Celebrating Birthdays without a Gift @gradsave

Anyone who knows me as a person, realizes that I am not a huge money spender, not only because I am incapable of spending a lot of extra money but because I personally feel a gift from the heart is the bestest gift ever. Yes I said bestest!

There are many ways to do a no gift birthday party and today I get to share with you a cool idea from GradSave that allows you to give the cool gift of a college savings. During my sisters baby shower event last weekend many were talking about saving up for the soon to be born child’s college days. I have three kids and haven’t saved an ounce towards their college fund, that is if they choose to go to college. They are 10, 6 and 4 so I probably should start thinking about ways to save and GradSave is an excellent idea plus they have a cool sweepstakes going on right now that everyone can benefit from.

I watch as my children get gifts year after year and within just months those toys are either broken, lost or placed in a toy box to never be touched again. I have threatened to just toss out all toys because why have them if they won’t play with them?! Another item for birthday parties are those grab gift bags that each child can take home? Yeah, my kids rarely have that stuff beyond the car ride home; it is broken, lost or ends up in the pile of junk I call my car floor.

Why not give the gift that lasts a lifetime? The gift of a college education. Here is how it works:

  • Join GradSave
  • Plan your birthday party and open your GradSave college savings registry.
  • Include your child’s profile link in your birthday invitations.
  • Contribute yourself and invite friends as well as family to contribute.
  • If you reach $1,000 in the 60 day time period GradSave will give you $100 towards your child’s birthday party or college savings.

Fun Fact: Did you realize that just $25 a month when your child is a toddler can add up to $10,000 by the time they reach college age? That’s just giving up a coffee here or there.

Check out GradSave today to learn more and see how you can start celebrating birthdays with the no gift policy.

Will you Force your Child to go to College?

Over the weekend a thought came to my mind, would J and I force our kids to go to college or not. I asked him what he thought after explaining my thoughts on the subject, thankfully he agreed with how I want to approach college with the kids. That was not a big surprise, J and I are usually on the same parenting page but there are some small subjects that we have disagreed upon in the past regarding parenting. The video below lists my thoughts on this subject better than the typed words within this blog post….

I wanted to share how we feel that we should allow our children to ultimately make the college decision on their own. This is the first “adult” decision our children will make and I personally feel that if we force them to go to college then they will not enjoy it as much as if they made the decision on their own.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for my children going to college and I firmly believe a college education will allow them to fully benefit in the employment world more so than someone like me who has been self taught to be successful. I know that I will show my children all of the positives of attending a college and hope that my guidance and positive opinions as well as facts will assist them in making the decision to attend college, however, if they decide not to go to college I will fully support their decision.

Did You Go To College?

I am a high school graduate who completed about two years of online college courses. As an attempt to further my Education and pursue my love of administrator I started working on my Bachelors in Business Management with online courses but alas I had to put that dream on pause while I raised my first born son and then on pause even longer to raise my second born son. I may or may not go back an finish courses when my children are older but for now I am happy with all that I have learned through experience.

There are many places to get your degree online and really with a busy life of a work at home parent I feel online courses are the easiest and most convenient methods to work on getting your degree. Walden University is just one of many places you can purse your education at. I wonder what type of degree you are interested in?

While I was looking for places to get my degree I came across The Chronicle which, to my surprise, also had job listings. I don’t know if there are any listings for you but my feelings are where there’s a job board then there’s a chance you may find something. These days jobs are hard to come by!

So I end this blog post with a question; did you get a college education? Are you going to make your child go to college or do you feel it should be a decision they  make based on what’s best for them?

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