A Boardwalk Stroll and Fireworks at Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach NH Visit

Every other weekend the man and I head out on a random road trip. We don’t always have a destination in mind, but one time months back my man had a destination in mind. He was going to test my dang anxiety and see about playing Bingo near the seacoast. He had told me about this Bingo option in the past but I was reluctant to agree, so he just brought me knowing that my anxiety may take over and I wouldn’t go in. That’s exactly what happened and I felt horrible, but being the man he is, having compassion […]

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Our Trip to Hampton Beach State Park, New Hampshire

I haven’t been to the Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire since my teen years, and even then I don’t recall actually stopping, getting out and enjoying the place. Recently I decided that would be a fun day trip to do with the kids, what made the trip even more fun was that my daughter took along her bestie and we also brought my sister as well as my baby niece with us. There was my Town & Country packed full with five kids and two adults headed to make the over hour drive to Hampton Beach State Park. […]

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