Would Would Brandy Do if she Had a No Limits Shoe Shopping Spree

Just the other day I was thinking about how I haven’t purchased myself clothing in forever. Occasionally I do receive a gift card to get some clothes and then I spend that on myself, usually shoes. This got me thinking, what would I do if I had a no-limit shopping spree for my favorite wardrobe item … shoes?!

First off, why do I love shoes? Because they always fit just right no matter what. I can get tall shoes to be a tad bit taller and I can get flats that allow me to stay at my 5’6″ level. It’s great to see the new shoe options out there in the world these days, such as the gladiator heels shown below. Aren’t those some pretty nifty, shiny heels? I could see myself wearing this to a blog event, such as coverage for a movie or a special NYC event. Surely I would tower over many people, but my feet would gain some pretty awesome attention.

Gladiator Heels

Maybe on this particular day I wouldn’t want to tower over everyone and have so much attention brought upon myself, so maybe for a special event I would go with the privileged heelless shoes, these wouldn’t bring me as much attention, wouldn’t make me so tall and could share my love of art. I am all about artistic talent and clothing or shoes being a way to express ones self. These magazine print privileged heelless shoes would so fit the role of me expressing my love of art.

Privileged Harting Magazine Print Clear Oxfords

The next shoe style option that is available these days and seems to be getting more and more popular are the wedge boots. Wedge style shoes are actually the first heel-like option I let my daughter wear. I wasn’t quite ready to push the idea of having my tween walk around with heels on, but I wanted to allow her some shoe freedom and so wedge style shoes made sense. There are so many wedge style shoes, I hadn’t a clue. I happened upon the below wedge style boots and fell in love! What would you think if you saw me walking into an event with these babies on?

Pink Wedge Shoes

Well I think out of all three options I shared, the first option is the one I would love to wear on a night out or an event for my business. Either way, I wonder, which shoe you would choose and why?

Do tell me in a comment below; if you could shop for shoes and have an unlimited amount of money to spend; what style would you envision yourself purchasing?


Living in My Own Little World

Many can tell when something is wrong with me. I tend to be a pretty easy person to read. Although nothing major is wrong with me, I have been in a funk lately. I funk about life, a funk about writing, a funk about work, and maybe most of this is due to my lack of sleep. I notice on the nights my sons go to sleep on time, no later than 8:30pm for me then I am happier and have this positive energy about me. Those kind of nights only happen a couple times a week, if I am lucky.

Lately I have been feeling like I am running in circles and the world is just spinning faster and faster. It has been difficult for me to slow my talking down and I am rambling more again. I know what I need to cure the funk I am in; sleep, exercise and socializing with adults. Those three always seem to help! Heck even if I don’t get more sleep as long as I get my daily exercise in and get out with adults every couple of weeks I am good to go!

I keep putting so many other people before me, I don’t know why I do this, it’s just my nature it seems. As I watch how putting others before me makes me feel, I realize it is time for me to start focusing on me. My children always come first, they need to but if I am neglecting me then they are in a sense being neglected of the positive mother they deserve!

It’s time to start putting me somewhat first because it’s important to the positive energy this household normally has!

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