{Mama and Son Time} Making Pizza with my Boys

I used to have a tradition that every Friday we would make pizza or at least have pizza for dinner. I really miss this tradition, but while money is tight for now with the new home purchase, we will attempt to do our best to make it a once a month event or maybe twice a month for now.

Five year Old Making Pizza

I purchased pizza crust from Market Basket, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and some pepperoni slices earlier in the day. I set up the crusts on pan as well as sauce and cheese in two bowls so that the boys could have space to create their own pizzas; one cheese pizza and one pepperoni pizza.

Mother and Sons Making Pizzas

I had to encourage my seven year old son to do more on his own, lately his confidence has been going downhill a bit but that’s just simply due to medication changes. I worked to encourage him to put his own cheese and pepperoni on so he could be proud of his creation.

Mother Helping Son with Pizza

We had a great time together. The boys were enjoying the fact that they could make their own dinner.

Son Proud of his Pizza

K-man was super proud of his “cheesiest ever pizza” creation.

Seven Year old Son Proud of his Pizza

Aj was super proud of his “pepperoni-est pizza ever” creation.

We popped the pizzas in the oven for about ten minutes…

And then we ate, together as a family.

Welcoming School Vacation

This is the week that my kids have off from school, I get two full days without my sons but Monday was my day with the daughter only while my sons spent the day with their Dad. My daughter and I decided to head out to visit my sister and her baby Olivia. Baby Olivia turned 3 months old last week and it is amazing how strong she is.

Ki and Baby Olivia

Wednesday I will have no kids all day so I will try to take full advantage of working but I also am starting to pack some of my things I don’t use on a regular basis as a way to prepare for moving soon. I need to make sure that I pack in a more organized way than I ever have before because I am famous for procrastinating with packing and just tossing things into plastic bags. That isn’t going to work this time, I have accumulated too much to not have it more organized for an easier moving process.

My daughter and I also went out to Pizza Hut for the inexpensive buffet for lunch after a visit with my sister and baby Olivia and the brother in law. It was a wonderful girls day out!

I had hoped to do more during vacation with the kids but I have to be in savings mode for the move so I am simply going to spend the week using my imagination and checking the pond to look for life; the peepers have been peeping and I hear a frog every so often. Just the other day the boys and I saw two salamanders so I know that life has sprung in the pond for sure. Hope we can see a turtle or a frog soon!

Thought About it, Then Thought Twice

NH Mom Blogger & Her DadThe kids were here on Christmas Eve for our annual pizza and presents with my Dad and Step Mom. You wouldn’t believe how freaking happy I was to get new hand towels, my six year old didn’t get why I was so happy over new hand towels, it’s an adult thing I suppose. I also got this really cool candle that changes colors and stuff, I will be sharing it online soon I am sure. Maybe on my YouTube Channel, who knows.

Grampa spending Christmas Eve with Grandkids


Christmas Eve was fun, all three kids returned by 5pm from their Dads and I invited my ex hubs to stay for pizza because he will forever be a part of this family. It helps that I think of my ex husband as a great friend, so of course he could stay! Just an FYI – the ex husband is my two sons Dad. Pizza was enjoyed and the Grampa bought hot dog pizza special ordered from my daughter’s favorite local pizza joint, he scored some major Grampa points with that choice!

Presents were opened. Kids were happy. I was happy. Then it was time to depart, so my Dad and Step mom ventured off back to VT & the ex hubs heading back to his place, while I worked on calming the children down to get to bed. After all, Mrs. Claus had some presents to wrap and Santa duties to tend to. Once the kids were all snuggled up in their beds and fast asleep, Santa dropped off stocking stuffers and presents under the tree then went to sleep.

Christmas MorningChristmas started at 5 in the morning, no joke. I had prepared my coffee so that all I would have to do was hit on in the morning but those kids were way too quick to get downstairs to their stockings that I had zero time to venture to the kitchen. I survived the stocking stuffer opening then paused em all so I could snag me some energy  coffee. Then I went back downstairs as the kids tore through all of the presents and next thing I know all presents have been opened.

