone no matter the distance between the two of you.

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