New Mattel WWE Brawlin’ Buddies and Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus #holidaygift

gift guide sponsorsDo you have a WWE fan in your house? I do. The biggest fan here is actually my daughter, at age 11 she is in love with WWE and it’s great that the Brawlin’ Buddies are something she enjoys smashing around with her brothers. It’s something that allows my boys to use their rough and tumble side with while sharing a common interest with sissy.

WWE Action Rumblers Rampage

Now not only can my kids play around with their Brawlin’ Buddies but Mattel has released the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus which allows more pretend play for the children. My sons like the WWE Rumblers Rampage Transforming tour bus because it seems this year is their year to enjoy pretend play. It’s so much fun, as a parent, to watch your children engage in using their imaginations and team work to play together with such products as this one.

WWE Tour Bus

Why do I love these two new products from Mattel for young WWE fans?

  • Engages children to play together, rather than on electronics.
  • Encourages rough and tumble play with safe toys.
  • Allows a child to use their imagination by pretending to their favorite WWE character.
  • Encourages a love for something entertaining.

Everyone grows up some day, right? These type of toys allow our children to stay young just a bit longer, even the adult WWE fan in the household will enjoy playing along with either product and I bet they will have a blast interacting with their children. These two products are a great way to encourage playing together, taking turns, playing safely and engaging in interactive family time!

You can purchase each product on, and other nationwide retailers that sell similar products.


Toy Story Zing-Ems™ Playset and Figure Assortment Review & Giveaway

My kids had a blast playing with the Toy Story Zing-Ems™ Playset and Figure Assortment sent over to use to check out for our month of January play time, while the video was shared on my YouTube account, I am just now share my thoughts and pictures on site. I do hope you all will enjoy learning more about Zing-Ems, my family is ready to purchase more because the boys are so in love with this toy!

Toy Story Zing Ems

The playset was super easy to put together, I had zero issues and was able to easily read the directions that are enclosed and make Karter smile, as seen in the last image above. The kids were ready to play ….

Zing Ems Playset playtime

Toy Story is a loved movie around here, we just love Buzz Lightyear and Woody. With Toy Story Zing-Ems, kids ages 3+ can enjoy playtime together while pretending to buzz around like their favorite movie characters. Play with the launcher, as seen in video below and take the challenge to see who can keep their Zing-Ems standing the longest. It’s hard, seriously hard!

Toy Story Zing-Ems PlaySet and Figurines assortment are available now for sale, prize range is $6.99 for each figurine or the playset at $14.99. Check out your local toy store for these products or see if any are available on

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am a Mattel Disney Insider, which means the product shared here was provided for free. However, all opinions and personal stories with said product are that of my own real life experiences and opinions.

Rough and Tumble Play is Good for Kiddos

I have heard it before and actually was a natural at accepting that rough n tumble play is a good thing for these sons of mine. It is funny thinking back to the first days of these two boys being two years and six days apart, their first friendship was a toss on the ground to a wrestling match between the two. Chasing each other to give hugs and smiling as they enjoyed their brotherhood.

Video: My boys when they were younger enjoying each others company.

My sons can give others quite the scare, they are rough n tumble. Pretend punching, kicking, hitting and grabbing each other to wrestle to the ground or on my sleep number bed is a common occurrence in this household. And it’s good for them. Yes you heard me, rough n tumble play is good for them.

Rough n tumble play is okay because there are some things about it, it’s not aggressive play in that anyone is being taken advantage of, being hurt nor having their personal space being invaded. Rough n Tumble play is a non-verbal communication between two or more people (or children in this case) where they are happy, smiling at times and truly enjoying the rough nature of their playtime.

If you are a parent struggling with accepting rough n tumble play for your child, then read on!  I recently took part in a webinar with Mattel regarding rough n tumble play and would love to share with you some tips/facts about the topic that I learned -

  • Rough and Tumble play (R&T) is sometimes known as “roughhousing”.
  • R&T can involve chasing and fleeing, tag, falling on one another, or wrestling.
  • R&T is both a positive and necessary form of play for children, particularly for boys, who experience a spike in testosterone at around age four and need an outlet for their sudden feelings of playful aggression.
  • Gives boys an opportunity to learn their power, develop competence in their motor skills, and to imitate their role models.
  • Linked with academic achievement, giving children an opportunity experiment with concepts in the real world.
  • With R&T, there is an understanding of play and collaboration between the players – leading to far less injury.
  • If guided properly, boys learn the difference between aggression and this form of physical play.

