What Mama Wanted But Didn’t Get

Christmas has come and gone, now is the time for cleaning the mess up and organizing our rooms as well as my office space. It is, after all, about to be a New Year. I need to work on tax preparations and get all of my business files in gear for tax purposes. I need to get the kids bedrooms organized, after a long winded argument over getting it done because you know they don’t just do it for the fun of it!

With that being said, here are some items that I need and/or want to help stay better organized this season …..

file cabinet

I really, really need a file cabinet badly! Right now I am thankful for the one I have – it’s a two drawer wooden one that my Mom let me keep because it’s falling apart and she really didn’t “need” it back when I was living at her home while she lived with her husband in his home. While I am thankful for the file cabinet I do have, it’s falling apart to the point I can’t really use it and access files the way I need to. I need a new file cabinet so that is the first item on my What Mama Wanted but Didn’t Get List.

personal computer

I really could use a personal computer for my office desk, why? Well because working from a laptop is a great secondary option, which I am totally grateful for, nothing beats working from a real personal computer setup on my desk that the children DO NOT ever touch. Sadly, the laptop is my MAIN business computer but it’s also the only thing the children can use for their electronic time and that worries me. If laptop dies, I am screwed … no personal computer really sucks and I hope to someday have one again soon! Mine died last year.

bill rack

A bill rack or letter rack would be perfect to have in my office space in master bedroom for many reasons; holding our current household bills, holding invoices for clients that are overdue or due later on. The bill rack could also hold the check payment receipts for later accounting purposes. All too often I am looking for a way to better serve my bills, letters and statements as well as accounting documents to be prepared all year round for household and business responsibilities. I like to be organized and on top of things. My Post-it brand letter holders work great for my PR letters but not for the whole kit and caboodle of documents I need to organize.

happy light

I certainly wanted and need a “happy light” for the NH winter Season. You see, last Winter in NH I had a really hard time keeping my emotions in check. Lack of sunlight really is starting to pay a toll on my spirits and I have heard great things from people who use happy lights all winter long. I need that natural sunlight all year round to keep my optimistic attitude on track and keep my happy. So last but not least, I wanted but did not receive, a happy light! With a happy light I would have stable moods in the winter season here in NH thus being more productive, organized and able to move forward in a positive direction without having down days!

What did you want for the holidays or a birthday that you didn’t get? I would love to hear in the comments what you wanted but didn’t get as well as what you wanted and did get!


Spring Has Sprung, Are you Doing Spring Cleaning?

It is official, I think. Spring has sprung and with that comes that itch to get cleaning. I have seen people outside preparing their yards for Spring flowers, gardens and such. I have also read on Facebook that so many are organizing and getting rid of things in their home as a way to start Spring cleaning. The preparation for yard sale season is in full gear, many are clearing clutter and getting ready to sell it off at a warm day yard sale.

I personally love cleaning and organizing but since I have to move within the next couple of months, and have yet to find a place to rent, I have been downsizing. Rather than saving piles for a yard sale, I am giving stuff away and getting rid of it in a free pile. I cannot see moving stuff that is not needed. I have too many kids to hang onto things that we don’t use, play with nor need any longer so that it can sit in a storage area in another rental. No thank you.

I have been having the itch to clean though. This house collects a lot of dust and dirt from the muddy dirt driveway. I am thankful there isn’t a rug setup in this home because I would forever be vacuuming or hiring someone to do rug cleaning. I do have a couple of area rugs; one that is a cute little race car track for the little one and then another in my room because it gives a home appeal to me. So while I don’t have carpets here, I can tell you that many friends do and as I read on Facebook there are many people out there who use rug cleaning services as part of their Spring cleaning.

Have you been Spring cleaning?

Back To School With Office Max and Peter Walsh

I am a HUGE fan of Office Max, their products are truly amazing from Peter Walsh [IN] Place System , the DiVoga Collection and now the back to school line with Peter Walsh. The quality is high, the colors are vibrant and fit my style as well as my school aged child’s style. I am very excited to be offering you a peek into Office Max’s new kid-centric line called Schoolio Von Hoolio. (say that ten times fast)

I was able to watch a blogcast with Peter Walsh and Office Max about how to get organized for school. They were even tweeting with hashtag #OMX_Blogcast so check that out to catch up on the questions and tweeting that happened during the blogcast!

Here are some tips taken from the blogcast:

1) Find the Vision you have for a Space
2) Make Organization a Family Value
3) Use the Right Tools for Great Organization

1) Show that you Value Organization
2) Establish Clear Limits and Routines
3) Always ‘Finish the Cycle’ (Complete a Task)

1) Establish Clear Routines
2) Involve Kids with Classroom Organization
3) Use Words, Pictures and Color to help Organize


Office Max’s Schoolio Von Hoolio line for back to school makes it easy for your child to have a place for everything. From pencils to pens and paperwork and writing they have enough products here to keep them organized and happy about going back to school! As one parent to another I must say the price is right too.

My daughter opened up this line of products and a smile came to her face. Ki has not been able to STOP talking about going back to school with her “cool” new line of products … she is so excited that she has asked me to record a vlog of her talking about this line and how she may use it for school. This vlog will be listed soon right here at Happily Blended under “Video Blogs” section so keep your eyes out!

This line of products really helps the kids to feel cool and organized.  We live in a super small home that is around 1000 square feet and so saving space and staying organized is a very important factor around here! Ki is so happy to have a way to do her homework in peace while staying organized, she certainly gets that from me ;-)

Oh and if you are not following them you can connect on twitter with Peter Walsh @Peter_Walsh and Office Max @OfficeMax.

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My Binder Is My Best Friend

A D-ring three-ring binder
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I have discussed organizing and some time management tips, but have I told you about my love for binders and how they will help keep you organized? My binders along with Avery big tab page dividers are what keeps my daily paperwork and contract details in order.

Binders can be every inexpensive and if you are lucky they can be free, no matter how much this binder costs you it will save you time. Every entrepreneur should have their own binder that contains daily forms, contracts and any FYI’s that are used on a regular basis.

After you have your binder you must get some page dividers, although I love Avery you can use any page dividers that suit your style and budget.

First step is to sort out the papers that were originally placed in your To-Do folder. Make sure you have enough page dividers, if not you can condense paperwork into similar topics until you have the time and money to buy more dividers.

Second step is to label each page divider, here are some ideas:

  • Contracts
  • FYI’s, Memos
  • Client Names
  • $$ Paid Out
  • $$ earned
  • Months {January, February, March, April…}

Third step is to place the appropriate paperwork within each page divider. Since I am a new business owner, I  like to keep track of my revenue on a monthly basis. I have a divider for each month where I keep a copy of all money coming into my business and then have a divider where I keep all expenses.

Fourth step is to keep this binder near your office desk so that you can reference it when needed.  This binder will be your daily resource “file” that is small enough to place beside your desk but big enough to store the most important papers that may require daily attention.

Do you have a binder for daily use, have you ever used it as I described above? What are some tips you have to lend others to help keep their daily paperwork and contracts in order but at an arms length?

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