Get Organized & Make Study Time Easier with Post-it Brands New Line of Products

Many people already know I have an addiction to Post-it Brand, I have them all over my desk, the kitchen and on our craft desk. Any possible place that I may need a Post-it Note, you will find a pile of them somewhere. Recently Post-it Brand sent me a bunch of their new lines to assist in making study and back-to-school time a lot more organized, fun and efficient for us! While I am usually really good at offering organizational tips, I tend to be inconsistent in my ways and that is why once I received this product line from […]

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Water, Gatorade, Powerade

Water, Gatorade and Powerade

For those who are not aware, I attend DeVry University online. I am a little over a year into my three year Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting. This weeks assignment for my Health and Nutrition course is to create a handout comparing water, gatorade, and powerade on the following categories: Daily recommendations Nutrient content Varieties/sources Cost Advantages of consumption (include research reviews) Safety levels Disadvantages of consumption (include research reviews) Conclusion So you ask, why am I devoting a blog post to write about my homework assignment? Well I want to devote one page of my […]

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