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My sweet newborn niece does not quite use the large bottles to feed, she is doing both breastfeeding and some formula, last I knew, but she is so tiny that a normal 8 oz bottle is not in use yet. Keeping that in mind, there will be a time when Olivia needs to use the larger bottles and thanks to Bottle Pets my niece will have a stylish, soft bottle cover for her tiny hands. A ladybug and cow Bottle Pet have been sent for Olivia as a baby gift to my sister and brother in law.

ladybug bottle pet

Bottle Pets are a soft, stylish, cuddle bottle cover and are currently retailed at $19.99 on Bottle Pets website. If purchased on site BottlePets.net then you will also get free shipping. This product was created by two Moms who were looking to find a fun way to feed their baby. Sometimes feeding a baby can be difficult, at times if your baby is overly fussy it can turn into a screaming fest and put the first time parent into tears. Bottle Pets make for bottle feeding to be more of a fun event, capturing the attention of your little one with the bright, but not over stimulating colors and animal options.

The Cow Bottle Pets

Olivia is now four days old and will enjoy her cow and ladybug Bottle Pets soon enough but for now my sister thinks these are absolutely adorable.  With a variety of choices such as Cow, Ladybug, dinosaur, rabbit and more, every new parent will be able to find that particular animal that you are fond of to pass on a love of that animal to your baby once it is bottle feeding.

These plush Bottle Pets are super soft with vibrant colors. You can also find Bottle Pets at wholesale dealers in some locations, to see if you have a Bottle Pets wholesale store near you visit the Bottle Pets Wholesale Purchase website.

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The Decision to Breastfeed

Since I am going to be at Type-A Parent Conference and of course have to plan that trip and such I decided now would be the time to bring up some of my really old blog posts. I am talking from 2008-2009 era, I hope you enjoy and if you were not a subscriber back then well you will get some new content topics to comment on! Happy Reading!

Making the decision to breastfeed is a very personal one, many people have heard horror stories and many may have family who feels this is not an okay thing to do. Whatever your decision ends up being, this article is about those who finally made the decision to breastfeed. Just some of the many stories & opinions other Moms and myself have heard are:

  • Friends who had babies and thought breastfeeding was just disgusting.
  • You are limited on what food you can eat, and can not drink alcohol.
  • Public breastfeeding is condoned.
  • Mom who works outside of the house can’t breastfeed.
  • Breastfeeding will take up all your time.
  • Breastfeeding babies sleep less and wake more often for feedings.

I am sure many of you have heard other stories that just make the decision to breastfeed even harder. I would like to touch on all the points above with a rebuttal:

  • Breastfeeding is not disgusting, honestly, how can such a natural way to feed our baby be deemed “disgusting”. Before formula was created Moms had no other choice but to use the method they were born with to feed their babies – their breasts and with advanced technology a mom can now pump and feed a baby breastmilk in a bottle if the nursing on the breast seems “disgusting” to them.
  • Although it’s recommended to eat a proper diet and get proper amount of fluids into your system to help keep your energy and milk supply up – really you don’t “have” to change your diet. I personally still eat hot Italian sausage, pizza, and much more. Although eating high fatty foods will make you more sleepy, really you can eat whatever you want honestly!
  • Public nursing has become something that society is accepting. The more moms choose to breastfeed the more society will accept this natural ability to feed our babies! Many restaurants will even allow you to nurse at a table while eating dinner {although I am not yet comfortable doing this myself}. Some states have even created laws to protect a Moms right to nurse in public!
  • If you are a working mom – who works outside of the home or inside for that matter – you can still breastfeed your baby. There are so many ways to get around this – pumping ahead of time and storing milk in the freezer – this allows the care giver to feed your baby while you are away! Breast milk may be stored in a freezer for 3-4 months and still be good to use!
  • I personally feel that formula feeding takes up more of your time than breastfeeding. Think about it – when you want to get out the door fast you don’t have to pack anything extra – babies food is always there because it’s YOU.
  • I will say based on my own personal experience breastfed babies do seem to wake more often than formula fed babies in the beginning, but so do most formula fed babies. It’s all in the baby and his/her age really!

The fact that you can’t drink alcohol while breastfeeding just got better. No more pumping and dumping, thanks to a product invented by Julie Jumonville. The product is called Milkscreen and it was created to help extend the life of breastfeeding and give woman a tool to make sure they are not passing anything negative onto baby if they occasionally consume alcohol! Milkscreen is affordable and is one of the products that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that”. Head on over to UpSpring Baby to find out more about MilkScreen and buy yourself a kit today if you plan on or think you may occasional consume alcohol while breastfeeding!

I hope this has helped shed some light on the decision to breastfeed.

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