Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Now I never really have celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past, honestly you won’t find me getting all crazy about receiving some expensive gift, but I can see that this day could be a wonderful day to simply celebrate the love you have for that special someone in your life. I created Valentine’s Day cards for my kids and my boyfriend on Treat.com this year and can not wait to hand them their cards today!

Happy Valentine's Day

I think the best gifts for any holiday are those that come from the heart, so today I wanted to share with you all some simple, low or no costs ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift for that sweetie in your life:

  • Home Made Dinner In – get out all of those cooking supplies and recipe books. Find a meal set for a king or queen and cook that loved one the most amazing meal set by candle light if you wish at home in your own dining room.
  • Make a Crafty Fun Valentine’s Day Card – Don’t have the money to go spend on a card? Have construction paper and copy paper (or printer paper)? Well then create a cute red construction paper card shape, cute a piece of copy paper into the shape of a heart, attached it to the front of the card and right a cute little phrase on it. Inside you can use Google Search to find cute poems or sayings {if you can’t come up with a crafty poem of your own} and write it on the inside of the card with love from you.
  • Clean the House with the Kids – Sometimes it’s the small things that count the most, enlist yourself and/or your kids to give that other parent in the household a day and night off from having to do anything. Take complete control of the household from chores to cooking and make her/him feel like they are having a total vacation day.

Valentine’s Day to me is simply a day to remember the love you have for those you are blessed to have in your life, there is no need for spending crazy amounts of money if that’s not in your budget. Just simply take today to let that special someone know how much you love them.

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Valentine’s Day Is the Next Holiday

Yes, most know I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and the last time I tried to the other person didn’t really do anything so I felt sort of like a fool. This year though I am trying to have a more festive opinion on Valentine’s Day because, well I am a romantic type person when I want to be.  It’s always great to plan ahead and so I am sharing a fantastic code to save 15% on CardStore –

Schedule your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day Card today & Save 15% at Cardstore… you won’t regret it! February 14th will be here before you know it. Use Coupon Code: CAA3753, Shop Now!

I recently wrote about this company, Cardstore in November for Thanksgiving and holiday cards. Now you can use Cardstore’s coupon code shared above to save money and send a card to a loved one.

The lover

When I used Cardstore, I sent a cute thinking of you this Fall season type card to my Great Grandmother who in turn wrote back to me thanking me for such a lovely card! I think this would be a cute way to show that loved one you care this Valentine’s Day, don’t have a partner in life? Well send one to the kids, I know my kids LOVE getting mail!

Celebrate Your Loved One All Year Round

Is it just me or does everyone seem to agree that we should not celebrate our love for one person in one day, it should be something we celebrate all year through?

For me, Valentine’s Day has always been just another day. Never having celebrated, this year I did buy my special someone a cute, loving personalized mug but overall this is a day that hasn’t ever been celebrated by me.

Some say Valentine’s Day is just a commercialized day, a day for people to be encouraged to spend money they don’t have to spend on random signs of love for their significant other. Others will say it’s a special, loving day for their family filled with heart shaped pancakes, breakfast in bed and maybe even a night off from cooking in the kitchen.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding Valentine’s Day I think that you need to check out 7 Creative Ideas to Express Your Love All year Round as a way to find ideas to show your loved one how much they truly mean to you all year through.

Getting in Shape for Summer

I have been doing EA Sports Active workouts again and I am proud to say I have lost 4″ on my waist in just 11 days of working out, the scale isn’t showing any pounds lost but I can tell that my pants are now falling off of me and wish I had the funds to go buy some that fit me. All in time I will soon enough be able to get a new wardrobe for the newer, fitter me! Right now I am working on losing a few pounds to get ready for Summer!

After having three children who are now 7, 3 1/2 and 19 months old I am finding that my body is out of shape. I am a very active person during the Fall, Spring and Summer seasons here in NH but when Winter comes I swear I should be a wild bear because I would prefer to hibernate! Everyone usually tries to start losing weight this time of year, something about the warm weather and beach days! Every Summer I take my kids to the beach at least once a week, I love the sun and getting a nice natural tan as well as splashing in the water to clean up after the kids have given each other dirt/mud baths on the beach sand!

It’s a great feeling knowing that you are getting fit and slimming down for the Summer. The best way to start losing the extra pounds is to make sure you are doing it because you want to, not because you see all the thin models on television or because someone else tells you that you are fat. I haven’t had anyone tell me I am fat, only one person who keeps telling me I had a flat butt but now my butt has appeared. I don’t care if I have a flat butt, no butt, big butt, whatever, I am working out and getting fit for my health, my positive attitude and because working out daily provides me with a natural happy boost!

Whatever your choices are for slimming down or getting fit for Summer make sure you are doing it for yourself and no one else!

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Recoup in Branson

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have never been outside of the New England area, but I would love to travel someday and as Valentine’s Day nears I think about places that would be nice to visit. Not that long ago I wrote about Branson, Missouri and the sites I would love to see.  Now I am thinking about Branson again and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel as well as the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and all the events they have.

What better way to relax and recoup than to visit another state?! Let’s talk itinerary, I would first check into the hotel under possibly the Romance Package and from there I would love the enjoy the following events:

  • Romantic dinner at the Big Cedar
  • Attend the event: Hot Winter Fun Big Show
  • Go back to the hotel and enjoy some quality time with our dinner we exchanged for our breakfast that was included in the romance package.

There is so many events happening in Branson, Missouri that I would be so tossed up on exactly what to spend my time doing. It appears, based on my research, that Branson has a big Valentine’s Day celebration. I haven’t ever done anything special on Valentine’s Day and think this would be a great way to celebrate with your loved ones.

Since my two out of three children are still in diapers, I will definitely put this on my check list of places to travel when they are out of diapers. If I were to take the children with me I would certainly choose the hotel’s Bed & Breakfast package as it would be more relaxing and low beat for the children. If I were to plan too many events my sweet AJ would be sure to become hyperactive and irritable. AJ doesn’t do well with change and too many activities in one day.

Overall I think Branson, Missouri and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel have great events as well as packages that any size family can take advantage of to have a fun filled week long vacation or weekend getaway!

Visit my sponsor: Relax, recoup and rekindle your love in Branson!

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