Warm up your Living Room with Fun and Colourful Pillows

The winter isn’t just creeping in anymore, it’s here in full force and we’re already starting to feel the effects. With the nights getting longer and the days getting shorter we’re also spending more time indoors and thusly more time in the living room, where (as the name suggests) we do the lions shares of our actual ‘living’. Of course we’ll be stoking the fireplace and cranking the thermostat up a few notches but there are many more subtle (and less expensive) changes we could be making to our living rooms to make them not only ‘seem’ warmer but to ‘feel’ warmer too. Warm colours that reflect the softness and vibrancy of the Summer will really help your living room feel alive with warmth and whilst changing the wallpaper or buying new furniture might seem more than a little severe, a new set of colourful pillows could really help your living room ‘pop’. Read on for a little more elaboration.

Pillow Cases

A living room will generally reflect the personalities and lifestyles of a homes residents and the pillow cases should be no different. The great thing about your pillows is that changing their aesthetics is as easy as simply swapping out their cases. Pillow cases are a cheap and convenient way to make your living room reflect the changing seasons. During the summer you could have subtle blues and yellows to help reflect the laid back vibe of the season and at Winter you can help heat up the room by sticking to stronger reds, browns and golds, colours that give off an air of warmth and glamour. As well as the various colours available of course you will also be able to lend your cushions a completely fresh ‘vibe’ by the use of different patterns. The key is to choose pattern and colour combinations that match the theme and style of your room. You might also consider livening the designs up by implementing more unconventional patterns or possibly even photography. You should also consider how many pillows you actually need as it can be a little too easy to get carried away and end up with 5 pillows to every seat. Size is also a factor to consider. Especially if your furniture is rather ‘past it’ you could use larger pillows as ‘seat cushions’ and smaller pillows as back support. Try not to go overboard though or you run the risk of seeming messy.

Throw rugs

An elegant alternative to changing pillow covers, throw rugs can be used to completely transform your furniture in seconds. Used in tandem, a throw rug and collection of different pillow cases will make your living room almost completely customisable and it doesn’t need to stop at the living room either. You can take the general style of your living room and use it in other rooms to give you home a ‘cohesive’ feel. The bedroom especially (the natural home of the pillow you might say) can really be brought to life by a series of colourful pillows with designs that echo the living room whilst also having their own ‘slant’.

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10 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

maximize living space

Finding ways to maximise your living space is important, because it’s inevitable that you’ll collect many odds and ends throughout your life. Instead of investing in costly storage units or having to toss out cherished items periodically, here are ten ways you can maximise your living space.

  1. Purchase Products That Serve Multiple Purposes

Storage ottomans and side tables with extra storage are excellent if you want to maximise your living space. Simply store away a few titbits in these items that do more than just look good in your living room.

  1. Use Light Colours

Having dark rooms often downplays the amount of space you have available. After all, it’s said that black is sliming, so use lighter colours to open up a room.

  1. Install Mirrors

Although it may simply be a parlour trick, using mirrors in various rooms can give the impression of extra space. Having many mirrors in a room will give off the illusion of a far bigger interior.

  1. Arrange Your Furniture

Pushing all of your furniture to one side of a room can make it look very cluttered. When arranging furniture in a room, try spacing everything out and avoid the tendency to put that big couch flat against the back wall.

  1. Collapsible Furniture

Look into purchasing furniture pieces that can be folded up and downsized, such as sofa beds or drop leafs in dining room tables.

  1. Avoid Pattern

Having walls that are multi-coloured or walls that are papered with patterns can visually shrink the size of a room. Opt for monochromatic colours or colours that are paired with accent walls.

  1. Go High

Adding décor or bright colours to a ceiling will draw visitors’ eyes upward, creating the illusion of height. This will make rooms seen taller than they are and it will add an extra dimension to people’s appraisal of your living space.

  1. Utilise Your Windows

Open windows can create forced perspective, making your rooms look larger in comparison to your exterior. Also, don’t forget to utilise your window sill space with those odd trinkets that don’t really seem to have a place of their own.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Instead of having nine or ten pieces of small furniture that clutter a room, try to utilise two or three larger pieces that will open the space.

  1. Clean Up!

Sometimes the most effective solutions are the easiest to implement. If you feel that your space is cluttered, put away that ironing board and all of those toys on the floor.

Maximising your living space is easy, all you have to do is follow these ten simple tips. For more information, visit Anglia Home Furnishings.

