Yes, This is my Child … Mister K

This child of mine, the youngest, is always up to something. Shown here, is my son after a ride home from his Grampa’s. Some how between stealing my pocket book to take all of my Trident gum and singing along to our favorite tunes on the radio for our twenty minute trip back home … he captured a pink highlighter. This highlighter is what he added to his already messy, chocolate ice cream face …

Baby of the Family Covers Face with Highlighter

Imagine my surprise when we pulled into the driveway to our house and I look to see him like this? I just couldn’t help but giggle and then, of course, ask to capture this moment with a picture. I love how he posed, so perfect for how he was caught with the highlighter on face.

During another visit to the farm, this child of mine, the one who lays in mud muddles and covers his face with mud. Every.Single.Time there is a mud puddle at his Grampa’s house, decided to make his mark on my Town and Country:

Mud Hand Print on Town & Country

Needless to say between the three kids, Mister K is the one who really likes to keep Mama on her toes. Good thing I have a sense of humor, you really need one to raise this child.

Always an adventure around here, what is something your child has done that just made you shake your head and giggle?

It’s Monday, Back to Being with This Kid All Day

Monday has arrived and that means my weekend of playing with more than one kid has ended. All day I sit home while I watch this little child …

This would be Mister K. He is 3, but he will tell you that he is 4 and he will seriously make you think that he is 4 for he is that convinced of it himself.

If you dare question what he says about his age, then you will get a look something like you see in the image above. I call it his evil look. That look that makes you feel like you just said something really stupid or that he is about to pounce you.

Okay so maybe he won’t pounce you too much if he is already sitting on your lap, as he was with me begging for me to take each of this pictures. I don’t know what they were all for other than the fact that Mister K truly enjoys seeing himself in pictures.

Although I don’t know why this child thinks the way he does nor do I know where he comes up with the stories and sarcasm but what I can say is there is no denying who this kids parents are … not at all!

No matter how much I miss my other two kids while they are at school, I am going to enjoy these last few days before I have all three kids home doing the sibling thing all day long, every day for the Summer.


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