Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Now I never really have celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past, honestly you won’t find me getting all crazy about receiving some expensive gift, but I can see that this day could be a wonderful day to simply celebrate the love you have for that special someone in your life. I created Valentine’s Day cards for my kids and my boyfriend on Treat.com this year and can not wait to hand them their cards today!

Happy Valentine's Day

I think the best gifts for any holiday are those that come from the heart, so today I wanted to share with you all some simple, low or no costs ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift for that sweetie in your life:

  • Home Made Dinner In – get out all of those cooking supplies and recipe books. Find a meal set for a king or queen and cook that loved one the most amazing meal set by candle light if you wish at home in your own dining room.
  • Make a Crafty Fun Valentine’s Day Card – Don’t have the money to go spend on a card? Have construction paper and copy paper (or printer paper)? Well then create a cute red construction paper card shape, cute a piece of copy paper into the shape of a heart, attached it to the front of the card and right a cute little phrase on it. Inside you can use Google Search to find cute poems or sayings {if you can’t come up with a crafty poem of your own} and write it on the inside of the card with love from you.
  • Clean the House with the Kids – Sometimes it’s the small things that count the most, enlist yourself and/or your kids to give that other parent in the household a day and night off from having to do anything. Take complete control of the household from chores to cooking and make her/him feel like they are having a total vacation day.

Valentine’s Day to me is simply a day to remember the love you have for those you are blessed to have in your life, there is no need for spending crazy amounts of money if that’s not in your budget. Just simply take today to let that special someone know how much you love them.

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Building a Tree House

One thing I never had as a child that I wanted for my children was a tree house. I had cousins who had a huge tree house at their home. This was more like a house up in the trees, there were rooms and it was extremely long, had multiple walls and different areas such as a normal house would have. I remember running around playing in that tree house whenever my family visited there.

Tree House

Tree House

When our family moves to a bigger home with more space, I really hope that we can work together and build a tree house with the children, although it will not be as extravagant as my cousins nor the one in the image above. I want something simple, yet fun that will encourage the children to have pretend, outdoor adventures and hopefully get our four year old off the “I want to play the Wii” kick he’s been on.

A tree house is something you can build together with your children, it can be a family project.  If I were to do this as a family project; my daughter would be the designer, my sons would be the creators of themes for the tree house, Justin would help build with the boys and I would supervise as well as provide treats and drinks while all the workers worked.

Do you have a tree house for your children? Did you build it with them or for them?

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We’re Rocking Olivia For Bed and Play

Yes we are Olivia fans, although I often wonder where the parents are in this video. It’s a sweet big sister who has a little brother following her around everywhere. Not familiar with this cartoon? Olivia is on NickJr.

Olivia  2 in 1 Transforming PlaysetWhat did our family get to review this time? We received, from Team mom, one Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset and one Olivia 8″ Plush. My son Baby K sleeps with the Olivia plush doll every night and even has visitors to the house give Olivia a kiss and hug.  Baby K calls his Olivia doll piggy, it has quickly become his favorite stuffed animal that sleeps next to him and his Eebee doll in the crib every night.

About Olivie 2-in-1 Transforming Playset

Your little one can go on a real adventure with the 6 and 3/4 year old Olivia. For ages four and up, this playset turns Olivia’s house magically into a pirate ship! Your children can play with Olivia in her house which includes her bedroom, kitchen and living room. Then once the girly time play is over get ready to transform the house into a pirate ship ready to sail away!

This works great for my family as I have one daughter and two sons, a toy they can both enjoy thoroughly.

About the Olivia Plush

With the Olivia plush doll everyone is a star! Olivia is all dressed up and ready to perform, or sleep with your child as does my Olivia doll. With super soft plush and the best fashion sense around, Olivia comes dressed in all of her favorite outfits. Collect all four including Artist, Opera Singer, cow and Outfits.

Our family of course loves this doll, well Baby K won’t let the rest of them enjoy her, but he loves this doll dearly!

Learn more and Purchase

You can purchase these at Kmart, Toys “R” Us, Target, Amazon and learn more at SpinMaster.com.

Disclosure: The products referenced in this review were provided to me from Team Mom in order to fully facilitate this honest review. The review is based on my own personal opinions 100%.

