One Thing A Coffee Addict Does Not Want to Wake Up To

The other morning, beginning my week, I woke up to this lovely note by our coffee maker …

Coffee Machine Broke

I am not sure if the three little hearts at the bottom of this note were meant to make me smile? You see, I woke up with my kids before school, the worse time of day to not have a big ole cup of coffee. I was sad. Bummed. I may have even pouted.

A new coffee machine, even a cheap one, just wasn’t in our budget until his payday either, so all week we went without coffee. Okay my fiance didn’t go without because he is able to drink .. gasp .. instant coffee. Gag me with a spoon! I cannot handle instant coffee, but rather had hot tea all week long.

I survived. Now it’s end of week and I am ready for a coffee machine, just a cheap cheap coffee machine, whatever we can afford that gets that coffee caffeine flowing into my blood stream for a long weekend with my kiddos!


Tips for Making Great Sports Drinks at Home

Those sports drinks you are purchasing at the grocery store or health club may come in fancy packaging and be convenient, but you are paying four to five times more than you would for the raw ingredients to make these nutritious drinks at home. Sports drinks are great for helping to replenish the body’s energy either before or during exercise and every nutritious sports drink requires a combination of water, electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, and carbohydrates.

The Most Economical Mixtures.

One of the most economical and satisfying sports drinks you can concoct at home that costs only pennies per serving uses 8 ounces of water seasoned with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a dash of sea salt and one-half teaspoon honey. This concoction can be prepared in the morning, then refrigerated and taken with you to your health club or other workout location.

Good old chocolate milk makes a good sports drink because it contains both protein and carbohydrates to replenish the body’s energy reserves. Unsweetened coconut water, mixed with a little bit of honey, orange juice or green tea is another winning sports drink mixture that is easy on the budget.

The Gatorade Alternative

Buying bottles of Gatorade at the supermarket on a weekly basis can really cut into your household’s food budget and  what you are really paying a premium price for for is the marketing and advertising of this popular sports drink. Did you know that you can create your very own healthful version of Gatorade in your home kitchen? Squeeze enough Valencia oranges to make one-half cup of juice, then blend this with three and a half cups of water, two and a half tablespoons of local honey, and one-quarter teaspoon salt. This recipe will make four 8-ounce servings, each containing 14 grams of carbohydrate and 160 milligrams of sodium, all packaged in a delicious low-calorie (50 calories) drink.

You can vary this Gatorade recipe by using one-half cup of lemonade, grape juice or cranberry juice in place of orange juice. You can also help to bump up the flavor of this beverage by mixing in a little sugar-free lemonade mix without increasing the calorie count beyond 50 calories per serving.

Go Organic

It’s easy to create an organic sports drink at home by filling a juice bottle with one-half water or freshly brewed green tea, and then blending with your choice of organic fruit juice, such as orange, lemon, apple, grapefruit or blueberry. Shake the container after you’ve added a pinch of organic sea salt and you are ready to enjoy.

Replenish Electrolytes

It’s important to keep replenishing your electrolytes during exercise and workout routines, and consuming sports drinks rich in electrolytes can help you maintain your energy level even during the most challenging workouts. For a great tasting homemade sports drink, combine 4 cups of hot water with the juice of one whole lemon, which is about one-fourth cup of lemon juice. Fresh is always the best ingredient, but use bottled lemons if you don’t have fresh. Then blend this mixture with one-fourth teaspoon sea salt and two tablespoons of your favorite honey variety, perhaps clover or orange blossom. Then chill this mixture overnight and pour it into several different sports bottles for easy transportation to and from your health club.

Experiment with different fruit juices and honey varieties and always taste the mixture right after you prepare it to ensure that it offers you a refreshing taste. Store homemade sports drinks in clean containers and be sure to wash and dry containers after use before refilling with a new sports drink mixture.

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Traveling to London? I wish I was

Best Bargain WineI know a couple of people who have traveled to London and I know they just loved it. I personally would love that experience but probably never will. For those who are able to afford or win a trip to London then make sure that you research where the best places to find entertainment and good dining are. Sites like provide an essential guide to London’s Bars and clubs plus more.

