What To Do On Spring Break – Day 1

Last week my kids were on Spring break, all week long. The start of our Spring break was actually begun on the Friday before the break even was here. I had a phone call from my sister and it seemed she could use some time out of her house, so I ventured over to pick up my sister and baby niece Livy.

What do do on Spring Break Day 1

I just love how big Livy is getting, she is walking all over the place now and becoming quite the little character. I love watching her many facial expressions. I have spent a lot of time with my sister and Livy, so we have a bond that hopefully never breaks. Livy gets a little nervous when she thinks her Mama is out of sight, but overall she’s doing amazingly better with the separation anxiety and she seemed all too happy to have a girls day with her Mama and Auntie Quack Quack.

First Day of Spring Break (3)

Livy and my sister went grocery shopping with me and ran other errands with me that fine Friday. Shown here is Livy hanging tightly onto her Auntie’s wallet. I wonder if she thought Auntie had lots of money, soon she will realize that Auntie’s wallet rarely ever has any cash in it. Livy was very well behaved and seemed to enjoy grocery shopping!

First Day of Spring Break (4)

We finished our girls day with a little concert put on at the school, where Livy got to watch her cousin Aj perform. Livy did awesome in the concert and even was found tapping her feet to the beat of the music! It was a wonderful day, sadly the wonderful day had a moment after school when Aj was just worn out from having two concert performances and physical education that day. It was a major meltdown, one I haven’t seen in a long time with Aj and it scared little Livy. We got a handle on it and ended the day on a good note though. Sometimes I hate how much stress school puts on kids, they can only handle so much stimulation in a day, especially Aj.

First Day of Spring Break (5)

When we dropped Livy and my sister back to her place, I captured a pic of my daughter and her Auntie because, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a picture of them together. My sister was always there for me when Ki was a baby, just like I plan to be with my sister and her little girl. Family always comes first.

First Day of Spring Break (6)

After dropping my sister and Livy off, we headed to PayLess ShoeSource where the boys got to get new sneakers. The previous sneakers the boys had were completely worn out. Bad worn out, and it was time to get them some new sneakers. The boys were so happy with their choices! Since my daughter has a ton of shoes at her Dad’s home, I let her pick out sandals that were not of the flip flop type so she could wear them to school. The school doesn’t allow flip flops.

First Day of Spring Break (1)

We finished our day with normal bedtime routine, shown above is a pic of the boys and me before story time. Aj wanted to make a silly face and K-man is being his usual actor self. Day one of Spring break went well, or I should say night one because this day was technically a school day. I was a little nervous about Aj’s meltdown in the van after-school, but things panned out and we ended the day with warm fuzzies between a tightly bonded family unit. I love my life.

Shoe Shopping With The Daughter

Oh my gosh talk about a lovely event I had yesterday! It is that time of year when Summer is just around the corner, or already here, not sure what the exact start date for Summer is. Anyways … the daughter needed some sandals to have at my house, she has a couple pairs currently but they were purchased by her father so always end up going between houses and sometimes she ends up here without sandals to wear in this hot weather. We ventured off to PayLess ShoeSource where I thought we were going to find some under $10 sandals that were cute and well simple. I should have known better, shopping with a 7 year old daughter who loves shopping and all of a sudden loves shoes turned into a slight nightmare.

Getting Ready To Leave

Getting Ready To Leave

My daughter left with me geared with her black pocket book and her aunti’s sunglasses, that were just a tad bit too big for her but oh well she looked cute just the same, don’t you think? We headed off to PayLess and found some cute sandals for Mama first, which were way beyond anything I could spend at this time so we went over to the kids section. My daughter apparently is now into those chunky sole shoes or sandals, which is fine, I love them too. Can’t blame a girl for liking style, right?!  Mind you, PayLess has crap for selection when it comes to chunky sandals for a little girl who wears a shoe size somewhere in between 2 and 3, think they call that 2 and a half, right?! Yeah, those half sizes have nothing good to offer and when asked if there were anymore in Ki’s size in the back, they returned to let us know there were no other sandals in the back room in her size. Darn, because she had her little heart set on a pair of $7 shoes that would have been super cute on her, with a chunky sole, she was in love with them.

I made her choose another pair, obviously because I wasn’t buying too big nor too small for her. She pouted for a moment before a pair of nice, shiny white sandals caught her eye. She tried them on and what was her response “Well I like them but they are FLAT”. Grrr dreaded flat sandals, what were people thinking making flat sandals for little girls, I mean they were only trying to keep them from tripping on the chunky soles it seems everyone is wearing. Roll on floor laughing is what I was trying NOT to do with the tone and little attitude that came behind the whole “but they are flat” comment that flowed so naturally out of my daughters little mouth.

My daughter, she is 7 and will be 8 in October and she is deemed DQ for a reason, she is the biggest drama queen I have ever seen, aside from my sister, now that’s funny, I am totally joking my sister is far from a drama queen! Overall the experience was just that “an experience” and I can’t wait to “experience” more of these “experiences” in the future! We left with a flat pair of shiny white sandals for a whole $10 from PayLess and now my daughter is happy because she has a pair of sandals to wear at Mama’s house! This is the little diva below … doesn’t she look like a mini shopaholic? I am so in big, big trouble with this one when she gets older!

My Sweet DIVA Daughter

My Sweet DIVA Daughter

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