Back to School with Andrea’s Beau Headband Giveaway

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My daughter is obsessed with the headbands from Andrea’s Beau, we work with this company about two times a year for headbands and this time around my daughter actually gave some pretty awesome feedback that I can share with you all, besides just about the styles and gorgeous designs. When the headbands arrived, my daughter was telling me that she loves Andrea’s Beau headbands because, unlike other headbands, these never hurt behind her ears. Usually any other brand of headband Ki has tried on, never fit right, eventually the ends would dig in behind her ears causing headaches, but not with Andrea’s Beau heads. Never ever does Ki have an issue with the headband digging into her. Ever.

Andrea's Beau Headband Giveaway for Back to School

Miss Ki i shown here modeling two styles of Andrea’s Beau headbands; the Ari Argyle Headband in light blue and the Nora Ombre Flower Headband in lavender. Doesn’t she look so pretty and happy in these pictures? Being that she is a tween, it’s rare to capture her on camera and even then more so rare to capture her radiant smile, so thank you Andrea’s Beau for assisting in making this girl shine!

With Back to School season upon us, already, it seems having a giveaway for a headband could really help out some families. So today I am hosting a giveaway for one Ari Argyle Headband in your choice of colors. See the image below for the color options. 

About Andrea’s Beau

Andrea comes from a long line of design savvy family members; from her father to her grandfather and in between this family was made to be designers. The love of textile trends, colors and fashion houses was really something that stemmed from her upbringing and today she brings to you so many options for you to spruce up your hair!

There are hair accessories for both women and girls on Andrea’s Beau website, also wholesale options and free shipping at the moment for continental orders of $50 or more. If you have a hair savvy girl in your household, this is the place to shop for hair accessories that match every taste. The quality is long lasting, my daughter still has all of the headbands provided to us over the years and they are in great shape! The style is amazing and as I mentioned earlier on in the post, these headbands do not stick behind your ears, so if you choose headbands, you know you will be choosing a great one for your daughter!

Andrea's Beau Headband Giveaway

Enter to win ONE Ari Argyle Headband

One (1) Ari Argyle Headband in winners choice of color to one (1) person.
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 Ends August 2, 2014 at 12am Eastern Time

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All In Due Time, They Do Sometimes Need You When they Get Bigger #tweens

I am often found sighing in disbelief at how big my daughter is now, she is into those tween years and she no longer thinks the hairstyles I used to do in her hair are cool. Apparently “cute” is no longer the proper term to refer to a hairstyle either. The cuter it is, the worse of an idea it is; at least according to my tween daughter. It amazes me at how fast she has grown, both in height and in intelligence. This girl is beyond her years in comprehension and most times I wonder if she is one of those “old souls” type of people, she really is a spitting image of me on days she wears her contacts. Whenever my daughter speaks, she seems to truly have taken in most of my positive mindset and that makes me so proud to hear and see.

With all of this being said, it seems that no matter how fast our children grow and no matter how much it has saddened me that my idea of those pig tail braids in her long hair are no longer her preference for hairstyles, there comes a day when your child will indeed want or need you again to help. That was us this past week. My daughter finally needed her Mama to assist in her hair obsession ways. Sadly, I think I created a straightened hair monster, but she wanted and needed me to be her assistant in the mornings for before school hair styling time and that my friends warmed my heart up just a bit.

Even in their Older years, Kids Need their Parents Help

So remember, when you think that your kids have outgrown some things that they loved as younger kids, that there may just be a day when they come to you needing you for something else or something similar. Hang on parents, our kids do still need us, even in their older years! Be patient, they will come to you.


How to Create Wavy Hair Like a Pro

Feel like trying a new style? Whether your hair is curly or straight, it’s easy to make waves using nothing more than a hairbrush and some patience. In this guide, we’ve teamed up with the style experts at to help you create wavy hair like a professional stylist.

Start with fresh, clean, and straightened hair

Before you start creating wavy hair, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is clean and straight. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your hair is perfectly clean – if you need to rinse and repeat, don’t hesitate.

Once your hair is clean, straighten it. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If your hair is curly, use your straightening iron to make it straight and tidy.

