Thanksgiving Meal 2 – At Home with Blended Fam for 1st Year #happilyblended #thanksgiving

And so it began, Lee and I started watching all of the grocery store sales fliers to get in on the best possible sales in order to host a meal for our blended family on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when all five of our children would be here at home together. Turkeys were only 49 cents per pound so we gobbled that up, purchasing a 16lb turkey. This would be the first time we would be cooking a turkey but think we did really well. Certainly we work awesome as a team and this only proved that more true!

Happily Blended First Blended Family Thanksgiving (11)

First thing in the morning we got the chocolate pies ready, had to make two because this Thanksgiving we were a family of seven total so the chocolate addicts in the home needed at least two pies to ensure everyone received a piece or two with whip cream on top of course! I also made a cherry pie for the first time because my seven year old really wanted a cherry pie.

Happily Blended First Blended Family Thanksgiving (6)

I used the topping I use for my apple crisp on the cherry pie and it came out delicious but sadly my seven year old much preferred the chocolate pie. The adults enjoyed the cherry pie. It was decent but slightly over cooked. I am still getting the hang of this dang electric stove.

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Happy Sunday! Halloween is Coming – #halloween #funny

funny halloween ecards halloween ecards halloween sillies silly halloween ecards

All of the above images came from in their Halloween Category so go check them out!

Do tell me, do you dress up for Halloween?

Wordless Wednesday: He Woke Up Mid Night like This from Bite #ww

He woke up at 3am screaming crying and I watched as his eye swelled up shut …. his Dad brought him to ER and it was some form of bug bite they say ….

First thing in morning

First thing in morning


Still swollen up mid day

Still swollen up mid day


Black eye from bug bite

Mid afternoon

It went away within day

It went away within day



Early evening

Early evening




Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

I love Mary Poppins, each time my kids have to take any medication I am forever singing “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..” and they look at my like I have done lost my mind.

Today I share with you that on December 10th, Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary DVD Blu-ray Combo pack will be available for sale. Above is the trailer for this release!

Please do tell me, what is your favorite part from Mary Poppins?

Wordless Wednesday: Strawberry Picking with Kiddos #ww with linky

Strawberry Picking NH

Strawberry Picking, Pick your own. Peachblow Farm Charlestown, NH

Strawberry Picking Peachblow Farm

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