Apparently the Flu is Breaking Out, Is it due to Weather?

Flu Hits United StatesAs I sit home all week with a sick kid and watch everyone online complain about being sick, and feel my throat closing in, chest getting tight – is the flu that is going around the United States due to the crazy weather? I mean, think about about, here in NH it’s normally cold and winter because well it is winter time. The thing of it is that we keep getting it freezing cold and then all of a sudden it’s 50 degrees outside and snow is melting away. Today as I sit home with my flu bug kid, I listen to the wind blowing outside and think that it’s going to be a freezing cold wind, after all it is January in NH. The wind is warm, it’s a warm-ish breeze taking over, getting ready for our temps to get higher.

What is up with this weather? It’s no wonder that the flu is spreading across the United States with this up and down; warm, hot, cold and back again weather. I got a tip today from a girlfriend with what she used to help her feel better. My symptoms are a throat feeling as if it’s closing in on me, chest feels as if I can not breath and when I do breath I am wheezing from time to time – not normal for me. The remedy recommended by my girlfriend was to have honey and cinnamon mixed together – she prefers it in tea. Now this makes perfect sense because my Dad would totally recommend such a mixture ….

So while the flu is being reported to be spreading across the United States in record numbers {there have been 700 cases of the flu reported already this year, as opposed to the 70 cases this time last year}, I am going to sit back and drink my honey, cinnamon and tea while working from the laptop because my sick kid needs me and I need to work.

Advil Congestion Relief

Flu season is a BIG deal, I never really thought about it until I got hit with something for THREE weeks. Usually I get a flu shot, I think last year and this year were the first two years I didn’t, but I made precautions last year. Increased my Vitamin C intake and well didn’t get “as sick” as I did this year with no flu shot and less Vitamin C. Today I get to share some information with you about Advil Congestion Relief and of course the sickness issue, aka the flu.

This year it seems we all got hit with the flu later in the year, based on CDC reports the numbers jumped from 10 people in early January to 30 in February. The numbers obviously tripled which isn’t too good, now is it? You are telling me, the one who has been sick for THREE weeks and still has a lingering flu symptom list going on! The flu usually peaks in February and has actually attributed to 8% of adult deaths in 122 cities in the US which is considered epidemic level according the CDC findings.

One thing I realized that is being told is to get vaccinated, even though it seems “late” in the year it is being recommended because the numbers are growing. I didn’t realize that you could get vaccinated this late in the season honestly. Normally you get the flu shot in Fall time right before Winter, since my symptoms are still lingering I am debating going to get a flu shot for sure!

I am not one to take meds but this Advil Congestion Relief is certainly something I would try because the previous medication I tried over the counter made me so drowsy that I passed out on and off while home alone with the boys and never took it again! Advil Congestion Relief is available at your local pharmacy or store in the cold aisle and if you are feeling like me I would certainly give it a try!

Disclosure: “I was provided Advil Congestion Relief information, gratis samples and coupons by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

The Flu Has Hit

So it’s official, my daughter started having a headache last night, woke up crying and sounded horrible. She had a temp of 101.4 and today her temp went as high as 102.4. She is officially sick and from talking to my pediatrician she does have the flu, what type is unknown but she did get her seasonal flu shot last Monday.

Pediatrician’s office stated they are seeing more of the Swine type flu rather than the seasonal so they stated the symptoms s0und like that, either way I don’t really need a label to place on it, she is simply sick. The Tylenol keeps her fever down and her only symptoms are the fever as of now, since her headache went away overnight.

Just staying calm, keeping fluids in her and making sure she keeps all her cups and plates separate and doesn’t breath in her brothers faces, etc. All we can do is be there for her and keep supporting her (and remind her to not run around when that Tylenol kicks in).

So that’s where I am at .. MIA today for a while due to tending to a sick child!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Keeping My Children Healthy During Flu Season

I was invited by the One2One Network and Boiron to write about how I keep my children and family healthy during flu season.

Boirons New Children's Products

Boirons New Children's Products

What I Do To Keep My Family Healthy

I am not a huge fan of regular cold and flu medicines but rather washing hands, hand sanitizers and keeping my children healthy through getting plenty of vitamin C.

We have hand soap and hand sanitizers beside our kitchen sink, in our cars and in the bathroom near that sink. My children are taught to wash their hands before and after eating a meal as well as to wash as soon as we get back from a movie theater, playground or similar public area.  My theory on keeping children healthy is to teach them good hygiene practices, it’s really all I can do aside from them getting the seasonal flu shot.

Will I Give My Children the H1N1 Flu Shot?

I will be very honest about this, I did give my children the seasonal flu shot the past couple years, however, I did not use it during the first year it was out. I had heard too much about how sick some people got on it. As with all medications and vaccines, every person is different. This year I will be honest that I am uncertain if I will give my children the H1N1 flu vaccine, as of right now our pediatrician doesn’t have it in, they only had the seasonal flu vaccine and so the kids got that.

I am leaving the opinion of H1N1 up to my ex for my daughter and with our boys, well I am going to research the vaccine a bit more because I am the type to research a medication and vaccine prior to giving it to my child.


Keeping my children and family healthy is a simple combination of ensuring they get enough vitamins, are up to date on vaccines and practice good hygiene.  That is all we can do to keep our family healthy. I do make sure to have cold and flu medications on hand should the need arise to use them, although medications are a back up, and not used right away.

Get a coupon for Boirons products by clicking here, that way you can save to have the medicines your family may need on hand when the flu or cold strikes!

Make it a Happy Day!

Disclosure: Keeping with the new FTC rule that will be set forth for bloggers to have a disclosure effective December 1st, I have to dislose that this post was sponsered by the One2One Network and I didn’t recieve money for this post, I do get to receive a free full size sample of all 3 of Boirons children’s products (shown in image above).

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