Flour, Sugar, Butter, and Pure Laughter

Last night my son’s weren’t too happy about the lack in after school snack upon their pick up from school. You see, my sons get out of school ready to eat their arm off because they are just so hungry. I usually grab something quick and this particular afternoon, I used some change to grab them each 2 munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. Wrong choice. Total meltdown over not wanting such a treat. I was in shock, figured they would have been excited to have a random small treat. Nope. They were upset, but using my Mom skills they finally accepted the treats and rode home with little issues. Upon arrival to our driveway the little one says “let’s make cookies”, I was all for this idea but uncertain what ingredients I had in my kitchen. Then it was realized, we can make sugar cookies. That’s when the plan unfolded.

Making Sugar Cookies

First step was to ensure neither boy had any homework or papers for me to sign in their backpacks. Next, Mama had to get that mess of a kitchen cleaned up just so we could make another mess of the kitchen. The boys played cheerfully on the Playstation 3 Demo of Minecraft. No fighting. I was in shock. I had the music on low and was washing dishes and setting up the bowls for our sugar cookie experience. I haven’t ever made sugar cookies with just my sons, and honestly I was shocked to find out that Aj actually wanted to join us. You see, Aj is now off medications. As of Monday, he has not had a mg of any medication, sadly he came down with a bug for the past few days, but today, he was back on track with no sickies. Aj was having his first real evening without medication and it was such a lovely evening to boot!

The boys had a blast measuring and mixing, K-man has helped in the kitchen quite often in years past so he knows his way around the kitchen but Aj hasn’t helped in the kitchen in many years, so this was fun to watch him learn how to measure things and to really have fun helping put sugar, butter and vanilla extract into his bowl. K-man had the job of whisking the flour and baking soda together, wrong kid for the job but hey he had a blast! Then, it happened, K-man started realizing how much of a cool mess he could make with flour and started tossing it around, hands flying, his face full of smiles and pure laughter. Aj grumbled a little because he didn’t want any on him but I assured Aj that when we bake, we make a mess and it’s FUN!

Sugar, Flour and Pure Laughter

What happened next I never could have imagined wouldn’t have created a throw down match between my sons, but … it didn’t. My youngest decided it would be cool to toss flour at his brother. OMG, I shuddered. I cringed. I watched careful, on guard ready to protect K-man from the normal wrath of a ticked off Aj when …. Aj started laughing! A full blown laughter fit. K-man was laughing, Aj was laughing and I too joined in. I was so happy in that moment, a moment I will forever remember. Could this be because he isn’t on medications anymore? Could it be that my ‘real son’ is shining through after so many years of being on various medications? I don’t care what it is, all I know is I am so happy to have witnessed and been part of this lovely evening with my sons.

Pure laughter. Nothing more, nothing less. Later that night, as I sung the boys to sleep and tucked them in, a tear fell down my face. I felt so much love and happiness, I felt at peace, for the first time in a long time and that made me realize that maybe, just maybe …. my sweet Aj may be better off without those high risk medications after all. Maybe. It was one day, and I will take it. Keeping Faith there are many more of these days to follow.

New Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs

Have you heard or tried the New Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs yet? Well I was able to receive a review package of flavors from the company and sent them to a good friends home for her to test them out, as I sometimes do with blog review products. I have a team of people in my immediate family and friends circle who can test products for me, when needed.

Upon taste testing of the House Blend, Columbia, Italian Roast and French Roast it was determined these coffee choices are great for Starbucks fans, the reason being – they are slightly stronger than what we are used to in our home and my friends home. I was told that the taste is good, however, stronger than your average cup of coffee if you are, let’s say, used to drinking a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee like myself and my friend.

Save Money

There was a study done that stated the average consumer is spending $1000 a year on coffee at coffee shops. Barista Prima Coffeehouse wanted to find a way to get that delicious coffee house brand taste in your K-cups for your Keurig® brewing system, as  a way to assist in getting that coffeehouse taste for a lower cost.

Flavors Available in K-cup Packs:

  • Columbia: Medium-Dark Roast, accented by bright, bold fruit notes and distinctive hint of walnut.
  • House Blend: Medium-Dark Roast, classically balanced with a lively splash of citrus, subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and a well-rounded, toasted-nut finish.
  • Italian Roast: Dark Roast, this robust, heavy-bodied cup with it’s ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honored Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffee house brews.
  • French Roast: Darkest Roast, sweet smokey, love song to cafes of Paris. This intensely bold, elegantly-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of our roast masters’ consummate artistry.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-cup portion packs are available in retail and grocery stores nationwide. Also online at Barista Prima website and Green Mountain Coffee website, as well as Keurig.com.

