My Observations of Aj Without Medication – Mood Disorder & Anxiety Child

If you are not familiar with this child of mine, please read more on site at the Mood Disorder category to get yourself familiar with some of the back story, or just read along here if you wish! The gist? My son Aj is 7 years old and he long ago ended up being diagnosed with Mood Disorder – NOS as well as Anxiety – NOS. This is my update regarding the fact that he has not been on medications since January 20, 2014. I use these blog posts as a way to document my observations while we wait for him to see a new psychiatrist and to possibly help others in their own lives.

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

It has been 8 days since my last update regarding Aj not being on medication and how frustrated I was starting to get with some of my observations, I will tell you this – raising a child that has all of these symptoms and is not a text book label for a diagnosis really is draining physically as well as emotionally on his whole family. Having a child that needs extra extra attention does take away from the other children and can create this domino effect of spiraling downhill, but we are a strong united family and work hard every day to ensure we keep our happy during these challenging times.

We have met with the counselor since my last update and it was decided that Aj, while he does have an underlying mood disorder, has also picked back up with some learned behaviors. This was of no surprise to me when Aj’s counselor stated this because after months and months of Aj being off kilter, it has been difficult to be consistent as a parent. When Aj is not on proper medication, or not any medication at all, his reasoning and logic skills go out the window. This is a child who seriously believes that he did/does no wrong and he also truly cannot remember when he did something only moments ago. It’s difficult, sometimes near impossible, to get through to your child when he is like this. I admit that I am only one person so when my level is full, I will let some things slide. This is my bad and something I made a clear conscious effort to work on since our last counseling session.

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

Aj came home from school after a weekend with his Dad acting absolutely out of his mind. I could not get a handle on him and had to restrain him in a basket hold multiple times. Mind you, my son is 53″ tall and 99lbs, I am 66″ tall and 220lbs. My strength is gone because I haven’t been working out and I am not quite tall enough to get the proper grip on his legs with my legs during these restraints, it literally takes every ounce of my energy to keep this child restrained properly until he has moved to a calm state of mind. Later on that day I found out that Aj hadn’t gone to bed the night before at his Dads home until 9pm, which is too late for my son to be sleeping on a school night. Without sleep, this is what happens — Aj is irritable, out of control and has to be restrained frequently. It’s a nightmare to say the least.

Tuesday came along and Aj didn’t sleep very well the night before, I was starting to get nervous, but there was a snow day and other kids were getting sick so we stayed home for the half day of school that was called. I had a great day with Aj on this particular day. Very minimal issues and he even served a time out without having to be restrained. Progress!

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

As of this date I am typing this, February 20th, Aj is now taking to time outs without restraining, he has reluctantly accepted a time out and I have not had to restrain him since the Monday prior to this date. The home front is doing better as far as symptoms of Aj, he is having a hyper manic style bipolar episode these past couple of days but I will take it, it’s better than irritability.  I did, however, receive a phone call from the school nurse at end of school about Aj’s behavior in school that day. Apparently Aj was irritable, having odd body movements, very itchy and fidgety all day long. Aj was unable to focus and was rather bouncy. I replied to the nurse, “welcome to what I live with. This is Aj not on medication and this is the real Aj”.  I am not trying to make light of how my son is but in all reality there is little that can be done until we start seeing the new psychiatrist, the prior one was an intern and has left that facility, since Aj is seeing a new pysch in the beginning of March there is no point in setting him up at the old facility with a new person. So we wait. We watch. We communicate with the school and we make sure to stay strong to keep those learned behaviors nipped in the butt!

Oh … and we love Aj with all of our hearts, that goes a long way to make a kid struggling feel more secure!

Fight Fight Fight for what is Right Right Right

When my middle child was born I realized a battle would be fought. Many of them. From the day this child was born I have had to fight for everything that is right for him. Out of all three of my children he is the one who seems to have health issues come up and he seems to get the short end of stick for many things. Amazingly, after all my son has been through, he does amazing in school. Sure he has to work on developing stronger reading skills but he can read, he just isn’t too confident in his reading from what I have seen. Aj has been put under anesthesia at least three times that I can recall and he is only 7 years old. My oldest went under anesthesia once and that was for tonsils and adenoids being removed. My youngest has never been under anesthesia.

Happy Sons Apple PIcking

My middle child has seen various people through out his years and what always seems to baffle me is that the doctors never seem to have proper notes in his files for him. The notes issue is something that I am now dealing with as it pertains to his mental health professionals. For instance, on Friday one of the people at his psychiatrists office read back what the notes said in his file for my conversation I had with the pysch. The notes were inaccurate somewhat and left me wondering what the heck was up. The notes were not what I had thought the pysch had said to me to do and so in turn I had to get back on the phone when the pysch called me back on Monday. Mind you, I say psychiatrist, but she is a “fellow” or what I call an intern. Not an actual psychiatrist who has been on board working this field for years, she is learning. I am also seeing that she doesn’t have any experience with child bipolar as far as I am concerned. I am also concerned she isn’t up to par with the type of medication my son is on and how it is effective to children. Never have I seen his professionals reference “well this does this for adults” when speaking of my son taking the medication. Usually the professionals site what studies have seen the medication do for a child and how a child would take this medication. It’s common sense to me that some medications would be different for child versus an adult.

