Have Movie Night in the Comfort of your Own Home

Okay so maybe you are not a movie buff and just having an adult only night works best for you to play cards, read together or do something but for my relationship, having a movie night together while the kids are asleep is a fabulous way to connect as adults. All day and most evenings we are parents, taking care of the children and making their needs come first.  When 8 o’clock rolls around and all is silent we turn to our On-Demand movie selections to get a peek at current movies. Depending upon your location you may look at Time Warner Cable for your on-demand movie selections or movie previews. It’s great to have a selection of on-demand movies so that when the kids are asleep, the parents can still have a “movie night” in the comfort of their own home.

One way my boyfriend and I stay connected is really as simple as sitting down on the couch at the end of the night, chit chatting about our day, then turning our minds off “life mode” to watch movie selections, movie trailers and reviews of the current on-demand titles available. Occasionally we get stuck on two movies, not being able to decide so we turn to looking at movie reviews or the movie trailers again and again until we can come to a decision on that perfect-for-us film. Having friends who have Time Warner Cable, I have seen that many enjoy the selections of movies for on-demand services, you should check out timewarnercableoffers.com to see what they have to offer you in your particular area.

Right now the hottest movies are out for your viewing pleasure, such as The Heat and We’re The Millers, two hilarious films worthy of an adult movie night on the couch with popcorn or a drink in hand. Time Warner Cable has a wide selection of movies at your fingertips and a variety of cable packages for your viewing pleasure. In addition to cable television Time Warner Cable also offers you internet. Package up your necessary products in a reasonably priced way after reviewing their product packaging options on site.

Whatever you choose for your cable channels, make sure to take advantage of the on-demand features because that is what makes movie night the best night in our home – whether alone or with the children.

Random Winners for Multiple Giveaways

A few giveaways have ended and here are the winners -

Barney Planes, Trains and Cars DVD – Tony L Smoaks

Hansel & Gretel App – 2 Winners – Jane & Mary Rogers

Amazing World Winner – Caitlin McClure

Miracle Gro Kids Windowsill Greenhouse - Tamatha Hunter

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Bob the Builder DVD Winner & Spring Float from Swimways Winner

The Bob the Builder DVD giveaway ended and the winner is -

Crystle Tellerday

SwimWays Spring Float Giveaway ended and the winner is -

Jeni Tatro Lutz

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Hodgson, Thomas DVD & Cold Stone Creamery Winners

I will be working on going through the entries for Positive Girl – The Power of Your Thoughts giveaway that ended, but for now I have three winners to announce. Chosen using Random.org through Rafflecopter.com —

Hodgson Mill $25 worth of Pasta —

Terrim Fas

Thomas Engine Friends 2DVD set —

Hoa Le

Cold Stone Creamery —

Robby Rob

NOTE TO ALL GIVEAWAY ENTRANTS PAST & CURRENT – The winners announced today will be emailed on next business day & have 48 hours to claim prize from date of my email to them!

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How do you Tell a Story?

Some where along the years my three year old son has grown accustomed to having me make up a story before singing him FOUR bedtime songs after tucking him into his bed.

I always ask him what he wants for a story and usually it’s a boy sort of topic such as things breaking, eyes being poked, something being beaten up or again, broken. Never a fully negative story but never a fun princess type story my daughter enjoyed as a little child.

So one night Mister K wanted to have a story but I was in a goofy sort of mood and so I thought I would try to ask questions to get him to tell me the story, it didn’t work so well but I got a laugh out of trying.

Here is how this particular night went …

Me – What do you want for a story tonight?

Mister K – about windows breaking

Me – You want a story about windows breaking?

Mister K – yes.

Me -  How does this story start off?

Mister K – Once upon a time

Me – How does the story end?

Mister K – the end

Me – oh okay .. well then “once upon a time there was a window and it broke. The end”

Mister K – no no no that is not how the story goes.

Me – well that’s how my story goes, it started with once upon a time, window  broke, like you asked me to have in the story and I ended it with The End.

Mister K  just rolls his three year old little man eyes at me and begins to tell the story on his own. See, I proved the saying “If you want something done right the first time, you should just do it yourself. ”

This kid cracks me up, surely I will share more stories about our conversations as soon as I remember them long enough to blog them.

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