Spider Veins Drive me Bonkers, Getting Older is So Overrated

I remember as a teenager, I had once asked my Gram about her legs, it seems spider veins and varicose veins run in the family. I dreaded the idea that one day I will be at an age that my body would respond with spider veins or varicose veins, but it happened. Shortly after giving birth to three children my veins had enough and to this day I suffer from both spider veins and varicose veins. It’s not pretty, but in the Summer time I get out in the sun with some oil to tan so that the darker skin hides some of the spider veins.  There is treatment for spider veins but I haven’t looked too deeply into it until recently, for curiosity sake more than anything else.

The older I get, the worse my veins get, of course I have been told there are diet changes and habits to break that would help alleviate my spider vein issues but I don’t always listen. Based on research, I have found that around 80% of vein issues are genetic, this means no matter what I try to do, I would suffer from my spider veins. My elders all have them in some shape or form, it’s something I knew I would be dealing with one day. I may be 32 but in my mind, I am sometimes still 19 years old, all too often I forget how old I am until I take a look at my legs when Summertime comes and I wear shorts. Sadly, spider veins are simply a part of my world but if I really dread them, there are ways to get rid of them or at least make them less visible; sclerotherapy for example is one way my doctor has told me I could help gain more support in my veins.

This procedure isn’t risky, as far as my doctor has told me but spider vein treatment just scares me because I don’t like the idea of anyone touching my veins or going near them with a syringe. On another note, I have many older friends and peers across the United States who have successfully had spider vein treatment completed and while it left slight bruising, they said it was all worth it in the long run. Maybe I will look further into this, what say you? Would you look into getting spider vein treatment if you suffer from spider veins?


Medical Alert Systems for your Loved Ones

I am sure you all have seen commercials for the medical alert system, what sticks in my mind is those commercials that say “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, while I am not 100% sure if that commercial is the same product, it is what comes to my mind while writing this.

Alert 1

What I love most about the medical alarm devices is that it allows some freedom for our loved ones, as we get older the last thing we probably want to admit is that we are aging and have to have help. I firmly believe that the longer a person can stay in their own comfort zone, live in the familiarity of their own home, surrounded by things they have grown to call “home”, then they may just stay independent and healthy a bit longer.

I have an older grandfather and my great grandparents are still living who are, I believe, about the same age as my Grampa on my Dad’s side. These few loved ones in my life are pushing into their 90′s now and while they are getting older and showing signs of aging, they are still living in their normal surroundings, heck my Grampa still goes to the farm to try to cut wood or run the tractors. I firmly believe my grandfather and great grandparents are living longer into their 90′s because of the way they are able to live independently or with little assistance while enjoying their homes they have lived at for years.

Keeping the normalcy around for the elders while still giving them devices to alert medical staff with a push of the button or an alarm situation that goes off on it’s own with a certain situation that triggers it, is the perfect compromise for you and your loved one to meet in the middle with. They wish to stay at home and be independent but you want that security of knowing your loved one is safe, that is why medical alarm devices would be a fantastic compromise for any of you facing what to do with aging elders.

I am all for enabling elders to live as long as possible in a way that makes them happy, obviously I want people to live happily, that’s my family motto “peace, love & happiness”, just ask the kids.

Sick, Sick and More Sick

You all know it’s not normal for me to not write for a few days. I wasn’t online anywhere since Tuesday because I had some form of a sickness overcome me. You see a few weeks ago I started getting so tired and sleepy that I could barely stay awake.

Then I went to the river with my friend, her kids and my kids on Tuesday, then back to her house. We had a good time for only a short period of time. I do recall waking up feeling like my throat was a bit sore but I just assumed that was from the night time air coming in through my air conditioner for that happens sometimes.

Then it hit me, Tuesday night, sick as a dog. My fever started at 100.7 and wouldn’t go away. Still today, I have a fever of about 100 degrees. Two nights ago I was at 103 all night long and couldn’t sleep more than half an hour at a time. I have not kept any food nor drink down in my system since Tuesday.

I decided, I have to go to the hospital. So I went, they did a urine test and came back saying “Good news, you don’t have a UTI and you are not pregnant” as if I would be preggers anyways …. so they got me ready for an IV because I was very very low on fluids. They drew blood, put a 1000ml of fluid IV drip on me and there I laid in the hospital.

They ran my blood work, they decided to take chest and abdomenal xrays, my first xrays of my life! Coming back from the xray area, the ER doc came in to tell me he thinks I will live, at least until December when the Mayan calendar ends. He was a funny doc, anyways, the blood, the xrays — everything showed normal status. It seems I have one nasty bug.

And it’s still with me, so my life is consisting of laying in bed, living on the toilet and taking baths to try to keep my temp down. Also trying to take care of kids, it’s a wonderful time. I Just hope that my kids do not get this, it’s the most awful sickness I have ever had. And nope, I still can’t keep any fluids nor food down :-(

BUT I do have work to do or else I make no money, so I will be periodically getting online in my office to get some work done so I can still pay bills. After all being sick means the house is a mess but it can’t mean I lose too much money.

My Daughter’s School Eye Exam Leads To Eye Doctor Visit

My daughter had never been to a normal eye doctor, she has only received the eye exams her pediatrician gives her each year as well as the one that is done in school each year. This was the year that her exam from school came back as concerning and we had to take her to an eye doctor.

So we scheduled an appointment for Miss Ki to get her eyes checked. The eye doctor said for sure she needed glasses.  Her vision is 20/50 in her right eye and 20/70 in her left eye, or at least somewhere near those numbers. I forgot the exact numbers but believe that to be correct.

I was a bit concerned with whether Ki would be happy about having to wear glasses or not, but so far so good. Ki picked out a cute set of frames and within one week had her very own glasses! Thankfully Ki is a child who has a few friends with glasses so it probably helped assist in her being more accepting of these new things. With peer pressure, mean girls and more going on in school at this age, all I feared was that the glasses would make it worse.

Ki is enjoying her new glasses but is now on the hunt for a stylish case and of course anything else she can do to make her glasses fit her diva self persona!

CSCMD Clinical Active Serum and Youth Eye Complex Giveaway

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I am mainly interested in the skin treatment offered at CSCMD, which helps you to take care of your skin, reduce aging in skin and more. You can schedule consultations and learn about advanced skincare options at CSCMD. Whether you are like me and just enjoy skincare products or are someone who is thinking about plastic surgery – this giveaway is a great way to get some awesome beauty products to assist in helping you look younger and in turn feel younger!

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