You are on a diet. You like to drink heavily. Whatever your needs are as a person going on vacation, you need to make sure that you are aware of what is out there in London for you to enjoy and indulge in while visiting this fun place. From bars to low calorie snacks, this website will show you the places that are best to go while in London.

I personally would be weary of bar hopping if drinking alcohol, I am more the have a few drinks in my own home. I don’t drink and drive and I certainly wouldn’t want to pull an all nighter at a bar in a place I am not familiar with. Others that I know, on the other hand, would have no problems doing something like that as it’s out of the normal for them and when you are on vacation to a place like London you are suppose to experience various things you normally would not or could not experience when home.

I am curious how many people read this blog that have gone to London before. Do tell … so I can be completely jealous. What are some things you have seen or would like to see in London?

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All My Friends Can, All My Friends Do It

Here we go, welcome to my world of living with a nine year old daughter who is starting with “all my friends can” or “all my friends do it” type of responses when I say no to having a Facebook profile, a cell phone or walking in town alone just to name a few topics. I really thought that these type of questions would not be coming up until my children were closer to their teen years, but alas children seem to be growing up way too fast these days.

When I was in her grade, I focused on reading and school sure I had a slight interest in boys, I think within the next couple of years but I had no clue about sex, social media, the internet, etc. I didn’t have a computer in my home until I was around 13 years old and even then it wasn’t like the access my kids have now. Even the five year old can easily navigate through a computer, I had never touched a computer until I was 13 years old with the exception of maybe a couple times when I was real young playing Oregon Trail at a babysitters home.

In my opinion, children have no reason to be on Facebook, it’s not acceptable until they are 13 years old according to the TOS on Facebook anyways. So to me it was a no brainer when my daughter wanted to be on Facebook, I replied “Facebook is not legally allowed to have users under age 13, so when you turn 13 ask me again and we will discuss but as of now? Nope you will not be on Facebook”. Then of course the “my friends have a Facebook” came up and I simply let her know that every parent has their own rules, but I am not lying about her birthday to get her on Facebook and there is simply no reason for her to be on it.

Next was the drinking of coffee, I know many parents who let their kids drink coffee, doesn’t bother me they are not my kids, however, I will not allow any of my children to drink coffee and they know this. Yet over the weekend when Ki found out one of her friends is allowed to drink coffee, she stated I was a mean Mom who never lets her have coffee. I just laughed and said “yes I am a pure evil Mama for not letting you drink coffee”, of course then I got an eye roll and a smirk.

You see, I don’t care if my kids get mad at me, surely they have in the past and they will in the future. Parenting is not about pleasing our children, it’s about teaching them how the world works, to follow laws and to live by the rules of good morals and common sense. You show your children how to be good members of society through your own actions, and when you make a mistake as a parent and face the consequences, you are teaching the child that even adults make bad choices but they learn from them.

So when my daughter gets all upset that she can’t have a Facebook profile, a public blog, or drink coffee I just smile and shrug my shoulders. I hope that in  the long run she will realize that I am setting some ground rules that I feel will allow her to be a better adult with a good head on her shoulders. My daughter sees why I make a decision and even if she does not agree with it, she can respect me enough to understand where I am coming from and that I am not here to be her friend; I am here to be her trusted adult, her parent and someone to turn to no matter what, I am here to love her unconditionally and to smile & hug her when she needs it.

Giveaway Blast Day # 2: UpspringBaby Milkscreen

Today is day # 2 of our Giveaway Blast, and I am so excited to be offering a product from Upspring Baby that is perfect for nursing moms who may wish to have a glass of wine or drink an alcoholic beverage without doing the “old school” pump n dump. The term pump n dump is when a breastfeeding mother has consumed any level of alcohol and then as a means to not allow baby to consume it she pumps her milk and dumps it out, allowing the milk baby drinks to be without alcohol.

With UpSpring Baby Milkscreen you no longer have to weigh the guilt that comes with drinking any amount of alcohol while breastfeeding, because with one simple test you can detect whether there is alcohol in your breastmilk or not prior to nursing baby! Click here to see Milkscreen in action. Milkscreen comes in a box of 3, 8 or 20 test strip packs.

UpSpring Baby was excited to hear about our giveaway blast and has offered the chance for ONE LUCKY READER to win an 8 PACK OF MILKSCREEN.

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Good luck to everyone!

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