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One Day Wasted

Woke up with no internet. It was fun. That was yesterday. Went all day without internet because when they finally turned it back onĀ  .. they did what they always do FORGOT TO REFRESH THE MODEM.

The Good Life

I sat with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs, lay with Jenny the Pug and attempt to work best I could from my iPhone. Sure I could have written some content in Word but when my brain is so annoyed at no internet, it doesn’t write very well.

So I laid in bed. All day. Why? Because that was the best option to recoup from me being overwhelmed with work, life, kids and the changes in seasons.

Have I told you that all the world needs is a little bit more common sense and common courtesy before? Well if I have, I am saying it again. Why do some people just have to be the types who create their own drama and their own downfalls yet blame it on others?

I cannot understand that mindset. When I fall down it’s my fault. When I screw something up, it’s my fault. I do not blame others for my own actions in this world and really, if we had a lot more of that attitude in this world … then we would have a heck of a lot more peace.

Maybe it’s not if we try to change others that our world would have more peace, maybe it’s like one of my Twitter friends stated in prior conversations, if we should just remove miserable people out of our lives and allow them to enjoy their own misery. Basically, we accept how other people live and let it be … unless it’s personally affecting you and you cannot remove the person from your life. There are some people who can’t be fully removed, you just have to have better coping skills and an absolutely positive mindset to keep moving forward, marching to your own happy beat.

I firmly believe that there is good within all people. They just have to find it within their hearts. To find happiness and good within you … you have to find your happy place. It takes practice, time and dedication but once you find that happy within, you will feel such a weight lifted and not be able to help but smile every single day.

That’s all… happy Friday! I have kids this weekend so I shall be doing the Mom thing but Monday ….. awwww Monday, I shall return to work full force!

Cheers to the weekend my friends! Spread happiness, good thoughts and joy to all who pass you this weekend!

More Hours To Work, But Still Feel Rushed #wahm

In 2006 I started working from home. I am a determined person and once my mind is set on something, I always succeed. It does not matter what it is, I am stubborn, willful and always end up succeeding in whatever my mind knows I will succeed in. Maybe that has a little bit to do with how my brain works, which is very similar to the Law of Attraction with a side of new found faith. From 2006 up until just last week, I always had to work around my children’s school schedules. I started off with one boy at home while I worked direct sales, then in 2008 I welcomed a second baby boy in addition to my six year old daughter and four year old son. I had to work from a home computer in between feedings, play time and nap time as well as school pick ups and sporting events. Juggling parenting with work at home was a constant “thing” for me and I didn’t mind one bit. Sure some days it was stressful and I wondered if I would ever make enough to support the family. Finally it came, the day when I could put my virtual assistant business on the back burner and focus primarily on my one love; writing otherwise known as blogging to me these days.

Confucius says that if you choose a job you love, that you will never work a day in your life; that is very true. By blogging each day and being able to experience products before they hit shelves while offering them to my readers as a giveaway is something that I love doing. In writing each day, sharing my trials and tribulations I am able to go back and analyze how I should or should not handle situations. In writing each day, I am able to share a piece of my mind whether it be a rambling day of nothingness or a day that I share some real knowledge, I am happy. I do what I am passionate about and that is what allows me to wake up each day with a smile and a sense of gratitude for having been blessed for all I have in life.

This year is the first year, make that last week, that I was first able to put my work into a full time status. No more working around one, two or three children. I get six hours a day Monday through Friday to pursue my work from home businesses. I get to write to my hearts desire, I have more time to get to NYC to cover events or host events locally. I have so much more options open to me this school year with the free time. I am excited about that but part of me is still in that mindset I have had to be since 2006; rush rush rush. Make sure I get stuff done before a kid wakes up from nap or gets out of preschool. It’s as if my brain is a little slow to respond to such time to work. I have time for a break mid day if need be, if my kids didn’t sleep for crap all night long – I can nap. If I am behind on things, I have time to catch up while still take on new work.

There is so much more to my life now that I have more work at home time, I just wish my brain would catch up and stop getting all ADD on me so that I can relax my shoulders a bit more during working hours. Maybe that is just who I am though, a rush rush sort of person, after all I have to GO GO GO with my five year old when he’s home so it’s just something I have gotten used to. Hopefully in the next week or two my brain will stop and realize when the kids are in school I can take time, slow down and only be ADD like when the kids are home so as to keep up with them, but learn to breath more during daytime hours.


Ah Monday Has Arrived

Monday .. dear Monday … I welcome you with open arms and a mindset for a positive, happy week.


Dear Monday I hope that you bring me and my friends much good news.

Dear Monday I hope that you are unlike any other Monday and prove to me that Monday’s are worth getting out of bed for.

A Day at the Beach

Dear Monday, above all I just ask you to make sure that everyone today has a smile on their face. The weekend has gone by and this is a new week, a chance to make it a beautiful week.

Forget the past, let’s move on to have a beautiful Monday because after all this is the start of a new week, such as that of a new day being a chance at new beginnings.

Mama's little charmer

Let this Monday be our chance at the start of a great week!


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