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I am so happy to have The HandAble Phone Holder as part of my holiday gift guide this year, seriously. This has been a fantastic product to have because my daughter now has an iPhone. Obviously it was a difficult decision giving my child such an expensive cell phone, but in all honesty it just made sense for our plan. The cost was more effective than us all having different devices. I must admit though, I cringe each time my tweenager has her iPhone in her hand either texting, reading an ebook or playing a game. My daughter has my clumsy gene and is often found stumbling this way and that, I would hate to see that iPhone take a flying leap and with HandAble, she has a better grip on her iPhone. Thank Goodness!


Basically in a nutshell, HandAble Phone Holder is a one size fits all accessory for your mobile device and will help keep the device from falling out of your hands. Nothing is worse than holding your cell phone when all of a sudden it just slips out of your hand, it has happened many times to me but also happens to others in my household. It’s easy to have happen. HandAble has a video to share with you all, check it out on HandAble YouTube Channel or watch below …

HandAble Phone Holder can connect to your tablet, mobile device and ebook readers as well, in addition to that, you can mount HandAble Phone Holder easily to your protective case. Learn more at HandAble.com



Summer Travel Plans? Let Post-it Mobile Collection Help

Free Product

As most of my long term readers know, I am an avid Post-it brand fan, having used these most of my life from working in offices to working from my home. Post-it has a wide range of products that I have featured right here on site in the past and today I get to share a brand new on-the-go line that Post-it has created just in time for Summer vacations….

Post-it Mobile

Post-it Mobile Attach & Go makes traveling easy and for me it will make Mommy on the go easier as well as working on the go easier with products such as Pockets, Full Adhesive Notes, Flags, Tabs, Notes, Dispensers and Writing Tools in unique new dispensers and product pairings designed for a mobile lifestyle.

Post-it Attach and Go Pocket

This new Post-it Attach & Go line allows for you to stick the mobile Post-it products to your laptop, key-chain, cell phone or even your vehicle dashboard. Post-it Attach & Go is a way for Post-it to come on board with the on-the-go lifestyle many have during the Summer months. Our kids are home and they want us to be on the go doing things with them, Post-it Attach & Go gets that and these are their products to allow us to stay organized on the go.  Check out the full line of Post-it Attach & Go on the Post-it Website today.

Free Product

My Work PC is Back

I had one choice and one choice only, if that meant spending zero dollars on my work PC … that was to downgrade my motherboard because the one I had in my work PC apparently decided to go all chaotic and no longer work properly. So I made that choice because I use Magic Jack for an office line, the Magic Jack had to be plugged into my laptop while the work PC was gone and that was ruining my laptop battery and life period because of having it on all of the time.


I now have my work PC back and even if it was downgraded, I am just thankful that 1) it works again and 2) ex hubs could downgrade it for me without any cost. I am thankful for his help and excited that I am now more productive when in my home office working.

So I thank J for fixing my work PC and returning it to me in my beautiful black and purple case he built for me many moons ago! I can now work so much quicker again!

Finding Promo Codes on the Internet is Easy

As a Mom on a tight budget, I must admit that I frequently search the web for online promo codes so that I can save money in any and all areas of life.  With the Internet being readily available to so many, even if one does not own a computer at home they can access the Internet at a local library, thus being able to take full advantage of Sprint promo codes to start their own cell phone plan or other known carriers. Every company for every type of product or service seems to have some form of an online promo code over the Internet. Simply use Google to search for promo codes combined with the name of the company you are looking to save from and voila, a promo code should be found.

Sprint and Virgin Mobile Promo Codes

Whether you are on the look out for promo codes to save on clothes shopping for your family or looking at various cell phone carriers, you are sure to find a promo code on the Internet. For instance, not only can you find Sprint Promo Codes online but you can also find Virgin Mobile promo codes online as well. Saving money is a big deal, with so many employers on wage freezes and many employers doing lay offs, it seems saving money with promo codes is the way to go. People still need clothing, food and supplies for their household but they are on a tighter budget and that is where promo codes for various companies comes in handy.

Have you ever searched an Internet search engine for Promo Codes before? Did you have good luck finding decent promo codes?


Totally Self Disciplined and Focused and Dare I Say Crazy?

I would love to know who I should thank in my family for my self disciplined personality and driven to succeed attitude? Maybe that is all me. Maybe I am a self taught awesome work from home woman, but I think some has to be credited to my parents as well as grandparents and aunt for pushing me to be who I can be. All I can be. I was the first born and a lot of responsibility was placed on my shoulders. My Dad is pretty laid back but always used to refer to me as the responsible child.

For instance, back in my younger years when I felt my parents just didn’t get me or mostly my Mom didn’t get me, I ran away. I drank alcohol and no need to mention all of the other trouble I got into. The thing that shocks me thinking back is that I was the girl who ran away to stay with her boyfriend but made her boyfriends older brother bring her to the bus stop to get on the bus for school every day. Seriously? Who runs away from home and makes sure to hold the responsibility of going to school? I do.

I also remember drinking all hours of the nights. Sneaking out of my bedroom and so much more. I would go and take my high school finals one year with a buzz from drinking so much the night before and still pass with an A on that final exam. Crazy. I think it’s just who I am. It is who I was built to be. I made horrible decisions yet on the other spectrum of life, I made good decisions.

I am one mix of a person but working from home has not only been a blessing that I am able to do, it has been a life saver. I have my hands full with a tween daughter, a hyper four year old and a son who is six years old diagnosed with a mood disorder/bi-polar. The kids have so many appointments, sports and events that if I held a normal 9-5 office job like I used to, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I do enjoy with my kids nor would I probably make many work hours because of the appointment load with my middle child.

So when my cell phone is going off. Facebook is blinking at me from my cell. Instagram people are commenting on my photos and twitter is telling me I have new replies. I let them be. I do not look at every ding and beep my cell phone makes, not during my work hours. If I have no kids, then I am working. Wednesdays you can just about forget reaching me unless I have already made an appointment with you. That is the one full day of no kids for me and is the one day I work all day, to include setting lunch dates with prospects or clients for my VA business.

Life is good. Life is Great. But there is a song much prefer to quote “God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy”. If ever crazy were used to define me, which it sometimes is by my closest of friends and tween daughter, it would be meant in the most positive of adjectives ever.

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