Still No Working Personal Computer, Laptop Only

While I love my laptop and am grateful as well as thankful and appreciative that I have it – my personal computer that I use for main working days in the office has been down for a while now. My ex husband, thankfully, is taking the time to figure it out but I am not rushing him because he has other things going on that keep him from putting my PC his first priority. That I completely understand. To be honest with you all, he DID fix it, return it to me and somehow it died. Again. We are pretty sure it may be a power supply because the PC was running through all the tests at his house over a weekends time just fine. BUT he is going to investigate it just to be sure.

In the meantime, I am going crazy here without Microsoft Office on my laptop, I am right now trying to get the setup to work but it keeps timing out. Big surprise. It seems lately everything I try to do ends up working after a ridiculously long process, but I keep plugging away.

This week my time to work was here, I had little for appointments and lots of time but I just couldn’t be as productive without my personal computer. I really am hoping to have it back soon.

Luckily I do use Xmarks for bookmarks, therefore no bookmarks have been lost. I also use the Firefox add-on Password Exporter so all my Passwords are transferred from one PC to the others. The only issue I have at the moment is that lack in access to my server computer that stores all pictures, business files and client data. I cannot get my laptop to connect to it at all.

Right now I am just doing the best I can with what I have … which means work isn’t as productive but it can get done and it will.

This too shall pass. So they tell me.


The Dead of Winter – Furnaces and Plumbing Talk

Here in New Hampshire we have snow and cold for winter time, not sure what the weather is like in your area during the winter months, but NH winters do require some form of heating to get through it without dying of being frozen to death. Here we have a furnace that runs oil heat, believe it’s forced hot air or hot water, anyways there are registers that push out the heat and keep us nice and toasty. Overall where I live now has a pretty reliable furnace system, but in my 1945 home that I used to own, that was an insanely old, worn down furnace that would sometimes crap the bed. That would require a technician to visit and give it life again, that totally sucks. Thankfully there are many places and options to get a furnace as well as a tech, maybe where you live you have to look at calgary furnaces. Whatever location and furnace type you need, rest assure knowing there are options out there.

The same goes for plumbing, nothing worse than having a pipe freeze due to cold weather and a broken furnace only to have to find a calgary plumber to fix the job. Frozen water pipes bursting is a sad reality of life when you do not insulate your pipes properly! Water freezes, expands and then blows up, leaving your home or work place covered in major water damage.

One can never be too safe, your best bet is to keep up with regular maintenance around your home to ensure you are not left in the cold or with a water mess this winter season!

Home and Summer Ideas

This post is brought to you by your friends at ShopWiki Kitchen Appliances.

Summer time is a great time to enjoy a home made treat from your blender such as a smoothie or a non-alcoholic (or rum included) strawberry daiquiri. I have shopped for kitchen blenders before and ended up buying the cheapest one I could find at a local store. This blender has worked wonders for me on a hot Summer evening when I’m in the mood for a non-alcoholic pina colada or strawberry daiquiri.

Another product I have at home that helps me cook a good wholesome meal without heating up my house is a slow cooker. You can toss veggies and meat into it for about 8 hours and sit down to a wholesome, cheap and delicious meal that won’t heat your kitchen up when it’s over 90 degrees outside. My children always love it when I use my slow cooker for dinners.

I have never had a dishwasher in my home, but did have one in an apartment I rented years back. For some reason I am not a huge fan of dishwashers, but when Summer time is here and the kids would prefer Mama play with them over doing household chores I often wonder if I should go out and find a cheap dishwasher for my home. Honestly I don’t have the room for one, but it’s a good thought.

I have a lot of flatware in my home and don’t use plastic silverware when having picnics, I use my kitchen flatware for all picnics and BBQ’s as well as birthday party events because I love washing dishes, even if my children would much rather me get a dishwasher. One thing I would say I wish I had in my home was more ceramic kitchen bowls and similar. I don’t have any fancy dinnerware supplies in my home. Everything I own has been handed down to me or received for free from various places like Freecycle or Craigslist.

Question for Thought: What are some ideas you have to help give you more time and heat your house up less during the Summer months?

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