My Daughter Being Silly Singing her Made up Song

This past weekend we had a blast with family time, more posts about our trip on Saturday to Chuck E. Cheese’s coming soon but for today I share with you the video of my daughter singing a song that she just started singing aloud. You see, we were all seated around the dining room table playing with pretend clay when my daughter started making fruits, then a taco and a plate of spaghetti out of her modeling clay.

Apparently that was enough inspiration for her to start singing this little tune …

Can you tell that she is my daughter? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this girl. I love her.

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The Little Gym 20 Move-Along Fun Songs

One thing I know that keeps a family moving, smiling and laughing together is music. I just wrote yesterday about how I started to bring back music and dance time into my family’s life because it is a great way for us all to bond, get exercise and have fun as a family unit. Now, as most know I am a first time Auntie to a beautiful little baby girl and this is the perfect CD to encourage my sister and niece to have a little happy fun together.

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Happy Holidays!

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Please Don’t Be So Impulsive

One of my many faults, if you wish to look at it that way, is that I can be somewhat impulsive. While I do think before acting a majority of the time with big, important decisions -when it comes to my business ventures I sort of just dive in head first and hope it works out. It usually does. When it comes to ideas on what to do for family trips, I dive in and just go with my first brilliant idea, usually that works too.

Picsart App The Daughter

The issue is that now my children are starting to show signs of being impulsive. While my daughter loves singing, she has never done a Broadway show, ever. Currently she auditioned, and made the part, for School House Rock Live Jr. A production being put on in my local town. While the daughter mad one part in two songs and mainly was taken for part of the chorus, she is finding out just what sort of commitment one gives when signing up for such a show that is not part of the school.

My daughter is used to doing random things at the school such as the school concerts and she plays flute in band but when it comes to something like this big deal Opera House show, it’s all new for me and her. Practices are nearly every evening right smack dab in the middle of dinner and bedtime routine for my sons. My daughter is exhausted and starving by the time she is done with rehearsal each night, even though I do feed her before and provide snack to have her eat or bring on way there or home.

Mother and Daughter

It’s taken a toll on my daughter and the family. While my daughter is super excited to be in this show, she is also super ready to take a break after this shows final performances are over, a break from any extra activities so that she can simply just be a kid and enjoy childhood. I am glad she made that decision and maybe next time around, she will now know what type of schedule a Broadway show takes on, meaning she will not be as impulsive to audition.

When I asked her why she auditioned for this, because she has been sort of frustrated with her schedule being tied up – she replied “well I didn’t think I would actually make a part”. I giggled … the director has told her that she has a “loud voice that while being loud can stay on key, in pitch”. I am so proud and cannot wait to see her performance!

What type of Musical Instruments Are Best?

I have a household full of music lovers, while I have mostly guitar and drum loving men and boys in the household, I do have some piano and keyboard lovers as well. Kiara has spoken to me in the past about how neat it would be to have piano lessons, while I agree that would be cool, I honestly do not think I can afford it nor am I sure she is interested in piano any longer.

Musical Instruments

When Kiara started thinking about the piano it brought back memories of my really young years of living in the farm house with my Mom and Dad in Vermont. There was this huge piano in the house, I am not sure what kind because honestly I have never heard of any “brand or type” of piano beyond various terms I have come upon online such as Used Steinway Pianos that can be found for sale online.

The name or brand of the piano is completely irrelevant, the memory involves me coming downstairs and just not being able to resist touching that piano. As I walked by I would have to bang a button, as I walked by other times I would slide my fingers across more than one button. In return I usually recall getting in trouble for touching the piano, but as a child I just could not resist this beautifully huge piano sitting there in the corner.

That piano used to call my name, I swear!

The Overachiever Child and Proud Mama

My first born is your typical first born child who exhibits qualities of leadership, the need to succeed and is known as Mom Junior around the home. I am found constantly reminding Kiara to not grow up too fast, to let me worry about the adult things in life and just be a kid. I want so much for all three of my kids to enjoy being a kid, to do their best and when making mistakes to learn from them. My daughter is the best ever, she excels at everything she puts her mind to and has many talents.

High Honor Roll StudentKiara is able to write her own lyrics to a song and not just that, but place notes on music paper so that she is not only creating the lyrics to a unique song of her own but the music tones behind it. Kiara can read and write sheet music, she is extremely artistic and has a talent to draw nearly anything she puts her mind to in a way that everyone can admire the drawing.

My daughter has always been an A student, excelling in school at levels higher than expected for her grade level. This year is the first year when Honor Roll and High Honor Roll status starts to show up on her report cards and I couldn’t be more proud. First quarter of school Kiara received honor roll, having missed High Honor Roll by one B in art class. Her effort was a 2, which is basically satisfactory in a couple areas as well in class.

This quarter, the second quarter of school, Kiara came home with her report card in hand, she opened it up because she always wants to look at it before I do. The girl nearly jumped out of her seat when she saw that she brought the couple of 2 efforts up to a 1 {highest you can get for effort level} and brought her one B up to an A and an A up to an A+. She had two A+’s and the rest were A’s making her reach High Honor Roll status this quarter.

She was proud. I was proud. We both hugged smiled and I applauded her for doing so well. It was a happy moment for sure! Later that evening after I had tucked Kiara in to bed she said to me “Mama, now I have to try to get all A+’s because that is really the only option I have to increase my grades”. I giggled and replied “yes Hun, but how about you just worry about getting some sleep right now.”

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