Searching for new Kid Friendly Craft Ideas

The three kids and I absolutely love doing various crafts. Some of the crafts or things we have ended up doing together are; latch hook, crotchet, baking, friendship bracelets and collages. Honestly that list is small computed to what we do as a family together. Due to the fact that all three kids plus me enjoy crafting, I am constantly on the look out for things we can make or do together.

Most recently my Gram started making goat’s milk soap and that got me thinking, while the process sounds like it takes a long time for this type of soap, I knew maybe there is a kind of soap my kids and I can make from home. That is when I happened upon an article that tells me how to make fruit soap;

While reviewing the how to make fruit soap article, I realized that making your own fruit soap would really be easy to do. There are supplies required that I don’t have on hand, sure, but there is nothing hard about getting a supply of the products needed on hand and working to create pretty bars of soap that the kids can use during bath and shower time. There is something amazing about that sense of pride you see on someone’s face after they have hand crafted an item that they can fully use as part of their every day life, that is always a proud Mama moment for me.

I fully enjoy creating and finding new ways for us to use our creative minds and imagination. After all, I am a big kid too, who fully enjoys hands-on projects.

What types of crafts/projects do you do with your family? Ever make soap?

Horizon Organic Farm Visit

My sons and my father went along with me to a Vermont farm that is part of a chain of around 100 New England farms who provide Horizon Organic milk. We took a day to learn about how organic milk is made but first off we wanted to learn how the animals are taken care of, what having a farm is all about and simply enjoy some laughter and good times.

The farm is called The Farmstead at Falls Hill in Tunbridge, VT, and is only about an hour or less drive from my home in NH. My father being a farm boy was all about heading to check out this local New England farm to see how it is all done.

I guess out of the whole trip the thing that stuck out to me most is that I learned organic basically means you treat the animals as if they are your children and if you wouldn’t eat it then they won’t be eating it. Another thing that intrigued me is that the cows don’t take antibiotics, one of the best natural remedies for any sickness is garlic. Garlic is used for the cows and guess what? I can relate to using garlic as a way to help me feel better, it is an amazing thing to have as part of your daily diet to ensure you don’t get so sick all of the time. I am happy the cows get this to help them stay healthy & well.

The reason for my visit to this farm was to ensure that I help spread the word and awareness of the brand changing names. Here is a blurb provided to me to give you information on how The Organic Cow is now Horizon Organic:

The Organic Cow (which you may have seen or purchased in
your local grocery store) is now changing to Horizon® organic milk. The Organic Cow has actually been partnered with Horizon, sharing the same milk supply, for more than 10 years. In fact, Horizon works with the same network of 100 family farms in the New England area as The Organic Cow did.

So we had a great time learning about Horizon Organic dairy and the boys even enjoyed a cheese stick from Horizon Organic as well as some Horizon Organic chocolate milk, which they LOVED.

Disclosure: This was a compensated trip, however, all opinions are that of my own!

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Ovaltine Breakfast #typeacon #ovalmom

I am probably on a plane right now almost to NC to attend Type-A Parent Conference but must share with those who will be coming that I am an Ovalmom along with @RealLifeSarah, @SuperJennBlogs, and @mommywords.

We have great smoothy recipes to share with you for a Friday morning breakfast with Ovaltine! It’s at 7am on Friday, June 24th and we will be there to chat as well as share some trivia and chances to win prizes! So here are our recipes and hope you will come on in at 7am on Friday during Type-A Parent Conference to taste our delicious smoothies!

Mommy Words’ Banana Split Smoothie

2 cups ovaltine rich chocolate made with low fat milk
2 frozen bananas
1 8 oz can crushed pineapples drained
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons honey
handful of ice cubes

Blend all together, adding ice cubes after main ingredients mixed until slushy.  For fun you can add whipped cream and cherries with chocolate syrup.

From Mommy Words

SuperJenn’s Chocolate Frozen Banana Peanut Surprise

1 med. frozen banana
1 Tbsp. Fat free French Vanilla Yogurt
1/2 c. 2 % milk
3 Tbsp. Rich Chocolate Ovaltine
1 oz (Roughly 39 pieces/halves) dry roasted, salted, peanuts

From Super Jenn

Happily Blended’s Tropical Desire

1 Cup of Coconut Milk (Dairy Free)
1 Cup of Pineapple Chunks
1 Cup of Mango Chunks
2 Tablespoons of Ovaltine Classic Malt

Garnish with ground coconut for presentation and more coconut flavor (my daughter LOVED adding sprinkles of coconut to this drink).

From ME

Real Life Sarah’s “Loco Coco Mocha” Protein Smoothie

1 cup fat free frozen yogurt

⅓  cup coffee

3 TBSP Ovaltine

2 TBSP natural almond butter
Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until smooth.

From Real Life Sarah

So tell me , will you be there?


Baby K Won’t Nurse

baby kIt’s been going on for a week or two now, Baby K has lost interest in nursing and my milk supply has suffered from his lack of nursing. It’s a sad time for me, because he is my last baby, and he is growing up. I thought he would be hard to wean and here he is weaning off around the same age his sister did years ago. I should have known Baby K would have weaned around the same time as big sissy because he is so much like her in other ways.

Baby K reminds me of those happy times when my oldest was a baby. He is so happy, very interactive and babbles a lot.  He has now shown an interest in a sippy cup and enjoys drinking formula. I am nervous about this transition because funds are tight and formula is expensive. If only I could win a three month supply of Enfamil – wow that would be fantastic!

Now that Baby K won’t nurse I am a bit sad, lost so to speak because I have always been the one to feed him, now my husband feeds him to sleep with a bottle after I nurse him the little bit he will take. In a way it’s a happy time, he is showing his independence and I get some much needed time away. I am trying to focus on the positive rather than the negative {in my opinion} of formula feeding.

So many moms feed their children formula and they turn out fine. I even fed AJ formula from eight weeks on. So as my children get older and more independent I find myself lonely, wondering how long it will be before they are grown. Sometimes I wish I could just keep them little just a bit longer, but I know they must grow up and spread their wings in this place we call Earth.

I will try to remain positive, and stop worrying about formula. I will also try to find a way to get some samples so that we don’t go broke over the rising cost of food and now formula. 

As if having two in diapers wasn’t hard enough on our wallets ;-)

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