It was time to get the kids dressed and ready for Dads. I was dropping the oldest to her Dads house then the ex was coming to pick up the boys here about 8 am. My Christmas morning went by so fast and as I hugged the kids goodbye I thought to myself, I should probably clean this tornado of a mess house. Then I thought twice; why is it my duty to clean up after my tornado of kids? So yes, today my boys shall return to their Mama and I will be enlisting them to help clean up the basement, get the decorations off of the tree so I can carry it upstairs and throw it outside.

From there, we will probably have some hot cocoa and enjoy some random conversations with the new toys they got. Tomorrow the daughter returns and I will be having her clean up her tornado of a bedroom.

The aftermath of Christmas … joy!


Dr. Oetker Live Event Ristorante #Reach4Ristorante & Giveaway #spon

This past weekend I told you in my previous blog post that we had a pizza party with some guests and shown was the picture of my sister, brother in law and my middle child smiling. Everyone showed up and everyone was ready to eat some pizza, Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza that is.  Seven frozen pizzas were delivered to my home prior to me hosting this event by my lovely UPS dude.

Ristorante Pizza

The pizzas were placed in the freezer, where ever I could find room and waited for the Saturday party. I love pizza, just so you know and from time to time I have seen the Ristorante brand at my local grocery store. I honestly never thought the box was appealing enough for me to try out this brand until they brand approached me to try it out and share with guests. I was in!

daughter cleaning house

So the daughter worked hard to clean the house Saturday morning for our guests and I was using Instagram for all of the cute photos in preparation of our live event. Then it was time, the guests started to arrive … first was my sister and brother in law.

Family over for PIzza Party with Guests

They were so excited to come, because honestly when I want family to come for an event, just saying pizza party works like a charm. We love our pizza.

Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza

There it is the lovely pizza, chosen for the party was the Mozzarella option.  A new flavor that no one at my party had ever tried before. The guests were here and I snapped a few pictures here and there, while sharing on Instagram.

Ristorante PIzza

The guests gave this a thumbs up and then later on my aunt showed up to try a piece. My aunt was enjoying it so much, I tried to get a picture of her eating the pizza but she ate it too darn fast, it was that good.

Notes About Ristorante Pizza

  • Ristorante  is a delicious and convenient appetizer for any holiday gathering. Just bake a few varieties, slice them up and its’ sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  • You Can pair Ristorante pizza with additional appetizers, an easy to prepare salad or a complimentary wine, to complete your holiday party menu or just pull together the perfect night in.
  • Ristorante pizzas incorporate unique high quality toppings like pepperoni, cooked ham, sliced roma tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, chilies, mozzarella, Edam, Emmental and blue cheeses to create the sophisticated taste you crave.

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Giveaway Event

One person has a chance to be randomly selected to win a prize package that includes;

  • Ristorante Coupon
  • Two Candles
  • Wine/Pizza Pairing Tip Sheet
  • 1 Firenze Wine Bag (red leather wine bag)
  • 1 Metallic Frost Platter from Crate&Barrel

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Dear Tummy Please Let me Overeat on Pizza Again

I love pizza. Pizza is my favorite food, coming in close to lasagna. I just love pizza of all sorts. Ham and pineapple. Hamburg. Supreme fully loaded pizza from Pizza Hut. Pepperoni. Sausage. Oh pizza I love thee.

My tummy no longer lets me overeat on pizza. I used to be able to sit down and enjoy a few pieces no problem, maybe even four, but now? Oh my dear tummy has more things on it’s mind, apparently it enjoys starving my craving of delicious pizza.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I can no longer enjoy multiple pieces of pizza. It’s two please for me. That’s it. Even two pieces sometimes is too much for my dear tummy. I really want to enjoy a night of over eating on pizza but I suppose maybe that is my scale talking to me.

After all I have been working to get below 200lbs and the scale is starting to become my friend again. So if I over eat on pizza I bet that scale will return to being my enemy but oh dear tummy why can’t you just let me splurge once in awhile on some yummy, delicious pizza?

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