The Boys who Hold my Heart

While I love having a daughter, I also love my two boys. I have learned in having a girl and two boys that each holds a very special place in my heart. Many have said that they couldn’t imagine having more than their one child because they wouldn’t know how to love anyone else the way they love their only child. I swore to them that it happens, your heart is big enough for every single child and each child will be loved fully but in a little unique way that fits who they are as a little person.

Boy who hold Mamas heart

With my boys I have noticed they hold my heart in the palm of their hands. Little charmers they can be and get away with anything. I am trying to be better at standing firm but sometimes just a look with them allows them to get away with things that they should not. My daughter is able to get away with more than she should at times too, but that is the joys of being the oldest child (as was I) we tend to not get away with as much as our younger sibling(s) do(es).

The boys just have this way about them. I swear they are going to make some sweet little charmers when they are older and I will teach them right from wrong if they ever try to be breaking girls hearts. That isn’t happening on my watch .. . I swear.

American Heart Month and Quaker #QuakerHearts #spon

Kids Riding BikesDuring American Heart Month, Quaker is teaming up with heart-throb chef Fabio Viviani to energize and inspire women to take action for their hearts.  I must admit I am always on my kids about how staying fit, trying to eat healthy and making good decisions in your lifestyle is what can help keep your heart healthy. I have a Grampa who has had bypass surgery of some sort, I am not fully educated on what happened but from what I *think* is true is that the pipes leading all to his heart and such are no longer the real arteries, they have been replaced. The strong willed farm man, my Grampa, is close to or right at 90 years old and still working on the farm to this day. He is a fighter but having had this come up about heart health really reminded me of him.

Each time I catch my kids begging for junk fast food meals or not being more active I harp on them how it’s not heart healthy to be inactive. During the Winter months we are famous for letting things go; from lack of outdoor activities to the laziness factor that comes with lack in sunlight, shorter days and cold weather. I try my best to educate all of my kids, who like me, struggle with keeping weight off, the importance of being heart healthy. This is why I try to partake in campaigns such as this one with Quaker, to help bring awareness to others on the topic of heart health. What you eat, your fitness level and your overall health not only affects your body image and your moods, but it affects ultimately your heart health!




Quaker’s Epic Hot Breakfast Sweepstakes

Another way Quaker is helping encourage heart health this American Heart Month is to host a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes is super easy to enter, simply watch the Quaker’s Epic Hot Breakfast video on YouTube and share this on Twitter using the hashtag #QuakerLove between 10am Central Time February 14, 2013 through 11:59pm Central Time February 28, 2013.

One Grand Prize

One lucky person will be randomly chosen to win a chance to enjoy a spa treatment, and dine at Siena Tavern in Chicago with a guest of their choice.

Runner Up Prize

At the end of the month, 15 participants will also be chosen at random to receive an “Ultimate Hot Breakfast” prize pack complete with Quaker Oats, signed items from Fabio Viviani, and additional items to help start your day.

How Can you Learn more about Keeping Heart Healthy?

Join in the fun conversation Friday, February 15, 2013 during the Twitter party. You may RSVP over at Resourceful Mommy for your chance to win awesome prizes and partake in a conversation around Quaker and American Heart Month. There will be 4 $50 Visa Gift Cards given away during this Twitter party.

Connect with Quaker on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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We Took A Walk the Other Day

One weekend the kids and I decided we would walk down town, well okay I decided the kids and I would take a nice walk and bribed them with a slushy once they realized just how far we were walking. Total time was around 1 hour 40 minutes round trip I believe. This is normally a 40 minute round trip walk for me alone.

It’s not the walk that made me smile most, even though getting exercise always seems to boost my spirits it was what happened during the walk that made me smile the most…

My two oldest children were actually holding hands walking down the road in front of me. Side by side, happy as can be. These two children of mine tend to either get along amazing or fight tooth and nail with each other. It’s funny to watch how close they can be at times and it certainly was a picture moment.

My daughter even offered some of her slushy to her brother, who had his own. It was so cute to walk behind them and watch as they got along so well. Chatting about their summer, the day plans and everything you can think of. These two were extremely happy to just be out with Mama on a nice, long walk.

Moments like this I will cherish in my heart forever.

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Thinking Drives a Girl Batty

I am serious! I think way too much, I don’t usually analyze things to death but I certainly try to make certain my thoughts are real and valid. Then I try to take my thoughts and turn them into a resolution, an action plan so to speak. If I work out an action plan with my thoughts then reality is real, a heart felt decision that one must make and move forward with.

Today I ramble to you, because my mind was so overwhelmed the past two nights that my shoulders are tense and everyone who is close to me can see how reserved I have become. I once became overly happy, positive and outgoing I now sit at home and watch as my mood fades and I get sleepy all the time.

This is not me, the real me is outgoing, social and loves to smile! When I go outside with my kids and sit in the backyard or run in the backyard I feel at ease, my mind is free, I can think clear thoughts and realize there are some decisions I must make and some realities I must face.

Life is only difficult if you make it that way, complicated sure … of course, but do not  let complication scare you away from your heart felt feelings. As a few good friends of mine remind me of daily – follow your gut, because that is the true instinct of what you should do in life.

That is what I will do, I will follow my gut and hope that all fits back into piece like a puzzle that you spent months trying to put together.

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Energy Up Energy Down

It’s normal for a person to feel high energy then low energy, I am a firm believer that it’s about how you think you feel in addition to diet and exercise. I haven’t ever felt such highs and lows in a long time. I was at my best a few weeks ago ready to move forward and could have run a mile (well maybe if I quit smoking I could run a mile), but you know what I mean. Then it hit me, a really low energy spell. It came with a sickness for a couple weeks in a row it seemed that every Sunday and Monday I would get very ill and I would have blamed it on drinking, however, I only drank alcohol on the weekends my kids were gone and one of the Sunday/Monday combos I was sick was a weekend I had my kids.

I am still trying to determine what it is that’s making me sick, I know that cigarette smoking is making me feel ill, so each morning I wake up ready to quit and test myself with the “I can do this” attitude to see how long I make it before I give in and go outside for my nasty habit. I am confident that I will quit smoking when I can find that mindset to quit, for now I just take it one day at a time. I know my coffee has been making me sick, I used to drink two travel mugs every morning and it didn’t even bother me. Now I can barely drink one travel mug of coffee before my stomach is turning and I can’t handle finishing the cup. The lack of coffee could be causing low energy as my body is used to that caffeine high.

Another thing I have noticed is that I let my kids eat fairly healthy but I actually don’t eat much at all so as a way to find out what foods are said to boost energy and mood levels I used my favorite search engine Google and here are some foods that may be able to help you and me get moving forward to higher energy and higher spirits:

  • Blueberries - YUM! help fight off urinary tract infections and contain tons of antioxidants with cancer fighting properties.
  • SalmonI don’t eat this but have heard it can help with fat cells in your blood vessels I think I watched news story on this versus fatty foods like McDonalds. a top source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, and can help decrease your risk of heart disease and cancer. There is also some preliminary evidence that shows that fish oils can help increase fat loss.
  • Almonds - LOVE ‘em but rarely buy ‘em. Snacking on almonds between meals can help to decrease you appetite, helping you to maintain or lose weight. They are a healthy fat and a rich source of protein.
  • Green Tea – LOVE IT! A great source of powerful antioxidants. With less than half the calories of coffee, it’s also a better energy boosting choice.

Question for Thought: What foods do you eat to help maintain a healthy weight and energy/mood balance? I would love to hear what works for you!

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