If your hair is naturally straight, you can towel dry it to leave a little bit of moisture for creating long-lasting waves. If you’ve straightened it, try adding some leave-in conditioner to create a little bit of moisture.

Prepare your brush or comb and get to work. Your hair should be perfectly straight and nice and neat before you create any waves. Use your comb to remove any knots in your hair and bring it into an even, consistent pattern.

Use braids to create loose, wavy curls in your hair


Tight braids create stylish, natural waves. Image.

Divide your hair into inch-thick sections, and create tight braids using each part. The size of your braids will determine the size of your waves – several small, tight braids will give you smaller waves, while a single plait will give you very loose waves.

For the best results, try 3-4 braids of a reasonable tightness. Make sure your braids aren’t too tight, as pulling your hair too tightly can damage it. If you feel discomfort, loosen your brands and start over again.

If your hair is still damp, dry it using your hairdryer. If it’s almost dry, you can let it dry naturally. You will need to leave your hair in braids for about six hours, so if you plan on going to sleep, make sure it’s dry before you get into bed.

After six or more hours have passed, untie your braids and enjoy natural waves that are sure to impress. Make sure you don’t comb or brush your hair at this point, as it will become frizzy and dry instead of loose and curly.

Your waves won’t last forever, but they can last longer with some basic care. Sleep with large curlers in your hair to create loose waves naturally, or top up using your curling iron for the perfect wavy look.

Bugs in My Hair Children’s Book Plus more from David Shannon Giveaway

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Today I am here to share a new book for your children to enjoy, Bugs in my Hair. This is a book written by David Shannon. Head lice is the topic, a subject that is tabooed by many, “ewwww that person has head lice, they are gross and dirty” you know how it goes with the shame in facing the fact that your child got head lice. Can you imagine the shame your child feels when wind is put out there in the school? Children are mean and immature which means that they are not educated in the fact that head lice happens.


David Shannon is a comical writer, my children fully enjoyed “No, David” which is another book he wrote and you will be able to have a chance at wining three of David Shannon’s books below if you choose to enter the giveaway.

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5 Celebrities Rocking the Ponytail

celebrities who rock a pony tail

Some of Hollywood’s top celebrities have brought back the ponytail. Image

What do Mila Kunis, Mariah Carey, and Kim Kardashian have in common? Here’s a hint: it’s a shared talent. When it comes to hair, they’re all masters of making some of the most casual, relaxed hairstyles look like ultra-chic, stylish masterpieces.

These five celebrities are all rocking ponytails while out and about shopping, going to premieres and media events, and even while taking part in fashion photo shoots:

          1.  Mila Kunis

Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis has come a long way since the days of That 70s Show. The Hollywood star is known for her natural beauty and stylish looks, and a stylish messy ponytail suits her sleek, chiselled face like no other hairstyle. Perfect for the stylish-but-not-too-formal look.

2.  Gwyneth Paltrow

Whether she’s trying to impress Tony Start or wow the paparazzi, Gwyneth Paltrow can make a simple ponytail look effortlessly stylish. We’ve seen this superstar rock a low ponytail, a high and tight ponytail, and the typical mid-length ponytail, making her one of Hollywood’s most versatile hair influences.

3.    Mariah Carey

Known for her amazing voice and thrilling live show, Mariah Carey is one of the pop world’s most stylish and timeless performers. While she may be best known for her curly styles of the 1990s, Mariah Carey’s current hairstyles are stylish, versatile, and perfect for everyday life.

4.     Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba makes casual cool look incredibly stylish. This dynamic Hollywood star is one of the ponytail masters, rocking the casual hairstyle at the gym, at live events and press conferences, and even at red carpet premieres. Whether it’s off to the side or loosely plaited, Jessica Alba’s casual hairstyles are excellent ponytail inspiration.

5.     Kim Kardashian

Whether it’s long or short, straight or curly, Kim Kardashian’s hair has never failed to impress. The world’s biggest reality show star has rocked a variety of ponytails in the last five years after hitting it big with the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The key to Kim Kardashian’s impressive ponytail is length, which can be achieved using hair extensions, a clip-on ponytail, and other hair accessories. Straighten the ponytail and wear to the side for the ultimate reality superstar look.

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