The Emotional Stage of Daughter Raising

My parents warned me, my grandparents warned me, heck everyone warned me … one day you will get yours with a daughter of your own! Oh but I swore that I would never treat my daughter the way my parents did, therefore my daughter wouldn’t ever act the way I did. I probably was a teen when that was said, because teens think they know all but most do not know a thing especially about raising children!

Enter Princess Ki – and YES that is her chosen name … chosen by HER

Dancing Princess Ki

Dancing Princess Ki

dancing ki 2dancing ki 3I love this girl to pieces, she is my world, my only daughter and although quite an emotional burst of roller coaster emotions, she is a sweet, caring and sensitive little girl. This girl has the leadership personality I had at her age and I often have to remind her that I was like that at her age too, but a good leader takes into consideration the people they are playing with opinions as well, they do not simply lead and boss people! She will understand that some day … I hope for her own sake with her brothers she learns sooner rather than later!

THAT is dinnerWhen I cook a  meal for dinner that she will normally eat without a fuss at her Dad’s house, I get this face shown above! It’s the “I am not eating that” face, and it happens quite frequently in this household when Mama actually takes the time to cook something. I mean, if I were a great cook in the children’s eyes we would live on Mac n Cheese and hot dogs, so yes Princess Ki that is for dinner and you will eat it right up! I am such a mean Mama because I am a fan of “if you haven’t tried it then you can’t tell me you don’t like it” so all my children must at least try what I cooked for dinner before telling me they don’t like it!

Cheering KiMy Princess Ki has so much potential and has so many interests. Princess Ki is truly happy running around racing her brothers on their bikes, playing the Wii with her brother AJ or even playing soccer for our local rec department every year. The girl is well rounded and has a high interest in experiencing a variety of classes to learn everything from playing guitar to working with me on setting up her own private blog. The girl can write, cook basic foods, sing, dance and simply gets along in any situation.

The downfall of this emotional stage we are going through? Well apparently the word NO all of a sudden brings her to tears. The times when she hits her brother and he hits her back and both of them get spoken to, well that’s when I am a bad Mom and only care about her brothers, not her. Mind you she is an only child at her fathers house so she is coming from his house to my home where she must share a parent with two brothers. I can imagine the life she lives sharing households with two parents can be hard for a little one, even though she has been living this life for 7 years!

I don’t know if girls go through hormonal changes near age 8 but this girl is going up and down so badly most days that I am fearful to say anything to her. We normally can joke and be sarcastic with each other but lately a slight sarcastic comment brings her to tears. She goes from grumpy to happy to sad to silly all in a day … and within just minutes. I am so lost when it comes to raising a girl, because I am not the typical dramatic female, I am laid back and the only time I get all emotional and “girly is during that “time of the month”.

No matter what “stage” my daughter is going through, I love her dearly, she is truly a Princess and deserves the title Princess Ki!

So are you raising a girl? What is it like? Are they just like you and you worry? Are they emotional and dramatic like mine?

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Getting Everything Organized

It is official as I stated before my ex husband and I are back together, we are truly happy and things are more different than I could ever imagined. Our family is back, we are 100% better than ever and we plan to MOVE, yes I said MOVE. We are on the look out for a larger place and actually hope to become renters instead of home owners.

Why are we moving? Well for starters when I first purchase the home we are living in, I was a full time out of home working single mother of one. It was a 2 bedroom home we only added a “sort of” room onto the house so that my daughter could have a room to herself after having two new brothers born two years apart. So since November 2005 when I purchased this 2 bedroom home, you can see a lot has grown with the family. There is now a Mom, a Dad (step Dad to Ki), two sons and one daughter living in this small around 1,000 square footage home.

Bounce Back

One of our children, AJ, struggles with sleeping issues, therefore he rarely sleeps and if he does it isn’t a good night sleep. AJ keeps J and I awake for hours sometimes at night and is often found waking his baby brother at the dawn of the day when the little one is not ready to get up. AJ is the only person in the house who doesn’t care to get any sleep and his mood changes are probably more than likely from this lack of sleep.

Not only am I going through this idea of selling my home and moving to a rental home, but I have plenty of reviews sitting in my room I must get video and/or pictures of to share with you. Plenty of products that are scheduled to go live and well then there is also the running of my virtual business.

So please be patient as you may find content few and far between and a majority being published are my reviews, this does not in anyway  mean I am not going to be publishing content any longer, it simply means I have a lot scheduled and the “content” of my life, support for bloggers and more is minimal for the moment. Do not worry do not fret, I always bounce back 10 tens better and you know I will!

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