Dollhouse Building Health and Safety – Tips to Remember

Building and decorating dollhouses is a popular hobby and there are many people all over the world who love to create these beautiful and detailed miniature homes. If you are a dollhouse enthusiast, you will delight in spending hours creating highly realistic rooms filled with beautiful wallpaper, carpets, dolls house miniatures and even works of art. It’s a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby, especially when you look over your beautiful and detailed finished work.

However, if you are spending a lot of time working on your dollhouse project, it’s important to consider your health and safety. You might not think of building a dollhouse as an activity that has health and safety risks, but there are some important ones to consider. Here are some of the risks to keep in mind and how you can avoid them:

Eye Strain

When you are building a dollhouse, you will be spending many hours looking very closely at very small details. Perhaps you are adding paint texture to a very tiny chair, or gluing small printed photographs to miniature frames. Whatever it is, the chances are that you will be focusing your eyes on small objects for extended periods of time. This has the potential to cause eye strain if you are not careful, just like reading a book with very small print. Over time, your eyes will become sore and you might even develop a headache.

In order to avoid this, make sure that the area you are working in is very well lit. If you have enough light to see what you are doing, this will reduce the strain on your eyes. Also, it can sometimes help to look through a magnifying glass at the work you are doing. There are some that you can wear on your eye, or others on a movable arm that you can position above your work.

Back Pain

Another potential problem you might encounter when working on your dollhouse project for a long time is back pain. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair with your back hunched over the small furniture that you are working on, this will cause discomfort and pain in your spine after a while. If you notice that your back, neck or shoulders become stiff and uncomfortable after working on your doll house, this is a problem that you need to address.

The best thing to do to avoid this is to invest in a comfortable chair. If you are going to spend hours working on your dollhouse hobby, it’s worth getting an ergonomic office chair that provides you with the proper support. Also, make sure that the table or desk you are working on is the appropriate height, so that you don’t have to slouch over to see what you are doing. Your feet should sit flat on the floor and your back should not be bent while you are working.

Paint and Glue Fumes

In the construction of your dollhouse, you will probably use many different paints, glues and varnishes to get the finished look you desire. If you are not careful, the fumes from these products can cause a danger to your health when they are used in small spaces.

In order to avoid breathing in these fumes, make sure that you choose a work area for yourself that is very well ventilated. Keep the windows open and the air circulating, so that the fumes can escape. Also, you might want to consider wearing a face mask when working with particularly noxious paints or varnishes, or even doing that part of the work outside in the open air if possible. Whenever you can, choose paints and glues that are labelled as non-toxic so they will be better for your health.

Who knew that building a dollhouse carried with it so many hazards? These are just a few of the important health and safety considerations that you should keep in mind when you are working on your beloved hobby. These risks can be easily avoided, so that you can enjoy building doll houses in a happy and healthy way for many more years to come.

Melanie Winters is a craft blogger and doll house enthusiast. She has been working on her current doll house project for 3 years and she is always on the lookout for inspiration in the strangest places!

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My family received the Colorforms Magic Fashion Show for review purposes and Miss Ki has enjoyed fun times with this toy. Just recently she took it out during her sleep over to show her friend how to create their own fashion show. The lights when on and the girl dolls were dressed up and smiles were on the faces of my daughter and her friend. Good times!

The Magic Fashion Show is a relatively simple toy, yet completely entertaining! Think high end paper dolls with the stick on stick off type clothing, so that you can dress them over and over again to create a whole new fashion show each time you play!

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Don’t forget to connect with Colorforms on YouTube and Facebook.

Disclosure: I received this product for free. All opinions are my own and based on my own experiences with the product.

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