Building with Mega Bloks with My Little Man

We had school vacation for over a week, then two snow days. The stomach bug hit our home and so there were more school days missed on top of the already planned school break plus snow days. My children have been home more often than in school the past month so we have been trying our hardest to have some fun, during our non sick moments.

Building Mega Bloks for Fun with Kids

We have a house full of toys but we also have a house full of electronics, this means there is  constant battle between getting kids to not want electronics. My little man isn’t a huge electronic playing kid, while he enjoys time on MineCraft here and there, overall he is a child who benefits most from one on one interaction with his toys.

Building Cage for Flashlight Friend out of Mega Bloks

We decided Mega Bloks would be fun on this particular day! My son wasn’t interested in building a huge, tall tower because “it will fall”. My son wasn’t interested in building a garage for his cars to play in. I finally used some of my own imagination and said, “hey let’s build a cage for your Flashlight Friend”. The little man’s face brightened and so we went on to build a cage for our Flashlight Friend Penguin.

Flashlight Friends in Mega Bloks Tower

When the cage was near finished, we weren’t really ready to call it quits yet so we looked at the blocks to figure out what more we could do to this cage…

Cookie Monser Mega Blok guards Flashlight Friend

We found Cookie Monster and decided that Cookie Monster would be the best guard for our cage while we ventured out of the bedroom of creativity with Mega Bloks to interact with the other two kiddos in the house. Cookie Monster did a great job guarding our Flashlight Friend, to this day, he is still in his cage!


Post Launches Sesame Street Cereal – A is for Apple

Free Product

Today I am sharing with you a fun cereal for little ones recently launched by Post. In all honesty my big kids have even taken this cereal along to school in a sandwich bag for snack, so it’s great for big kids too.


B is for Banana and C is for cereal, two perfectly delicious cereal options for your little ones that also have a fun, colorful box to encourage your little ones interest in eating such cereal. Post really nailed their art for this cereal box, even I am drawn to it in the stores.

Post Sesame Street Cereal

As a way to help you all enjoy a taste test of this cereal Post is offering a $1 off coupon on the Post Sesame Street Cereal Facebook Page, simply like their page and get that coupon so that you can try this cereal that my kids have enjoyed not only as breakfast but as a snack in place of sugary chocolate sweets.

Have you seen this cereal in the cereal aisle at your grocery store? Have you tried it yet?

Play-Doh Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch Playset

Get ready to have some fun while learning! Just remind children that only cookie monster can eat these products that you create with play-doh. Spring is here and with it comes rainy days, whatever will you do for fun when you have children all couped up in the house on a rainy Spring day???

I say, check out  some of play-doh’s new Spring line products such as Smashed Potatoes Game, Fairy Tales Assortment, Flip ‘n’ Serve Breakfast playset or maybe the Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch playset that my family was able to review?!

We had so much fun with this playset, seriously! Not only did we have fun feeding the good old Cookie Monster some ABC soup, but we were learning our alphabet at the same time!

Oh we had so much fun with Mister Cookie Monster, first we opened up the box and set him all up for his photo shoot….

Isn’t he just a silly looking as ever? This kit is great, it comes with all letters of the alphabet, a little playmat, a sweet tool that makes “noodles” for the soup as well as some vegetable and fruit molds to make Cookie Monster eat healthy, of course it also comes with a Cookie Monster who eats what you make and as my boys said “poops” out the food, no really he doesn’t poop it, but they are boys so you have to bear with them, see this pic, it’s all good not as bad as they  make it sound…

I cant believe how much fun my children have had with this playset. My daughter actually had a friend over for a day and they set this all up to play together with the boys. I happened to be outside doing some garage cleaning and well when I came in I had a play-doh mess but I was just so happy that my children played with this  set all alone very well without arguing that I didn’t care about picking up the play-doh.

My sons were so proud of their creations, that both of them let me get a cute pic of their bowl of “soup” that they planned to feed Mister Cookie Monster.

Okay so as you can see my family had a blast and is still having a blast with this cute playset, I want your family to have the same kind of fun with Play-Doh this Spring on a rainy day! So I invite you to check out to see for yourself all of the fantastic Spring lines from Play-Doh.

Disclosure: Yes I received this product for free, but all opinions are based on my own and pictures were taken while we enjoyed family time together.

K’NEX and Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection

This is a sponsored post from K’NEX and Team Mom who sent me a free 400 piece tub as well as the Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection to review and share my opinions with my readers. Please be sure to read to the bottom as there is a contest and I put details at the end of the review!

What Are K’Nex?

K’NEX 400 pieces tub is a flexible building system that lets your child explore and build both 2-D and 3-D models. It includes building ideas for 20 different models, a convenient storage tub and endless hours of building and playing.

The Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection lets children build and then play with their favorite Sesame Street friends, including Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie. With four individual sets to choose from, kids can build and rebuild over and over again. All K’NEX toys are made in the U.S.A.

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