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Working From Home: Shut Down That Office Computer

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One thing I have been reading about around the Internet and other work at home parent’s blogs  is that it’s so hard for them to “shut off” business and get back to family time when they have a home office rather than an “out of the home office”. For example, my husband leaves his job, comes home to his family and voila it’s “family time”.  I, am at work all day and all night long, my home.

Lately I have been found on my computer, checking “just one more email” or “writing just one more blog post” when all of a sudden I am on the computer for two hours. Next thing I know I have to eat dinner, get the kids in bed and then myself in bed. I missed two hours of quality family time, for what? An extra couple of bucks? I mean, really, is the extra couple of bucks worth missing that first step or that first word or giving unlimited piggy back rides to the children I love so dearly? No it is not! But why do so many of us have such a hard time putting up a closed sign when working from home?

I tell you why … for me anyways, it’s that I am working for a purpose, well a couple of purposes:

  1. To make money and have more family time.
  2. To get my husband home working with me full time so he no longer has to go to a labor intensive out of home job six days a week.

The latter of the two is what keeps me working passed my “office hours”, I feel that “extra couple of bucks” will push us closer to our goal of opening a computer business and being full time work at home parents. The first of the two is what I lose track of, “more family time”, I forget how fast these little ones grow, before I know it they will be in high school, taking drivers ed and not too long after that they will be off in the real world being adults. Gosh, I don’t want their young years to fly by that fast, but they do and if I miss most of them with my head in my work, well then was it really worth it? I say not.

So what I say to you, those who work at home, is set an hour to close shop and do just that – do not check emails, do not touch that computer, for me that means I literally SHUT DOWN my computer I use for work, yeah that means there are two other computers I could go to, but the one I shut off is my “main office computer” and so I can’t check my business emails, which means I can’t work. This has worked for me so far this week, and I invite you to do this as well … see if we can’t all work towards enjoying life with our family a bit more, creating those long lasting memories we so love looking back on. If you do give this a try, please let me know how it works for you, or if you stuck to it, because you know I will be writing about it IF I don’t stick to it too! ;-)

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Outdoor Play Is Very Important

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If you are a parent, you should know that outdoor play is so vital to your child’s growth and social interactions. Think about it, what does your child do when you take them to the park or play outside? They interact, they socialize, they are happy.

If you have children like mine, your child loves the outdoors so much that they never want to go back inside. If you are luckier than me, a long day outside playing means a nice night of peaceful babes tucked snugged sleeping all night. Not only is outdoor play important for children, it is for adults as well. Are you attached to your computer, laptop or blackberry when your child is playing outdoors with you? I hope you said NO, if you said YES … put it away. Time outside interacting with your child boosts your spirits and your child will be happy knowing that you are paying attention to them. This positive attention, will turn into positive behavior.

Outdoor play is famous in our house, our oldest son – age 2 and a half – loves the outdoors. He has been an outdoor child since he was a baby, always at peace when outside. He could be searching for a frog, playing pretend dragons, or playing with his new Fisher-Price® ESPN Better Batter™ Baseball. It doesn’t matter what you do with him – it matters that YOU DO SOMETHING WITH HIM.

Now if you ask me about my oldest, and only daughter – well that’s another story. She will play outside at her Dad’s house for HOURS but getting her to play in our backyard – no so much. She would prefer to go read a book or play with the Wii Fit. I am trying to work on this, but she doesn’t really have any outdoor toys for her age level. We will have to get her some soon because the rest of us LOVE the great outdoors; hiking, camping, swinging – it makes for some fun family memories.

As I discuss Time Management and Organization, I will focus on outdoor play as well, because when you have your business more organized and your time managed – you get more family time.

With Summer coming it’s best to get some outdoor play routines in place. It could be a nice game of baseball, soccer or even just running around in your back yard. Whatever activity you choose to do, make sure to stick with it! The sun will increase your happy thoughts, and when you are happy – your children are happy.

Make it a happy day!

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Over Worked and Over Scheduled

Many people through out the blogosphere are talking about how busy they are with working at home, and are trying so hard to make time for family and other events in their life. They are struggling to keep a steady schedule that allows flexibility but also allows work to be done. I am finding it’s hard to be an entrepreneur especially since I am a work-a-holic. If you give me something to do I will get it done and I have a habit of working non stop until the project is complete.

Over working and over scheduling yourself is easy to do, but when you are an entrepreneur it’s YOUR FAULT. No one else is making you create this situation. I fear many moms and dads who work at home are over working themselves and losing focus of why they wanted to work at home in the first place; to have more time for family. I see the work at home parents allowing their dream home business to consume their lives and family time, myself included.

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