Spoiled and I Know It

Think of the song “sexy and I know it”, yeah that is the tune I thought of when I typed the title of this blog post; which is referring to my baby boy … he is now four years old so really not a baby but he is the baby of the family as we keep telling him. K-monster is 100% spoiled and he knows it, the kid can get into huge trouble and then two minutes later make you laugh because he was a total nut, thus deterring me from the proper discipline. I don’t know how this child can do that to me because with the other two it wouldn’t happen but the baby of the family has always tended to be the more spoiled child of all.

My three kids and meYou see, I don’t have the funds {and if I did I wouldn’t anyways} to spoil my children with materialistic items so they are spoiled with love and affection. My youngest is spoiled in that he can get away with anything and I can not understand why I am unable to break that habit but I have a better understanding as to why my sister always got away with more than I did growing up. It’s just the younger child syndrome and it’s as if no one can control the outcome of how we treat that youngest child.

I do know that the way this kid is spoiled will eventually bite me in the butt which is why I am trying hard to be more aware and stick to my guns with things, but he just has a way about him. If he spills something; he has zero issues cleaning it up. If he makes a huge mess from food, he has zero issues having the dog help him clean it up. The kid is just happy to do whatever, even if it’s a discipline tactic. Time out? He serves it with a smile and will go back to doing whatever. I am not kidding, this kid baffles me to no end.

Christmas Tree Cut DownI am not a spanking Mom, but I have spanked each of my children from a time or two here and then through out their years of being alive, with the four year old? This doesn’t even make him flinch. He doesn’t even care. Just smiles and keeps on trucking. I do not get it.

Of course, as much of a handful as this little guy can be from time to time he is also the comedian of the family so he can make someone mad at him in 2.2 seconds but turn around and make that person happy with him in 1.2 seconds. It’s a gift and I am impressed. He isn’t like this at school, he is very well behaved and polite. K-monster is also very well behaved {usually} in restaurants, just at home – in his comfort zone – he is a monster, a total wild animal. Some day I will get this trick to not spoiling him and allowing him to get away with these things but for now, I just admit “Yes I spoil my youngest in that he does get away with more than he should in my home”. Suppose that is one of my parental flaws.

How to Travel to California With Style

California is not just a state of the union, California is a state of mind. California has its own style. California means Disneyland, Hollywood, San Francisco and more. We’re the birthplace of the modern motion picture, aerospace and the personal computer.


As you set out on your journey, it’s important to remember that California is a big state. Plan your trip accordingly. For instance, Hollywood and Anaheim, the home of Disneyland, are almost an hour apart. It’s a several hour drive from LA to San Francisco. You may want to begin at one end and work your way across the state.


To really see all of California, you’ll need a year. You’ll need a couple of weeks minimum. In the LA area, for instance, there’s Hollywood Bowl, all the movie locations, Hollywood and Vine, the Hollywood sign and too many other attractions to cite them all. You’ll also want to check out our club and music scene, including lots of great concert venues. Punch up stubhub.com and get someĀ John Legend tickets at the legendary Wiltern Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles. Then grab some grub at one of the great Wilshire area restaurants. Olvera Street is the jewel and center of LA’s historic and modern Mexican culture. It’s not far away.


Orange County has its own culture. At its heart, of course, is Disneyland, but don’t miss all that OC has to offer. There are countless excellent restaurants, cultural attractions and hotels here. It has as much to offer as LA. Before traveling to be sure to check out Orange County Vacation Rentals to enjoy the best vacation possible.


Also in southern California, San Diego and Santa Barbara are wonderful beach communities with gorgeous, golden scenery. The area offers many great restaurants, clubs, sights and watersports. The birth pangs of California are evident in its local history.


Many seem to mistakenly believe there to be a great void between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Much of US western history happened in that space. Don’t forget Highway 49 through gold rush country. You’ll find everything from agriculture to artist colonies in the heart of the state.


San Francisco is the polar opposite of Los Angeles in many ways, yet both great cities are quintessentially California. Whereas LA has Hollywood and Vine, SF has Haight-Ashbury. Both are equally historic for very different reasons, yet both are part of California’s legacy.

For all its history, San Francisco is a modern city with a distinctive culture that is especially vibrant in its night scene. Bay area bistros have a European flavor. There are lots of distinctively Californian venues, too. Picking up some more John Legend tickets at stubhub.com, you can catch him at the local Fox Theater Oakland.

Wherever you go in California, you will find portents of the future. You will also discover a big piece of American history. With all the golden state has given to the world, you may find a piece of your own past as well.


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