Architectural Landscapes in your Back Garden

Almost every homeowner dreams of having a architectural landscape in their back garden. Landscape design is now more popular than ever, with some very exciting trends to look forward to this year. It doesn’t matter whether you are attempting to do it yourself or leave it to the professionals; it’s about bringing out the best of what your garden has to offer. Here we look at the top landscaping trends you should consider to make you back garden stand out this year.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Now that the economy is finally getting back on track, people are ready to start investing in their gardens again, with annual growth expecting to grow over the next few years. Homeowners want to invest in their outdoor spaces with high quality and eco-friendly products. One of the top trends in landscape design in Denver is using trees to create natural shade for your home, in order to reduce energy costs and produce fresh air. So, not only is it about making your back garden beautiful, but it’s also about finding ways to make nature work for you.

Plight of the Bees

Everyone has heard about the threats facing the bee population and people are really taking this into account when considering landscape design. More and more homeowners have been making sure they include plenty of plants, trees and flowers that are rich in pollen to create a haven the bees can enjoy.

Let There Be Light

This year is all about creating a dramatic effect in your backyard, through lighting. Some people are opting for natural flames, with the use of torches or an outdoor fireplace. These striking features will really set your garden apart, while maintaining a cozy feel. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can try out the LED lighting trend. Using LED light will help to lower running costs and newer designs can even be controlled via apps.

Low Maintenance

You may dream of an architectural landscape, but maintaining your beautiful new garden can be hard work, especially with all the changes in weather. People are opting for low-maintenance plants and flowers that are better able to tolerate dramatic changes in weather. This will make it easier to maintain your garden, keeping costs low.

Edible Gardens

We are experiencing a move away from turf grass, with vegetables, herbs and fruit coming in to replace it. Not only will these help to feed your family, again helping you to save money, but they can have an ornamental function as well. Instead of veggies being planted in neat little rows, we are seeing vegetable patched set up in squares. Planting them close together means that water will evaporate slower and the moisture will hold for longer in the soil.

As you can see, this year landscape design is all about creating an eco-friendly environment that can help you cut down on costs while also helping the environment. It’s about making the most of your back garden, while still giving yourself a beautiful space you can go to and sit back and relax.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

Be Inspired by the Antiquity of Morocco

Exploring the rich cultures of other countries can create the perfect themes for the home and transform your rooms into luxurious spaces full of features that are the epitome of elegance and style across the globe. The home is the perfect place to allow us to experiment and recreate favoured designs and trends, an environment that is consistent with comfort, warmth, relaxation and true beauty, a place that caters for our every need and fulfils every desire.

The idea of having antique and eclectic items throughout the home creates a feeling of traditional and classic beauty, that combined with the warming, exotic tones of Morocco culminates in a home that is not only an example of true style but a space that is enjoyed, utilised and offers the perfect form of escapism.

Antiquity of Morocco

To truly embrace the antiquity style of Morocco, every element needs to be considered from the preferred colour tones to the accessories and the furniture that will perfectly adhere to the styles that are being incorporated. Furnishing Homes is no simple task as we attempt to find the most exotic pieces that not only fulfil the needs of design but also are perfectly functional and offer all the things we look for in furniture pieces such as comfort and practicality.

Combining Culture and Comfort…

To be truly inspired by the cultures that Morocco brings incorporate some of the finest elements within your home to transform it into a foreign delight.

Warming tones are the key to the success of this theme, having terracotta’s, deep blues, pastels, warm gold’s and reds will create a true feeling of warmth and will transport you into a world of warm sun, beautiful blue skies and the fine delights of the North African country.


The theme is all about creating an idea of comfort, luxury, refuge and hospitality with an added hint of luxury with lavish accessories and furniture. The vibrant warming colours are designed to correlate perfectly with the architecture and intricate designs that are found throughout the home.

There are some key additions that perfectly incorporate this theme into the home and allow the look to be fully embraced and continued throughout the home, every room needs to be transformed into a foreign delight and allow for the theme to be fluid and consistent in every space possible. Moroccan antiquity is versatile enough to allow for each room to maintain its purpose and fulfil its intended use without affecting the trend that needs to follow throughout the home.

Moroccan Made…


  • Geometric wall hangings in the specific colour tones add an idea of luxury and elegance and are perfectly representative of the theme
  • Rugs are a common feature in any Moroccan home and they should not be overlooked in yours
  • Lanterns are essential to secure the theme within your home, the small touches can unite the style of a room as a whole
  • Antique mirrors create a feeling of openness, light and the antique approach adds to the overall theme

Collection of mirrors, Marrakech, Morocco

  • Rusted iron, brass and pottery are the materials most commonly thought of when considering the style of another land
  • Screens can separate open plan spaces or be a stunning focal point within any room

How To Create a Nordic Inspired Bathroom

Scandinavian-inspired home design remains one of the most popular interior design trends of all time, and is an absolutely classic style that draws its influences from two concepts: white and wood. Nordic homes are known for being cosy and welcoming, and make the most of sleek, crisp lines combined with the softening, rustic effect of wood. If you want to bring a bit of Scandinavian chic into your bathroom, read on.

The best way to tackle Scandinavian design in the bathroom is to opt for a fusion of modern and traditional items and styles. Contrary to popular belief, Nordic bathrooms don’t tend to resemble log cabins, and are actually very modern for the most part, especially ‘design bathrooms’. More so than most other countries, the Danes, Norwegians and Swedes favour clean, linear bathroom suites, generally in white. Think about installing a curve-sided bath and sink in the brightest white to reflect the snowy terrain of the area.