Still Working on Getting Back on Track Here, Slowly but Surely

I am trying to work but in all honesty this coming Wednesday will be the first day I have no kids all day without any other obligations. I had a day or so when I had no kids before but there was no way to unpack as Comcast had to come to get internet working in my master bedroom where my office is setup. My office setup is not like in my previous house as it’s an extension of the master bedroom, meaning part of the master bedroom has been set aside for me to work from, but I am thankful to have a place that is not in the main area of the home.


I will be able to focus and shut a door if need be to surround myself with just my laptop and work. Eventually I will have my ex husband build me a custom computer for my office but for now I work strictly from the laptop as it’s the only working PC I have that can handle all that I do for work.

Hoping to get back on track and share so many awesome pictures of our times with the move and our adventure in York Beach, Maine as well as other family adventures we go on soon! Have a beautiful evening my friends!

Easily Brighten Up A Dark Room


The most obvious answer to brighten up a dark room is to repaint in a brighter colour. The best idea is to paint it white if it’s especially dark, since painting all the walls in a strong colour might be a little too much. White bounces and redirects the light around the room, often making it feel larger and more spacious. It’s definitely the first step to take if your walls are painted in a dark colour. If you’re unable to paint the walls then the other suggestions should provide alternatives to help in brightening up your room.

Light Sources

If you’re only relying on natural light via small windows or in a room that doesn’t receive much light then your best bet is to add extra lights inside. You could do this either via feature lights against the darkest walls, or aimed at furniture in the room. Otherwise a centre piece light mounted on the ceiling could be a great way of bouncing light in all of the corners. If there’s a fair amount of natural light already then you’ll want to make sure these lights aren’t overpowering, just enough to compliment the natural light.

Bright Drapes/Curtains

If you’re unable to repaint, a great way to brighten the room is by adding light coloured drapes at the windows. There’s no need to go overboard in costs with these, something simple or even home made out of fabric will work wonders.

Area Rugs

It’s fairly easy to overlook the floor when it comes to decorating your home, after all… how many people actively notice the floor oppose to your furniture or walls? You’d be surprised how much even a small rug changes a room. You don’t have to focus on outlandish colours to brighten the room, just choose hues that’ll compliment other colours around it. The only exception to this is if you have a particularly stunning rug that would work well as a centre piece since it’ll draw attention away from other areas of the room.


As well as being a common thing among most homes, mirrors are great in rooms where they’re not necessarily needed too. They’re often used as a decorative element to the room but they can also reflect light into areas that need it, as well as making the room appear more spacious.

Lighter Furniture

When picking furniture, choose lighter coloured woods instead of darker ones. Darker woods can make the room feel heavier, but you can always brighten these up with lighter coloured cushions and accents on the furniture. Though if you really want to brighten a room, instead of a dark wooden chair you could opt for something more modern like a tub chair or wing chair. These chairs come in a variety of different styles and fabrics so you’re bound to find something to fit your tastes and colour themes.

Plants/flowers, plastic/fake/silk flowers as a compromise to looking after them.

If you’re into plants and flowers then it’s an easy decision to use them to brighten a room. While bolder coloured flowers will obviously create a dramatic effect, any plants or flowers will transform the room effectively. Plants have the ability to make a dark cold room feel cheerier and more inviting. If you’re unable to maintain and look after plants then you could always opt for the silk/plastic versions to still reap the benefits of adding greenery to your room.

Ed Sloane is the MD of Home Life Direct and TubChairs.com, online furniture retailer based in the UK. Please visit www.tubchairs.com for further information.

A Dining Room After Youngest Gets Older

I often think about home decor I would like to have when the littlest of my crew gets older. You see, I would love to have a nice end table that is actually a chess set table, I used to want that in glass but I am thinking a nice oak or wood of some sort chess table set for the living room would be ideal. Beyond that, I think about a comfortable sectional sofa that leaves room to sprawl out while watching television and having movie night. There is one piece of furniture in my home that I am really looking forward to replacing once the little one gets older, and that is my dining room table.

Brandy Ellen's Dining Table

My current dining room table is a decent size and was handed to me by my mother because she no longer needed it and her English Mastiffs had chewed the chairs alongside some of the table top. This current dining room table works fantastic for my family and I love it, but it’s been painted on by accident, drawn on and much more due to using it for our craft time. As a Mom, I do not want a home that is full of furniture or other items that I have to constantly worry about the kids ruining or having to not be happy children around.

This is why when the youngest of my crew gets older I plan to get an upgrade on furniture and home decor, the first item being one of the fine Oak Dining Sets I have seen around. A nice wooden dining room table, wooden chess set and a natural colored sectional for the living room. While I am having a wonderful time raising my kids with the furniture I have, after they are grown I know that it will be my time to focus my extra moments on various things within my home to keep my mind busy.

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