Thinking About My Ramblings on Here

Sometimes I wonder if my ADD blogger brain shows in my writing here on site. I must admit it probably does because this blog is truly 100% who I am. One who reads my blog daily and then meets me in person can totally say “yup that is you”. Am I right or am I right? {asking those who have met me in real life}

I honestly cannot stay on topic for long, I go off on all sorts of tangents, even in the middle of a sentence. Here is how my brain works —

  • Earlier today K-man was running around and …
  • What?
  • No seriously. Look squirrel, outside! Look
  • … saying that he is Optimus Prime and that is what I am to call him today or else he …
  • Oh wow …. did you paint in class today? Because you have paint on your hands.
  • …. else he would not respond and listen to me.
  • Oh remember the other day when I asked you to fix that thing I bought? Well I fixed it.

Now, did you keep up with that? It’s difficult to type it out in an example but that is seriously how I talk. The thing is that my brain can only handle so much at once and due to my many years of multi-tasking {even when I worked outside of the home}, I have sadly lost my short term memory.

Brandy Ellen and Daughter

Sometimes I interrupt people while they are talking simply because unless I blurt out what is in my mind at that moment, I will forget never to get that memory back. I just can not seem to focus . Ever. I do great working. I get things done and am a successful work from home mother of three, but my memory is failing.

Seems my brain is failing me more lately than ever. I have to use a calendar to write down what is all planned for family things and important agenda items for myself are on a post-it note on my desk because without the post-it note and calender — I would never, ever be on time for anything and miss a lot of deadlines and appointments.

Can we say “vacation”? I think I am ready to have one.

Kre-O Transformers Fun For the Family

My kids love building things and it is one of the few toys that I can rely on to keep the kid from arguing while playing. Kre-O sets have been a hit in the house and this time around we tested out the Kre-O Transformers. We received a set that can be put into a robot or an ambulance making two times the fun for the price of one set!

Our Kre-O Transformer

About Kre-O

  • Value:  KRE-O construction sets are compatible with other leading construction sets available, so users don’t have to invest in a new brick system. Expand the brick collection you already have at home and don’t worry if bricks get mixed together in the toy chest!
  • Action: Build favorite characters from the classic Transformers universe, including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, in either robot or vehicle mode
  • Fun: Collect and build unique, poseable KREON figures in both robot and human form
  • Deals! Add KRE-O TRANSFORMERS playsets to your construction collection with a coupon for $5 off your KRE-O purchase of $20 or more! {enter search under coupon codes for Kre-O to find coupon}

The current Kre-O collection features 12 popular Transformers characters and
each character can be made into a robot or a vehicle, in true Transformer
fashion.  These sets are so fun and versatile and are  compatible with all
popular construction brick sets.

Win a Kre-O Set

There is one Kre-O set being given away every hour on the Hasbro Kre-O website. Spin to win. This is open 7 days a week for 7 weeks total. Ends December 9th at 11:59pm E.T.

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