And Then He Painted his Bike

During the school year I have a few mornings with just my youngest son because preschool is only four days a week for a couple of hours. Each morning after dropping off my older two kids I ask K-man what he would like to do this morning with me. This particular morning was like every other morning when he gets it in his head that we are going to paint, using his sisters acrylic paint. This is something that is messy when you use it as an adult, never mind when a four year old gets a hold of it.

Acrylic Paint and Preschooler

Then K-man went on to say that he didn’t want to paint inside. K-man wanted to paint outside. By outside he meant paint his bike, after all the color is fading and the dirt is all over it. Basically K-man wanted to paint his bike “new” again. I thought about it, I thought again … and then I decided sure why not. At least he wants to paint his own bike, not something I own and he wants to do it outside.


I said yes. Sure. Why not? It’s his bike and he is creative and this would give us some outdoor time during a beautiful day so let’s do this. I let my son into his sisters room, which stays LOCKED while she is at her Dad’s house, to choose three colors of paint. K-man basically wanted Blue, Red and a green color. The reason is because apparently he wanted his blue and red on bike to be “new” again …

Boy Paints his Bike

I can’t say that his bike looks new again by any means but he was happy to be all independent out there with his pretend tattoos and painting his bicycle.  I just so happened to enjoy watching him be happy and listening to him talk while he painted!



Have you Ever Remodeled a Bathroom?

The ideas that flow into my head, as I sit here in search of a rental home in my local town I see various bathrooms. One home for rent, that sadly has already been taken, had 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms as well as a large yard. Can you imagine three bathrooms? Oh my loveliness. I would love to have a master bathroom to my own self, but then if I did get my own bathroom I would be sad that I couldn’t be able to remodel the bathroom, being that I rent not buy homes. If were to have luck strike me and I could have my way with a bathroom then I would want some bathroom ideas downingtown pa because I am not an interior designer nor bathroom modeler person. Is that even a word? Modeler?

Image Source:

Image Source:

I have always wanted to have yellow in my bathroom, maybe more of a pastel yellow with some green because the ideal theme for my personally made bathroom would include frogs. I am not sure why frogs, but that’s something I always wanted. A frog themed bathroom and an apple themed kitchen, to me it just makes sense. Apples make you think of baking and food while frogs make you think of water… such as a bathroom, right?! Well whatever theme I chose, I would certainly need to utilize bathroom remodelers west chester pa or else I would totally destroy a bathroom theme. Those who know how to remodel a bathroom should be having the responsibility to assist in your bathroom remodeling dreams.

What is your ideal theme for a bathroom?

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What are you going to be a Plumber when You Grow UP?

You know that old saying that people say when your butt is hanging out? “What are you going to be a plumber when you grow up” or maybe “your plumbers crack is showing” – please tell me you all have heard these two sayings before? I hope so. I swear people DO say these things, usually I say some plumber wise crack to my six year old who is forever having his bum hanging out of his pants, always.

In all honesty, if you were to look up plumbing installation prices then you would realize these wise crack comments about plumbers really are not negative because plumbers get paid awesome money and there is a large need for them in this world. A pipe bursts, a toilet clogs to a point of a plunger not being able to handle fixing it, a bath tub clogs up, a drain, and the list goes on. There is a wide need for plumbers and they do seem to get paid a pretty penny.

I love my sons, but seriously they need to pull those pants up or you know, where their boxer briefs I buy them.  That would work!

Next thing I know, years down the road when my boys grow up I may have to just look them up if they become plumbers and ask them about a toronto toilet installation, of course, I doubt I will be living in tornoto but still, you know what I mean, right?

Do you have a plumber in your family?

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Much Needed Home Item

When I moved into the home I am currently living in, the one thing that was missing was a carbon monoxide detector, you see I have always had one in each of the places I have lived because it’s called the silent killer. You can not smell, taste nor touch carbon monoxide. At least with smoke or fire you can smell it, taste it, etc same goes with propane, you can smell that from a mile away, stinky stuff.

Most homes I visit seem to be up to par with having fire detectors but it’s very rare I see other families with carbon monoxide detectors installed in their homes, dangerous. Honestly, I have heard the older the home, the higher risk of needing one of these bad boys.  When I purchased my previous home, which I no longer own, I was sure to get a carbon monoxide detector because that house was built in 1945 and being an old home I wasn’t too sure how great of a system it had in it for filtering out such dangers as carbon monoxide.

The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can be headaches, dizziness, sleepiness and more, which could lead to death. There are many options for a carbon monoxide detector and they look very similar to a smoke detector, some are even a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide. Be sure to visit your local store and ensure that you get a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home as soon as possible. Read all of the directions and if all else fails contact your local fire station to find out where is the best place to have your carbon monoxide detector in the home.

Every home should be equipped with both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, there’s no such thing as being “too safe” or “too cautious”.

Do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home?

I do. Yes. I do, two to be exact.

Check out the post right here to find out how to get one for your home.


Making a Beautiful Dream Bathroom

When I own a bathroom, okay a house first then the bathroom within it, I would love to work on making my dream bathroom.  My true dream bathroom will not come until my children are old enough to respect the items I place within it which means there will be many years before I start putting any antique bathroom vanities in the bathrooms frequented by toddlers!

I love the idea of an antique bathroom vanity because they are quite gorgeous in appearance and such an inviting piece of furniture! I would spend the brunt of my time in the bathroom if it were all decked out in antique furniture and stylish decor that’s for sure!

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