School Vacation is Ending, Back to the Real World

I have had such a blast on school vacation week, but it’s time to get back to the real world of balancing mom and work. I had such a great time bringing my kids to the Montshire Museum of Science on Friday, we learned while having fun and I will be sure to share more pictures during the upcoming week.

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Yes, that is my loves hanging outside before we went into the museum and is now my favorite picture of the happy munchkins together.

While school vacation puts a toll of how much we can all handle each other, I can honesty say that there really wasn’t too many challenges that arose in parenting and hanging out with my kids during the week. My youngest has been testing my patience lately and one day while in the pet store watching the turtles, the worker says to me “wow, you are a really patient mom”. I had to think because sometimes after a long day with my youngest I wonder if I am patient enough, so to have someone say that was a wonderful feeling.

Montshire Museum of Science

The kids laughed, we played, we colored, we did two day trips and another couple of trips to the pet store just to watch the turtles mostly. We just had a wonderful week and even though I had a fantastic time, I am ready to get back into the normal schedule and routine of school and work. Since my ex husband got a new job, he is closer to our town, which means he can have our youngest longer. I will now have two days a week to work and three part days to work. I am excited to be able to increase my work load and hours now.

Montshire Museum of Science Moose

There have been so many positives from this past week to mention, but just let it be known, I had one amazing school vacation week with my kids, and when the boyfriend and his kids were around we had fun too. It’s just been one of those weeks to remind me I am truly blessed and should be grateful for what I have in my life because what I have in my life is love and happiness no matter what!

Did you all have school vacation this past week? If not, when do you or did you have it? What did you all do during school vacation?

A Trip To the Pet Store

I am thankful that my children love animals so much but also understand the responsibility that comes when having a pet. You see, I took in pets in the past that I simply could not keep. Whether it was due to moving to a new place where pets were under no circumstances allowed or taking in a pure bred black lab puppy only to find out a puppy and two boys in diapers was not going to work out, I have learned that I will never again take in a pet without having the long term, life long commitment to that animal. Through sharing my experiences, I have taught my children the commitment a pet takes on, so that they understand why I say no to having anymore pets at this time in our lives.

My children still enjoy visiting the pet store, it’s usually my youngest who would rather visit the pet store just to walk around for a couple of hours versus my older two, but since there was no school last week and we had to find something to do, the pet store made sense. First we visited the reptile center to look at the snakes, bearded dragons and spiders. Next up was the bird room where this large white talking breed of bird was trying like hell to get on my shoulder. I wanted to take that bird home, but of course I can not have anymore pets at this time and really am not interested in a bird, talking or not.

Next up was my little ones favorite area, the turtle and fish part of the pet store. This kid really wants a pet turtle, ever since his betta fish, Porky, died, he has had his mind set that someday he will have a pet turtle to love and care for. We walked around the fish area and then ended back at the turtle section again, where they were about to be fed. The pet store dude was like “you may want to step back if you are squeamish” and I was all confused, but then saw him toss a fish into the turtle tank.

The boys were in awe, they said “boy that is AWESOME” while they watched this red eared slider turtle devour a fish. He ripped it to shreds but first swam around with it hanging out of it’s mouth as to try to keep it away from the other turtles. My sons sat there for about forty minutes watching this whole process of turtles biting the turtle with the fish, attempting to kidnap that fish food from the original turtle and watched and watched until finally the big turtle ate the whole fish.

The boys said “look there is it’s guts” and “look there is it’s blood”, all admiring of the fact that this poor fish was half eaten up by the big turtle. They loved every moment of it and that is when I promptly looked up at the pet store dude and said “you were worried about them being squeamish? I think I may be a bit squeamish, never-mind them!”


What Pets Are Off Limits for Your Family?

I went to a birthday party last weekend and the family happens to also run Rainforest Encounters where they visit schools and various areas around the state educating people and children about the awesome animals like tortoises, bearded dragons, snakes and spiders plus more I am sure I didn’t mention them all.

Every time I run into them at a school or library event I want to sneak off with their bearded dragon, this is my favorite type of pet to have and after researching found out it’s great for family with small kids. These are docile creatures and just fun to have around. The only thing I have to say is buy an adult because babies don’t always live long and they are expensive as heck to feed. I know from experience, ours just wasn’t going to last and we had to re-home him long ago.

While at this birthday party and the kids had guinea pigs outside, a dog hooked up and they were looking all happy mingling with the animals, I got to thinking … what types of pets are off limits to me? Like, what type of pets would I absolutely never allow my children to have in my house?

For me it’s spiders, and constrictor snakes, that’s it I think. Maybe no hamsters because I had bad luck with cats eating mine back in my childhood years plus you can’t hold them so if you can’t hold them why are they called a pet?

Pets I do want someday? A Golden Retriever, a Black Pug, an adult bearded dragon, a Maine Coon cat preferably an orange colored one, and now I have some weird love of corn snakes ever since holding one at the library event over the Summer.

What pets are off limits to you? What pets do you want or have around your home?

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