An Evening at Park Turns into Gentle Reminder

Each Friday through October our town has a farmer’s market and the children love when I take them to wander around looking at all of the vendors, as well as to take a ride on the train that is there.

Fun at Farmers Market in NH

After we had our visit at the Farmer’s Market, my youngest asked if I would take him to the park later. My middle child was all set on that idea and grumbled that he didn’t want to go. We headed home and let my middle child settle in at home with my boyfriend while I took the oldest and youngest to the park, alongside pet Wormie who was introduced yesterday to you all.

Happy Children

The two kiddos had a blast at the park. I love that in the pictures I took I could see a genuine smile and I can also see the true happiness behind their eyes. Can you see that too? Well, okay the youngest is a punk but he still appears happy!

Acrobat son

This evening was a reminder of just how often it is needed, in this busy world, to let go of work and responsibilities and just have fun with the children. Our evening at the park was full of such laughter, smiles and amusements that I could feel my heart fill up with nothing but love and admiration for my children.

Tween Daughter is Awesome

We just have so much going on in our family unit that sometimes it’s easier to stay home and just move with the motions. I think that this evening at the park did wonders for us as a family unit; it reminded the children that, while busy, Mama still knows how to make time for them and get down to kid levels! It also reminded me that doing this more often would be good for my soul.

I laughed so hard that evening, more so than I have done in a long time. It’s about time I started to make more time again. Family is all we have when everything else is lost.

Five Secrets to Eating Organic on A Budget

Eating Organic on Budget

Healthy eating is often on the agenda of anyone looking to lose weight or maintain their slender figure, and organic produce is a big part of it. Organic foods tend to come with less harmful pesticides and chemicals than ordinary food, plus they’re seen as being more nutritious, but some people worry about the cost.

One look at the organic section of a supermarket will probably make your eyes water, especially if you have to stick to a budget. Fortunately, there are a few things you could do to eat organic food for less. Here are a few tips we have for you:

Eat at home

You might think your best chance of eating organic produce is to eat at a restaurant, but that’s not the case. Whether you buy organic fruit and vegetables from a market, supermarket or directly from a farm, it’s much cheaper plus you can cook what you like!

Buy local

Getting organic food closer to home is cheaper than you might think. If you buy fruit, vegetables or grains from a local retailer, then it’s likely to be cheaper as it won’t have travelled from a farm hundreds of miles away.

Visit a farmers’ market

Every so often, there are farmers markets held all over the world, some of which might be held closer to you. At those markets, you can buy organic produce for less and get your fill of what you need to make soups, stews, casseroles and even salads.

Eat plenty of eggs

You might think some organic foods are out of your price range, but some items are available for the same price as non-organic produce. Eggs are a great example, and with just a couple, you could make a meal like scrambled egg on toast or an omelette for next to nothing! They’re also easy to cook too, as this video demonstrates:

Buy organic food online

You can find great discounts using online food and drink voucher codes with no fuss. Then, you can visit sites of supermarkets and online grocery retailers and buy whatever you need at a price you can afford. Alternatively, as online groceries are cheaper, you could buy organic produce in bulk, allowing you to buy the same foods if you plan on making the same or similar meals every week.

To make even more savings, you could try buy food with your neighbours or relatives who live close by, as that way you could buy what you need for less without having to drive to the nearest supermarket.

The Easiest Ways to Incorporate a Walk Into your Daily Routine

Fitness is very important to me, not only as an individual, but as a Mom. You see, I firmly believe in teaching through example and if I am not being active on my own then neither will my children think to be active on their own. That is why I spend quick moments making sure that I walk a bit more each day, these short walks really help to keep my weight going down, muscle tone building and of course walks are a great way to have a fun time with my children.

Hiking Mt. Kearsarge Summer 2012

Pictured above you will see  my three children and me atop Mt. Kearsarge at the parking lot, ready to hike to the summit. Of course, this picture was taken during a hike up Mt. Kearsarge, but there are other simple ways to get a daily walk in without dedicating too much extra time. After all everyone leads busy lives these days, don’t we?

Park Further Away from Grocery Store Entrance

Heading to the grocery store? Well next time you visit the local food store, remember to park further away from the store entrance. This forces you to get a short walk in, without dedicating too much extra time or prior planning.  I personally do this all too often and even if my kids complain each time I do, they are starting to understand why it’s important to take your time in life, even if that means we have to walk further across the parking lot to get inside of the store.

Walk to Get Kids from School on Nice Days

I could potentially walk from my home to the schools to get my children on warm days, however, it’s too far of a walk for the little one.  Whether you live within walking distance or have to park downtown somewhere and walk, make sure to take advantage of the nice weather days and walk to pick up the kids instead of driving. This saves a little bit of gas and it’s a fun way to let your kids “get their wiggles out” after school. I must admit my middle child gets upset when I walk to get him, but I know in the long run of life he will see that Mom was always finding creative ways to keep him active. I can only hope the habit of parking and walking to the school will stick with my children as they grow up and become parents in later years themselves.

Walk Around the Farmers Market

My children and I have recently started to make our Fridays a habit of walking around the local Farmers Market. It’s a nice walk, we get to check out the local artists, foodies and even ride on a home made train. The children and I spend an hour walking around the Farmer’s Market without even realizing we were walking for that long! This is a fun {and sneaky} way to incorporate walking into your life without dedicating extra time, especially if you are one who enjoys Farmers Markets as much as we do.

There you Have it …

Hopefully these few short tips and examples of how my children and I incorporate walking into our daily lives will get you moving forward in making sure you stay active without having to set aside too much more of your precious hours in the day.

I’ve partnered with Harvard Pilgrim on this sponsored post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. You can find more ways to be well at

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