Wetrooms are much more popular in Northern Europe than much of the rest of the world. Lots of people feel a little apprehensive about having a wetroom installed, preferring the defined parameters of a shower, but once you’ve experienced the freedom of a wetroom it’s hard to go back to a shower cubicle. The flooring will need to slope slightly into a drainage system installed into the floor, and a large rain shower can be put in for the ultimate in liberating cleansing experiences.

If you want to take inspiration from the Finns, you will need to get yourself a sauna. This little piece of luxury will really kick your bathroom up a notch and set it apart from the rest, and there are lots of health benefits associated with steam. A traditional wooden sauna can be a fantastic asset to any house, and it will give it an authentically Nordic feel that can pull everything else in the room together.

While the Scandinavians love their slick white baths and sinks, this part of the world is also decidedly edgy, and it isn’t uncommon to see the Nordic love for knick knacks to span into the bathroom as well. Galvanised metal, beaten up mirror frames and wooden decorations can all be found in bathrooms in this part of the world. It’s similar to the ever-popular shabby chic look, but with less of the shabby and more of the homely. The Nordic look translates well into a bathroom as long as you’re willing to be a bit flexible with the traditional concepts of Nordic design.

Annette Norfolk writes for a number of online publications about the latest trends in bathroom design

Design it Yourself Charm Bracelets for Kids #valentines #crafts

Crafty Bands makes charm bracelet design easy for kids to do! Your crafty child can design their own style of charms for a bracelet, interchange them because they lock into place in such an easy to remove and exchange way! Think about making Crafty Bands as a friendship bracelet or a swap n trade bracelet craft time for your kids and their friends.

Crafty Bands

Use your own paper to draw a sweet design for your snap in charm bracelet. This crafty fun design it yourself charm bracelet kit for kids really helps tweens and teens to express their own individual personality through charm bracelets, a much safer alternative to other forms of expressing their self. Allowing your tween or teen to create their own charms, using their artistic abilities will inspire them to be creative and use their imagination during an age where imagination may start to deteriorate.

Tween Loves Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands are super easy to use and create, do not like what you created the first time? Try again. The daughter made her own charm to test out the Crafty Bands system and enjoyed it so much that she wants to wait to make more charms until she has the time and focus to draw a really cool artistic design for a charm on her bracelet.  You can also use pictures from a magazine, photos and more using the easy to snap tool. Your child simply slides their design into the Crafty Bands snappy tool and places the bubble top charm into the snap machine, click down and voila you have your very first do it yourself charm for a Crafty Bands bracelet.

Crafty Bands Charm Bracelet

The Crafty Bands Starter Kit prices around $29.95 and includes the Shape Studio Tool, four crafty bands, 20 crafty shapes, 20 bubble caps and adhesive. You can also get refill kits for the Crafty Bands Starter Kit for around $6.99 each.

Crafty Bands are available to order online or by visiting or Connect with Crafty Bands on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news or to share your child’s crafty charm bracelet design!

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Design Trends From The Modern Kitchen.

2013 has seen a number of new kitchen design trends, many influenced by natural wood, exciting texture and spacious, elegant, materials. Every household needs a bold and stated kitchen, and there’s no other area of the house that demands such importance and attention. There’s a reason why the kitchen is the heart of the home, and every food enthusiast should be able to refine their skills while making excellent meals for their family.

Men as well as women are focusing on the design of their kitchen these days, and thankfully there are a number of trends to match most desires. Here are some of the best kitchen designs and architecture trends we’ve seen this year.

Multimedia Kitchen Opera – Oikos

This innovative and high-tech kitchen is designed by Massimo Colombo, and comes from the famous Italian design company Oikos. Not only does this marvellous kitchen benefit from a double screen that complements living and working areas, but the screen can be used for a number of different things. From watching television to listening to music, and even surfing the internet, the Multimedia Kitchen Opera features beautiful wood craft, LED lighting and many other glamorous design features, making this one of the luxurious kitchen of 2013.

Ultra-Modern Glossy Kitchen – Judy by Futura Cucine

This stunning black and red kitchen has ‘chic’ written all over it, and it also gives the impression of increased space because it’s made of lacquered glass! The working area leaves nothing to the imagination, and is split into three parts (cooking, washing and eating) for increased efficiency.

Yin Yang Kitchen – Stefan Price

Elegant yet simple, the Yin Yang kitchen by Stefan Price provides balance and grace to any home. Taking inspiration from the iconic Chinese symbol, the kitchen is made up of two striking areas – black and white. Not only do these areas represent different personalities of the kitchen, but they can also be used to prepare different types of food.

Design Trends:


Stainless steel appliances have also made an appearance in 2013 kitchen design trends, and the big brands have been taking all the limelight. Companies like Range Cookers, have produced a wonderful variety of stainless steel cooker,
and it’s the value as well as the design of these appliances that’s causing all
the fuss. Integrated appliances have made a comeback too, and there are a variety of options with 2013 kitchen design trends that will allow you to free up space with fitted appliances.


Gone are the days of overwrought and detailed cabinets, and thanks to simple colours and natural woods (mahogany and walnut), the old kitchen cupboard designs have been replaced drawer fronts, panel doors and smooth surfaces.

Counter Tops

When it comes to counter tops, the latest trends have combined gold marble and light coloured Quartz. Architects have reduced the amount of heavy granite they use, and instead opted for a simplistic but elegant approach to our kitchen surfaces. Some designs even come with appliances built into the counter tops! 

This article was contributed by Range Cookers – Specialists in making your kitchen look great and work even better. 


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