Disclosure: I received this product for free, all opinions based on my reviewers opinion.

Christmas Presents That Are Still a Hit

Christmas Eve the parents are hurrying to wrap presents and I know I wasn’t alone in that as I watched many parents on Facebook talk about how late they were going to be up wrapping presents just to have their kids rip through the paper the next morning quicker than my 3 year old can run from one side of the house to the other.

Christmas is a wonderful time to be reminded of family and being grateful for the things we have, but when you are a child you long to see what Santa Claus is bringing you and hope that he brings that special something on your list. Each year I watch as my kids are ecstatic about the gifts underneath our tree but then a few weeks later most of the new toys become obsolete as the kids toss them aside to continue playing with their old toys. This act always makes me wonder if buying presents for Christmas is even worth the three week happiness of the new toys or not.

This year was different, this year my children are still either playing with their fave presents or raving about what they received. This year I am smiling more often than not knowing that not only did I score as a parent, but Santa and the grandparents  scored with gifts to the kids too!

Meet FIJIT Friends Serafina

My daughter is in LOVE with her FIJIT friend that arrived as a gift from Grampa and Grammy Cathy. The girl is constantly playing, dancing and talking with this FIJIT friend who now has a new addition from the same grandparents; a FIJIT friend newbies Green Zia Figure. These two friends communicate with each other and my daughter enjoys watching them interact. At times my daughter can be found shut inside of her room chatting away with her FIJIT friends because my house is WAY too loud with the little boys for her FIJIT friends to hear her speak to them. These things are creepy in some ways but totally cool in others. A huge hit thanks to the grandparents for these cute toys.


My three year old son only wanted Santa Claus to bring him Dunkin Donuts donuts for Christmas. Early on Christmas morning we watched as the kids opened present after present and one was a gift from Santa, to our surprise it was a wrapped up box of Dunkin Donuts munchkin hole treats. My three year old dropped everything and ripped a donut hole out of the box and gave a big ole thumbs up while eating that donut hole in one bite! This was a priceless moment, unfortunately not caught on film that I probably will remember for the rest of my life — the magic of Santa and Christmas lives on for another year!


My daughter received an outfit from Meme, my mother, that she would live in if I let her. It’s preppy-ish and makes her look so much older, sigh, but it’s gorgeous and makes my daughter feel so pretty. This outfit was a HUGE hit.

My five year old son received a wide variety of gifts and probably the one he still plays with the most is his monster truck from Grampa and Grammy Cathy, my Dad and step mom.

This year was a hit — the kids are still loving everything about Christmas Day and I am happy to see them continue to be happy and thankful for what they received on that special day!

What gifts were a hit in your house?

Dunkin’ Donuts Home Packaged Holiday Flavored Coffee

Oh how yummy it is that I was able to review some holiday flavored ground coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts! This was a pleasure for me to complete as I am already a Dunkin’ Donuts fan, familiar with not only their food but their french vanilla ground coffee that you can brew right at home! Can we say delicious? Oh I can for sure!

The holidays are coming for me I have Thanksgiving and then Christmas dinners. This year I was able to test drive the holiday flavors that you can now find at your local grocery store from Dunkin’ Donuts. I received three flavors of ground coffee; Vanilla Nut, Pumpkin Spice, and Mocha Mint.

The Vanilla Nut was taste tested first as I knew it was something both J and I would enjoy together. It was delicious, a mix of maybe Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut and French Vanilla ground coffee choices.

Next choice for me was Pumpkin Spice and well J didn’t like it. Here’s what I did; every night we set up our coffee machine so that in the morning we simply click the on button to start it brewing. I did have it all set up the night before and J happened to get up with the kids this morning & start the coffee, poured himself a nice big cup of hot coffee put his cream and sugar in it then took a big ole sip …. just to find out the coffee was not our regular plain ole bland coffee but a bit spicier! I laughed when he told me that, because well he doesn’t much care for the Pumpkin Spice flavor. I’ll tell you what though, I LOVE IT!

Pumpkin Spice didn’t sound super appetizing to me but I wanted to taste it anyways, and it was delicious! I still have some left, I think I need a second coffee pot so that I can make it one morning for myself to drink.

I also hope to get a chance to taste test the Mocha Mint which my Dad was saying maybe have one evening I believe. Like a sipping coffee cup late night add some Bailey’s Irish Cream to it or something. I will for sure have to test that out!

Overall I am very satisfied with the two flavors I have tried so far and I would highly recommend these as a gift, something to bring to the dinner with family this year or for your own personal use!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Smuckers and received necessary products to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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