As you know, I have two sons, which means I have to be sure to monitor all rough n tumble play to ensure it doesn’t turn into aggressive behavior. I am not 100% perfect at monitoring properly but I try and here are some tips provided to me for parents to be able to be a positive part in their children’s rough n tumble play experiences:

  • Set some basic rules, such as “no touching of faces” and “no shoes”.
  • Let children be in charge of making some of the rules and enforcing them.
  • Intervene only when the play turns combative; if parents intervene too often or too soon, children won’t learn conflict resolution on their own
  • Not sure if it’s playing or fighting? Ask the participants if they see the difference and if everyone agrees.
  • Parents should also engage in Rough and Tumble play with their children – whether its wrestling with Dad or “tickle fights” with Mom – the physical contact helps kids build relationships.

I love that last bullet point, why? Because that is how my four year old enjoys playing with me. K-man will ask to go have a tickle fight and just enjoys me being the “tickle monster” while I go crazy tickling him all over. I take moment breaks for him to catch is breath and then start tickling again. He loves this tickle monster time and it has truly brought us closer as mother & son.

The webinar I took part in with Mattel means that they will be sending my family some WWE Brawlin Buddies so that my kids can enjoy rough n tumble play while acting out with their favorite wrestling figures. Those products will be sent to me for free and I will be sharing more on our journey of rough n tumble play in the future here on site!

Do you allow rough n tumble play in your home? What are some things you do with your kids that encourage this love of physical play while being safe?

Do You Let Your Sons Play with Dolls or Barbies?

Growing up I loved Barbies and I wish I had all of the collection I had back then for my daughter to enjoy but alas I don’t have that collection because I handed them down to my aunt and uncle for their children back in the day. My daughter has slowly worked on increasing her Barbie collection, but she has no other little girls to play with on a regular basis. Enter my two sons, they have grown up playing Barbies with their sister, granted usually this means that they hang the Barbie and/or Ken dolls by their feet, undress them and upset sissy by having her Barbies naked or just run off stealing most of her Barbies and hiding them.

For the most part my two sons love playing Barbies just as much as they love playing with their matchbox cars. Is this wrong? I say not. I honestly don’t have some phobia with my sons exploring whatever they see fit, dress up, playing with dolls, or playing house.  Some may feel having boys play with Barbies is a bad thing, because they are to grow up to be MEN, big strong, STERN men. Why can’t a young child who played with dolls or Barbies growing up turn into a big strong man? They can. I have seen it, and without setting examples, I do have first hand knowledge that boys playing with dolls at a young age does no harm at all, especially in my situation where the boys have a big sister that they look up to and want to interact with.

So, would you let your son play with dolls? Why or why not? Enlighten me.

The Trash Pack: Trashies Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Oh … my … goodness!

I am in love with these things they call Trashies, yes, totally in love and so are my children. A PR firm sent me, by surprise, this package of Trashies and for some reason we love them to pieces.

These little guys are a hit in my van while the kids and I are on the road for soccer & cheerleading practices or games. The kids have two Trash Packs with four total Trashies and now they want to start collecting them all. I will be honest, these may just show up on Christmas morning because they are something all three of my children are enjoying. My daughter is almost 9 and the boys are 3 & 5, although I still have to watch Baby K with them because even at age 3 he tends to put these in his mouth and chew the poor Trashies from time to time.

I have put my request into Santa Claus for these little guys for sure! Give me more Trashies please!

Oh and you should see the LOOKS we get at the soccer field from other parents when my kids are asking for their “trashies out of the van! I love it!

You can learn more about The Trash Pack on their website. These are recommended for ages 5 and up {hence my point about the three year old} and the price range is $2.99 up to $19.99.  Check out for a huge selection available and the Trashies can be found at Toys R Us and Babies R Us nationwide.

Disclosure: I received two trash packs and four trashies for review for free. All opinions 100% mine.

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