A Great Hand Out Idea for Halloween – College Savings Registry @GradSave #halloween

Have you ever created a baby registry?

How about a registry for a wedding or maybe your child’s birthday?

GradSave is about the same concept, you create a college savings registry by going to GradSave.com and connect a 529 Plan or prepaid college savings plan to your GradSave account. Once you have your GradSave account page created you can share this with anyone; let’s say Uncle Mike lives in Texas but you live in Vermont. How can Uncle Mike give to his niece or nephew each holiday season or birthday time? Well, Uncle Mike can put a gift of money into his niece or nephews college savings plan by utilizing the GradSave College Savings Registry that you created. I know many elders who would much rather give the gift of savings to a child than the gift of a materialistic item, for that is how they can pass along a future for their younger generation relatives.

College Savings Registry 3

With all that in mind, why not pass along the idea of saving for college by placing $10 coupons in your trick or treat bowl this Halloween? You will be able to educate others on how they can setup their own GradSave College Savings Registry and in turn they will be passing along the idea to their children that saving money is important. I personally wasn’t ever taught to budget money nor save money, but I eventually did learn through trial and error. Would you not rather a child learn through example rather than trial and error?  I think it’s important to teach children to save at a young age so that they learn the concept that money doesn’t grow on trees.

College Savings Registry 2

College is an important advancement for your child, whether they go to college for some off he wall career idea or they go for what you had hoped they went for, you must start saving now to be able to afford the ever rising cost of college tuition’s. The younger your child is, the more money you can save. GradSave’s College Savings Registry really makes it easier to save and allow family to donate to the child’s college fund from afar.  This Halloween you can go to GradSave Happy Halloween Page and sign up to register for your child’s registry today or you can simply print off these coupons to hand out to your trick or treaters this season. Not handing out trick or treating items this year? If you are attending any Halloween event you can print off these images and do what I did; place them on cardboard or card stock and hand them out at the event. 

College Savings Registry

Remember, this is a legit College Savings Registry so by signing up you are indeed attempting to allow your child’s 529 or prepaid college fund to be attached to this registry so that others (friends and family) can donate to your child’s college savings from anywhere at any time. Do not simply sign up because I am sharing this information with you; I am sharing this information as a great idea for Halloween hand outs and that I feel strongly about saving for college if you are able to do so. With GradSave College Savings Registry you can essentially take your child’s college fund further by opening doors for far away relatives and friends to easily donate to the fund.

Click here to visit the GradSave Halloween Page. Remember to use my referral code of HHHAPB if you are signing up.

Click here to print these coupons in white (shown in images) or Click here to print in black  to hand out this Halloween. {will open a PDF document in new tab/window}

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GradSave’s Fallen Heroes Program – Helping Children of Fallen Hereos

KevinVGradSave wanted me to take a moment to share some information with you all about their Fallen Heroes program which is a program started in partnership with the Children of Fallen Soldiers Organization. GradSave wants to remind you all this 4th of July holiday season that it is important to them to help children who have lost a parent in the Armed Forces get a discount on college costs.

Here is how you can help:

  • Share this post on social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Write an article of your own about this wonderful program to help children of Fallen Heroes.
  • Leave a comment in support of this great cause.
  • Donate money to the children of Fallen Heroes.

You can visit the Fallen Heroes website to see each child’s story as they have a few children featured right on the home page. Whether you choose to donate to all of the children or just some, you will be helping make a child’s future education a larger possibility and to me it would be an excellent thank you to the children of those who fought for our freedoms.  You can choose to donate one time, once every 3 months or once every 6 months even up to once every year. Every little bit helps, so even just visiting to learn more and sharing GradSave’s Fallen Heroes program with those you know will help spread the word all over.

Let’s give back to the children who lost their parent or parents who were serving their country to fight for our freedoms!

GradSave is a also great way to save for your child’s college by involving friends and family to contribute to their college fund. Check them out here and register today or give a gift card to someone you love.

Celebrate 529 Day with GradSave @gradsave

For one, who doesn’t want to win money? I know many people who would love a chance at some cash and that is why I am sharing this information with you all today from GradSave and savingforcollege.com. Basically, this is not just any old $529 cash, it is provided to the winner in the form of a GradSave gift card that can be redeemed at any 529 plan. GradSave and savingforcollege.com is just really on a mission to get everyone out there realizing how vitally important it is to save for college, I have three kids and each time I am reminded about GradSave I have to think hard about when I, too, can start saving for college costs. College is expensive, and it only gets more expensive as each year passes.

529 Day Savings for College Joe Hurley Webinar

Graduation is coming soon, why not give a gift to a parent who is seeing how costly college is for that first time high school graduate child and is now realizing that they have another kid heading up there into the years of high school graduation. We live and learn as humans, why not make a stressful situation of spending for college less stressful by signing up for this 529 day celebration where you can partake in a live webinar, hosted by nationally recognized “529 Guru” Joe Hurley. This webinar will be held in a Question & Answer format.

In a nutshell, you can head on over to savingforcollege.com to learn more about this webinar as well as enter your information to RSVP and submit a question you may have for Joe to answer during this webinar. From there, you will have been entered for your chance at the $529. You get answers, you get a chance to win and you can take part right from your home, your office or wherever you have internet access and a computer to watch the webinar.

To learn more about this 529 Day Celebration click here. Remember GradSave has gift cards to give that special parent for their children or to give to a teacher as a classroom gift, order your GradSave gift card here.

Stocking Stuffer Idea from GradSave @gradsave

Are you ready for a cute stocking stuffer idea?

Stuff a stocking and ensure a future? Sort of catchy, right? Well as a Mom of three it is. With three kids to think “college” for, I know I have to start getting smart about saving for college tuition because at least one of the three will end up in a college of some sort.  At least I hope.

My little ones will be big ones some day heading off asking me to pay that lovely bill so they can further their education and become whatever it is their heart desires. That is why I absolutely love and stand behind GradSave 100%. The cool thing is that you can now choose to get your GradSave College Savings Gift Card via digital gift code or gift card by mail. What a cute stocking stuffer idea, now maybe your little one won’t know what the card is for, but I know my little ones think having a “credit card” aka gift card, is just the same as what Mama uses in the stores.

To think of your kids opening up their stocking and having a “credit card” found within it, of course they will think they can go spend it, but you will have to explain to them that it’s savings for when they are older. Place it in a secret treasure place, such as a lock box within your home with your child. Make a cute game out of it, and know that you are doing a great thing by starting to invest in your child’s future. Heck, this could even be a yearly tradition or a tradition for each birthday as well as Christmas.

I also want to share with you another awesome thing that GradSave has going on, their $10,000 Scholarship Sweepstakes, simply fill out a form on the GradSave Scholarship Sweepstakes page and be entered for a chance to win $10,000 towards your child’s future! That sweepstakes ends on December 31, 2012. It is open to US minus Rhode Island.

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