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I am engaged. We were planning on a Spring/Summer 2014 wedding date but as time went on and my best friend announced her wedding date of September 6, 2015, we decided to push our date to 2015. With that being said, as time goes on I don’t want to wait, but we will see. With all that we have going on in our personal lives we have yet to take time to check out anything to do with weddings. That makes me sad. I wanted to enjoy the excitement and joy of searching around for New Hampshire wedding venues, to compile a guest list and to really just have fun with the cheap wedding planning part of things. This past week was a rough one for me, so I thought looking up some pretty wedding venues in New Hampshire would make me smile.

Here are a few venues in New Hampshire that I would just love to be married at ….

Whitney’s Inn – Jackson, NH

Jackson Inn New Hampshire Wedding Venue

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Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, NH looks like the perfect escape for a wedding party. They have a rustic appeal in my opinion which is something that speaks for my simple, laid back, country style personality. I could see this place speaking to us on our level, nothing too ritzy yet still elegant. Taken from the website “its unique post and beam barn, the Shovel Handle Pub, and beautiful 12 acres at the base of Black Mountain, provide the perfect setting for groups of 125 or less. The inn can also host outdoor tent weddings for groups of 200 or less.” I love how this one place has multiple location options for your special day!

Alyson’s Orchard – Walpole, NH

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via

Image Credit: Creative Vision Photography via

If you can’t get married on your family’s farm, why not check out Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH. I think this location would be perfect during peak apple season, why? What a smell those ripe, sweet apples would give off naturally for your special day. I love the idea of an outdoor wedding because I love nature. I love the wind blowing in my hair on a hot Summer day, I love smelling the scent of flowers and all the aromas being outside in Spring, Summer and Fall bring. Taken from the website “with three unique, welcoming lodging facilities, a reception hall for up to 250 guests, and over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry, Alyson’s Orchard is renowned as one of New England’s finest destination wedding sites.” Again, I see a place that offers a wide range of activities alongside simply having your wedding ceremony there.

Searles Castle at Windham in Windham, NH

Searles Castle at Windham for NH Wedding

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The Searles Castle at Windham is really a princess dream come true, while I never spent much time thinking about a princess style wedding event, I certainly started to lean that way after visiting this website. What a memorable event we could have with our wedding if we decided upon Searles Castle at Windham. What bride wouldn’t want to have one of these three entrance options; arrive by Limousine, a Cinderella Carriage or through the Castle’s Windsor doors?! I would totally feel like this princess who is indeed marrying her prince. I think this would be the most elegant of wedding ceremonies to choose from. They help you with the planning from start to finish and have many package options available for you to choose from.

Overall, I think my dream wedding would be at the Searles Castle in Windham because it’s not something we would get to experience every day. I can experience the rustic wonder of our great outdoors and the apple orchards most any day of the warm weather season, but to be married in a place that is a castle? Well now, that does sounds like the chance of a lifetime!

Out of the three venues I have shared from New Hampshire, which one would appeal most to you?


An Apple Picking We Will Go – Wellwood Orchards Again #VT #applepicking #family

I made a quick phone call last Sunday morning to see if it was still apple picking season, the tween and teen laughed their butts off at how I called and asked such a thing. I guess I amuse the children from time to time. Okay, I amuse them all daily. The thing is, we wanted to take my boyfriend’s children apple picking because they were not with us when we originally had planned to take them.

Wellwood Orchards Petting Animal Area

The kids just loved petting all of the animals in the animal petting area which costs 50 cents per person, I swear k-man wanted to bring home that black and white bunny. The boyfriend also noted that he wants a pet bunny. Ah – no.

Wagon Ride to the Apple Orchard

After petting all of the animals I went inside to pay for the bushel of apples, just like last time for $26. We hopped on a wagon to and from the orchard at Wellwood Orchards to get our apples.

Girls picking apples

Even though it was nearing the end of apple picking season, we found that the apple selection was larger this time around. The apples were larger and so much tastier than the last time we visited Wellwood Orchards to go apple picking. My Dad told me this is because the apples need time to grow and get so much sun and growth time to mature to their best taste. I must say this was the perfect time of year to pick apples, and I am looking forward to making apple crisp the next family weekend we have with all five kids.

Family at Wellwood Orchards

It was a beautiful day and we much enjoyed picking apples together as a complete family. We came home with about 50lbs of apples this time and if we were to purchase that many apples in store it would cost about $50 at the least these days, I say half price is perfect! Sure it takes work to pick apples, but seriously you get to save money on the cost of in store apple purchases and you get to enjoy family fun together.

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