What Do you DO For Work

When I first started this blogging venture, it wasn’t something I thought I would really make money enough to live on but I was willing to give it a try and so far it has been paying off both emotionally and financially. Trying to answer that old question “what do you DO for work?” is difficult for me though, you see I was taught that I need to have some elevator pitch but honestly I write and do so much on this blog and write about various other things on my other blog that I don’t think a 15 second pitch is really going to sell anyone on what I do nor explain fully what it is I can offer others.

In all honestly, I feel all I offer is an honest, personal, sometimes silly, usually positive story about what’s going on in my life but when you tell a perfect stranger this they give you the head tilt as if “why would anyone want to read about YOU”, because you know I am nothing special – just another human being who happens to be a NH Mom Blogger.

Usually if someone asks what it is I do for work, using the terms Marketing, Social Media Consultant or Freelance Writer ring a bell with them faster than a NH Mom Blogger. The term NH Mom Blogger sits well with me and it’s a term I much enjoy using because after all that is who I am and what I have become in the past four years. It is time, however, to step up my business a notch and push further and become more than I am now. I am excited for the new year and hopefully this New Year I nail SEO and get a major boost in traffic for something other than my awesome giveaways I host.

So how do you answer this question about what you DO for work?

Happy New Year from this NH Mom Blogger to you …..

Personalized Post-it Collection Review

Post-it Notes have really come a long way from those plain light yellow stickies that we used back in the day. From magnetic shopping list sized note pads you can stick easily on your fridge to folders easily used in the office to put your bills and other notes in, I had thought Post-it had come up with all possible options but they have gone and proved me wrong. The Personalized Post-it collection makes gift giving and marketing a lot easier.


I chose a design that had three flowers on the lower right hand corner because I love Bee’s, due to my maiden name initials Bee. I don’t like “real bees” though just so we are clear on that. I also placed “Happiness is an Attitude” with my URL to my blog in the upper left hand corner. Now when I write a little Post-it note anywhere, I am marketing my blog without pushing my brand too much.

Whether you want to personalize your Post-it collection because you have a favorite design in mind, you want to market your business or you simply would like something to have your name and number on it for back to school season, these Personalized Post-it collections really will be perfect for you!

Note -  Post-it is having a contest, go to the Post-it Facebook Page and enter your favorite Post-it note with the world for a chance to win!

I received one package of the Personalized Post-it Notes Collection for review purposes. All opinions are my own & I have purchased the Post-it brand notes for many years prior to even reviewing products for them.

Facebook: A Useful Tool if You Utilize it Correctly

When it comes to social media marketing you have to put the old school marketing approach on the back burner, meaning traditional marketing methods do not usually work online with social media marketing. Many businesses have a Facebook Fan page where people can “like” their page and interact with them. Various consumers can visit a business’ Facebook Fan page and “like” them then leave a comment on their wall about how their product changed their life or how their services are amazing. This word of mouth free of cost advertising can truly pay off for a business.

There are mutiple pros to having a Facebook Fan Page:

  • Personalized approach to interaction with prospects, customers and clients.
  • Customizable options for a welcome landing page to offer discounts or special news with new fans.
  • Interaction through more personal conversations engage your fans and increase fan numbers.

One way that businesses are starting to utilize their Facebook Fan page is through sponsored conversations, whether the company has an in house employee or sub contractor hired to post conversation starters on their page, it has held true that marketing through a non-branding strategy works to sell your product and/or service to consumers.

Engaging your fan base is a vitally important part of having a Facebook page, you set this page up to do more than just share your deals and services all day long, right? You have a business and want to show people that are you real, true to your market and want to really engage them to hear insight on their life as it may pertain to your products. Maybe you are a positive living lifestyle coach and you have your Facebook Fan page all setup ready to use but not sure how to get your numbers up and engage your fan base.  If you have a Facebook Fan page for your positive lifestyle coaching business I bet the best type of conversations to engage your fan base wouldn’t discuss the services you offer but instead offer some insight to how they could live their life positive or ask questions such as “What is one thing you are going to do today to relax the mind & soul for a happy day?” or “Tell me one type of snack food that you eat daily to help increase your energy without high sugar content”.

These conversation starters are the best way to nonchalantly engage your followers and have a conversation. Of course you can input tips and talk about services you offer in a way that makes sense during the conversation too, but try not to be to pushy. Believe it or not having these sort of conversations will truly build up your fan base and when more people are talking on your page other friends of your fan base will see this which means more numbers for your Facebook Fan page.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start engaging your fan base, you can thank me later when you see your numbers and interactions climb!

Website Tracking & Optimization

Whether you are an avid blogger looking to hit a specific target audience or someone selling something it is important to track your website testing to ensure that you are keeping up to date on the latest visitors and learn to adjust your marketing based on those reports from testing.

Everyone wants to make sure their content is relevant to those who are visiting or better yet you want to make your content and then find the audience and market to them so that they will read or buy your information/product on your website.

Even I do some behavioral targeting which is all about testing out what your visitors to your website do. I don’t do a high technological behavioral targeting test but I do my own little thing by analyzing those who come to my websites. You want to make sure that your website is appealing to those customers who visit your website because that is what keeps them on the page longer and keeps them coming back for more!

Since the online experience for shopping and reading has become a huge success every business or website owner is going to want to check out online conversion based on what marketing campaigns you are spending money on. You see, there is no sense in spending money on marketing online if you are not getting a return on your investment.

Who Does Paid Surveys?

I have done many Paid Surveys online and made some extra cash I also know of other bloggers who actually do paid surveys for extra cash such as gas money and those special treats in life.

There are many places to find surveys to get paid for and many Surveys Paid a certain dollar amount of less than dollar amount for you to complete each survey. It depends on what you are expecting when you start using these kind of sites as to whether you are disappointed or not.

You see a paid survey site may increase revenue in your household but it may not pay the monthly bills, it is simply another way for you to earn income for your household. I am a firm believer in have multiple streams of income within a household, especially if you work from home.

Paid surveys have the potential to bring in extra money and some survey sites are actually fun, but remember research before joining any and read all feedback found online with an open mind because some people simply enjoy being negative instead of focusing on the positive of sites like paid survey sites.

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