Britax Car Seat options for Children

When my oldest was a baby we had a Britax car seat given to us, actually two different models of Britax were provided from a family who no longer needed theirs. Having a well built car seat helps ensure that you feel safe with your child riding in your car or a family members car. The only downfall I had, as a parent who shared custody was that we had to transfer the car seat back and forth. This became no problem later on as a child car seat was purchased for both vehicles; his and mine.

There are so many brands of car seats that a first time parent may have difficulties in choosing the best one for them that is also within their budget allowance. A five point harness is on, I believe, all car seats at this time in life but beyond that you want to ensure that your child’s car seat is comfortable as well as supportive for them. Having a comfortable & supportive car seat will make a world of difference for those long trips in the vehicle with the kids.

I personally prefer the Britax brand because I had such great success with this brand of car seat, the car seats lasted ages and could even be used for my son who was born four years after my first child. These car seats made by Britax held up through three children without much issue, I can not say the same for other brands I have seen people purchase and use with their children.

Are We Sheltering our kids Just a bit Much?

Every year I have the wonderful annual pediatrician visit for the three munchkins and just like every previous year I leave dumbfounded with the things pediatricians recommend you do to “protect” your child.  I leave the children’s pediatrician’s visits wondering how the heck I ever survived and lived to talk about it. Seriously.


Okay, I get it, you all want your child to be safe in the car and years ago many children could just bounce around unbuckled in the car. I am not for that. However, when my child is over 100lbs and is 57″ plus tall {that is 4’9″ right?}, I suppose she is a tad bit too big for a booster seat, right? Wrong. In NH, the child must be 4’9″ tall, who cares about the fact that the manufacturer places a weight limit of 100lbs on the booster seat, it’s all about the height.  I do not get it at all, yes the seat belt has to line up just right in the car, totally get that, but how is a child safer in a seat that is stuck to their butt and doesn’t seat them properly just because they have not quite reached the height? Guidelines, I agree to, however, each child is different and mine is about the size of a small adult, eh-hmmm for example my friend @mommadjane.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Helmets for ALL Bike Riding

Seriously? Even at home, in the driveway? On the lawn? This is where I walked away looking like the “bad mom of the year” … no I do not require my children to wear bicycle helmets or any other protective gear when riding in the driveway or on the yard. Why? Bumps and bruises never hurt me, I scraped my knee all up bike riding on the ROAD without a helmet and gear, I survived, right? So will they. Now, if they were to go riding on trails or the roads, I would totally gear them up, but at home in our yard? Nope. Sorry. I just think we bubble up our kids too much and they will end up being “babies” so to speak, unable to handle any pain such as the minor bumps n bruises that most of us were able to experience back in the day.

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November is National Child Safety Protection Month

November is National Child Safety Protection month and is the time for you to think about your home safety levels. When I had my first child, nine years ago, I was told about electric outlet safety covers, door knob covers that children couldn’t open and baby gates plus so much more that it seemed overwhelming. With so many safety products on the market these days it seems parents don’t know what is too much and what is just enough. I believe that you can never be too safe with children around, but then I have seen people who go to extreme measures to keep their children safe.I say do whatever works for your family and comfort level but don’t confuse keeping children safe with having them live in a bubble that doesn’t allow for mistakes and growth.

The best ways to ensure all aged children are safe in your home is to :

  • Remember to replace batteries in your smoke detectors every October during Fire Safety month.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors inside of your home, extremely important during Winter season when running the furnace, but important to have all year round.
  • Test all locks on doors and windows, ensure children can’t get out of the windows and doors without you knowing about it.
  • Ensure your children are properly seated while riding in a vehicle in the correct seating device while wearing a seat belt or five point harness, whichever applies.

How you can help to educate other parents and participate in National Child Safety Protection Month:

  • Teach your children the safety of being a pedestrian while walking the streets with you.
  • Become a safety advocate and volunteer your time to ensure children are protected.
  • Spread the word through online media outlets; blog posts, social media & word of mouth to other parents about the importance of keeping our children safe.

Make sure that your child is protected in your home at all times. Allow children to have freedom to learn from mistakes without having the risk of killing themselves over putting things in electrical sockets or their hands on the oven, etc. Small mistakes that don’t have to happen can be deterred with the proper child safety products.

What are you doing to help ensure our future generation is protected?

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